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PHP Development Guide To Costs

PHP Development Costs Guide

How much you pay for your website development will depend on the features you would like it to have. The more complex your site is, the more integrated with your business software and applications it is, the more expensive it will be.

Professional PHP developers are experts in PHP server-side scripting languages and development. PHP, which stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, is a scripting language created in the mid-90s to provide developers with an easy-to-use programming language they can use to create all sorts of useful applications.

Developers use PHP to create and develop feature-rich applications that carry out different tasks in a process called PHP development. To create an application, PHP developers write server-side programs using PHP, which act as channels that users and web servers or databases require for the applications to run properly.

PHP developers are skilled programming experts who provide PHP application development services to help businesses meet specific needs. They can create software applications like online accounts packages, mobile apps and web applications, e-commerce functions, blogs and content management systems.

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How Much Does PHP Development Cost?

PHP developer rates in the UK are around £40-£50 an hour. You can either hire a freelance PHP programmer and a PHP web designer and developer or get the services of a team of PHP experts working at a software development agency. But when you negotiate fees, ask for a fixed price and make sure that the overall price for the work includes ongoing support even after your applications have been designed, developed and deployed.

For a small budget:

For £1,000–£3,000, you can expect a site that includes common functionality such as a content or image slider, contact and opt-in forms, a photo gallery, a blog, and branded design. It won’t buy you a completely customised design but you should expect basic optimisation, which means your site will be built to current code standards and optimised for speed, functionality and basic search requirements. While your content may not be optimised, the rest of your site should be. You won’t get copywriting or any content creation services either so you should come prepared with your own copy, photos, videos, your logo and branding requirements.

For a mid-range budget:

For about £4,000 you can get a fully customised design. You get to have a say on branding, style and layout. You can even add e-commerce functionality at this price. For £5,000–£10,000, you can get a robust site with placeholders for more custom requirements in terms of programming, photo galleries, portfolios, forms or other functionality. As with the previous price range, however, you still need to come up with your own branding materials.

For a large budget:

For £15,000–£50,000, you can relax because you will have a bespoke website with all aspects of programming, content creation, full-on optmisation as well as a comprehensive system for content and inventory management. You can also get integration with third-party APIs and other special functionalities. This is ideal for a big e-commerce site with a huge inventory. Your PHP developer will build you a robust website that integrates with your IT systems and databases.

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