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Software Development Prices

Software Development Prices

Modern businesses rely on a range of softwares to ensure that they operate as effectively as possible - these softwares range across a whole range of business areas and can be integral to a number of functions.

If you need software developed for your business - to help to control or manage specific functions - then it is important to get quality, especially for important softwares or tools.

If you want to find out more about the range of software development prices and options available, simply continue reading this page; otherwise, if you are ready to start comparing quotes today, just fill in the form at the top of the page.

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Software Development Considerations

As with any bespoke project, software development prices are difficult to estimate. No two development projects are the same, and the specific requirements, development steps involved and problems to overcome for every unique project can affect the price that you pay.

Because of the difficulty involved with creating bespoke software, most businesses choose to either hire an internal expert to work on their projects or else outsource to an agency or freelancer. Indeed, it is not advisable at all to try and create a bespoke software if you have never done so before.

Software Development Costs

In general, the price of a development project will be based on the number of hours of consultancy and actual development work required. Because it's such a highly skilled and highly specialised occupation, hourly software development rates can be very high, from £30-50 at the bottom end, up to hundreds of pounds per hour for experts in esoteric or obscure systems and programming languages.

You should never find yourself in the position of paying an hourly rate for a particular software project; instead, having analysed your requirements, a software development company will be able to give you a fixed price for the project. While this may still be subject to some variation, particularly if major changes need to be made, or requirements change during development, such variation should not be too significant.

As a very rough guide, you can expect a typical software project which involves customising or adapting an existing system or piece of software to cost at least £2,500, rising for more complex, feature rich, or challenging solutions.

A fully bespoke software application, written from the ground up, requires a significant investment but you will be getting a tailored solution for your business needs. Expect to pay at least £5,000 for a relatively simple solution. Again this price will increase as the application demands more sophisticated solutions or is integrated with existing systems.

The table below includes a very brief overview of cost for a range of software types - visit the sections underneath to get more detail about each options.

SoftwarePackage Cost
Mobile Software£2,000-£50,000
PHP Software£1,000-£50,000
.NET Software£250-£50,000

The prices in the table above are varied to allow for a range of budgets; the costs that have been included range from the minimum amount up - it is possible that you might pay more than the higher cost included if your software is particularly advanced.

Continue reading the sections below for more insight into each type of development mentioned above.

Mobile Software Cost

Mobile software is one of the most important tools for modern business; with more and more users logging on and completing tasks on their smartphones, it is important to create an appropriate mobile portal to ensure that you do not miss out on valuable traffic or conversions.

Mobile software can be designed to provide a huge range of function, from something as simple as information provision to something more profitable, like ecommerce shopping carts.

The table below provides a little insight into mobile software costs.

App TypeFeaturesCost

Generally this kind of app will be used for passing information on, with little else included. Email sign-ups may also be an option, though often these types of app will move users onto a mobile site for more complex tasks.


An advanced app will allow users to complete a range of tasks or activities. This means that content can be hosted directly on the software without the need for your users to visit the actual site to complete goals.


An all-inclusive mobile app will offer every part of your service directly to your clients and users. This type of software will be able to support a vast range of features, from databases to ecommerce functionality. Because of the price, these apps are generally created by enterprises looking to monetise new traffic.


For more information on mobile software, either visit the page linked to above table or else complete the form at the top of the page.

PHP Software Cost

PHP software is a server-side language that can be used alongside modern HTML language to allow websites to display a range of content types.

PHP software can be designed to provide your business and website with a range of quality functions that can significantly improve the appearance and tone presented to clients and users.

The table below provides a little more insight into PHP costs.


Basic PHP will allow you to implement interactive elements to improve the appearance and layout of pages and content. For this price, you can add customised features that can improve functionality and information presentation.


For a slightly higher budget you can opt for complete PHP development, that will transform your entire site into exactly what you need it to be. This means that images can be presented in an excellent way, with a tone that covers every page..


All-inclusive PHP is similar to the option above, but at a much higher level. Generally this budget is kept for larger enterprise sites, or for cases where significantly more work is required.


To understand how much your PHP development might be, you should speak to a supplier - complete the form at the top of the page to do so today.

.NET Developer Cost

.NET development allows programmers to operate using multiple programming languages at the same time.

Because of the complexity involved in this sort of development, a .NET expert will charge more than some other developers.

The table below offers some insight into average .NET costs.


Basic .NET budgets - the amount quoted below - will only allow for between one and two weeks work.


An advanced .NET budget will probably cover around a month; depending on the size of your project, this could be enough, although setting this sort of price before the project begins may not allow for any changes that may need to happen.


All-inclusive .NET development will take place over several months, with a number of tasks being involved in the process. Because of the cost, generally only enterprises will be able to afford a project of this scale. For companies willing to pay though, this sort of project can be hugely beneficial.


For .NET development quotes tailored to you, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

Software Developer Fees

As shown in the sections above, software developer rates vary based on a huge range of factors - the list below includes just a few things that might impact the price you pay:

  • Development language
  • Developer experience
  • Project complexity
  • Project length

The list above is not all-encompassing, and even things like travel or food expenses may need to be added in later to get the total cost.

Take a look at the table below for a little extra information about different developer rates.

DeveloperExperienceCost Per Hour
Mobile DeveloperBeginner£10-£20/hour
Mobile DeveloperAdvanced£25-£50/hour
PHP DeveloperBeginner£15-£25/hour
Mobile DeveloperAdvanced£30-£60/hour
.NET DeveloperBeginner£15-£20/hour
Mobile DeveloperAdvanced£20-£35/hour

As with many other services, the cost of your own development may cost more or less - this will, of course, depend on a huge range of factors. To get the best idea of what you will pay, simply complete the form at the top of the page.

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