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Agricultural Buildings Price Guide

Agricultural Steel Building Prices

Steel buildings are useful in a number of industries, for a variety of reasons. In farming and agriculture, the adaptability offered by this material lends itself to a number of building types, purposes and budgets.

Indeed, across the world, steel agricultural buildings have overtaken more traditional building materials due to their high durability, energy efficiency and customisability.

Agricultural Building Uses

Agricultural buildings are used by farmers for a number of reasons - whether a dry workspace is required, housing for livestock, or a barn or shed to store agricultural vehicles or produce.

These farm buildings can vary in size dramatically, depending on their proposed purpose, which can of course lead to variations in pricing and final cost. From huge barns, to small agricultural workshops, the steel building construction process is easily customisable - meaning that things like weatherproofing and extensions are easily arranged to suit a number of purposes.

A steel farm building is adaptable and cost-effective, and can often be the perfect choice for farm managers or owners who are looking for any sort of durable, permanent or temporary structure.

This page has been written to outline some of the costs that you might expect to encounter with a steel agricultural building; for a definitive price guide, though, you should speak to a supplier. Approved Index can help here.

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Steel Farm Building Options

Agricultural buildings are less complicated and more cost-effective now than they ever have been before. Thanks to the rise in prefabricated steel structures, farm owners and managers are able to take advantage of a much more straightforward process when they need to add barns, grain stores, mills, cow sheds, storage buildings or garden centres into their business.

Constructed from steel, most prefabricated farm buildings are quick and easy to erect, as well as being robust, fireproof and energy-efficient. These types of buildings are also weatherproofed, and so worry about pests and rotting can be forgotten.

Perhaps most importantly to the person concerned with a farm’s administration, though, is cost. For a better insight into the kind of prices you might expect to encounter, visit our steel buildings prices page. As well as steel, there is also the option to purchase all-timber building kits; however, whilst these buildings have a more classic look, which some may find appealing, they are also more prone to cracking, shrinkage, twisting or warping, which can greatly increase cost over time. For this reason, timber options can be considered to be generally more costly than their steel counterparts.

However, regardless of the material used, purchasing and constructing a farm building requires significant investment, and so it is important that the proper research is done to ensure that the correct decision is made.

Standard Agricultural Steel Building Options

The table below includes a number of common options that are well suited for agricultural purposes, with each being more or less suitable for specific uses.

Single-Span Portal Frame
Uniform cross section
Pitched roof with central spine and gable ends where doors are usually found
No internal trusses or columns, allowing for maximum useable space
Good for workshops and smaller barns
Propped Portal Frame
Suitable for larger buildings and heavier roofs
Internal columns or trusses to support the central spine
Sloping Roof
Shorter wall at one end, with a tall one at the other
Trapezoidal cross-section
Good for small storage buildings and farm sheds

Many agricultural steel building suppliers will also be able to offer ready-made templates for common building types. Things like cow sheds, milking parlours, granaries and stables, for example, will be purchased often enough to warrant a uniform design, although as with most steel buildings, you will be able to customise these designs to better match your requirements or budget.

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Agricultural Steel Building Prices

The cost of a steel agricultural building is likely to be the most important factor for anyone looking to purchase one; unfortunately, the total bill will depend on a number of factors, many of which can vary from building to building.

The information below should give some insight into average costs, and some idea as to what kind of budget you will require; however, for the best cost estimate, you should complete the form at the top of this page.

For steel buildings, the final cost includes a variety of elements - fabrication, testing, treatment, delivery, off-loading and erection will all influence your total bill. Because the pricing model includes so many factors, prices can vary considerably, even between buildings of the same size if they require additional features or more complex design or fabrication processes.

Generally, though, fabrication is the most expensive part of the total bill, and so the best way to estimate your cost is to base your budget on size and weight, as well as on the complexity of a structure.

Farm Sheds and Barn Prices

Steel Farm Shed Prices

For an 18m by 9m steel portal frame building, you can expect to pay less than £5,000; a smaller 6m by 9m farm shed is likely to be around £3,000. Without cladding, a steel frame building is likely to cost around £35 per square metre; a corrugated cladding system with insulated lining could push this price up by about £5 extra per square metre.

For a 3.6m by 7.2 steel barn with 2.4m high eaves and two bays, you could expect to pay between £3,300 and £4,000, depending on the supplier and on a few other factors, including location. A 4.8m by 9m structure with three bays will probably cost between £4,200 and £4,800 - a building twice this size with 3m eaves is likely to be around three times more, at between £12,000 and £13,000.

Building TypeDimensionsAverage Cost
Steel Portal Frame Building18m by 9m£4,500 - £5,000
Steel Barn3.6m by 7.2m£3,300 - £4,000
Steel Barn4.8m by 9m£4,200 - £4,800
Steel Barn9.6m by 18m£12,000 - £13,000

The costs in the section and table above are approximates based on average prices; for an accurate quote, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

Steel Barn Prices and Options

Steel barns are some of the most common and useful buildings that can be built on a farm. As well as providing a storage space - whether for livestock or equipment - it also gives farm staff a place to work that is out of the elements.

The traditional image of farm buildings, and barns in particular, is one of wood or stone; in actual fact though, steel has actually been a primary building material for this type of building for many years. Indeed, as technology and industry has evolved, steel has become the more common - and cheaper - option for agricultural buildings.

Like many of the other sections included on this page, steel barn buildings require a minimum of personnel and heavy machinery to construct.

Steel Barn Types

Steel Barns

Most modern steel barns are clear-span portal frame buildings with a pitched roof. They have upright columns joined by beams or rafters, without internal trusses or supports - this design maximises the usable ground space.

Larger barns may need additional support along or on either side of the central spine. These propped portal frame buildings offer proportionally less usable floor space, however as this design is more typical of larger barns, it is likely that there will be more space available overall.

Lean-tos or smaller barns could be of a monoslope design - this means having a sloped roof rather than a pitched one. Monoslope barn buildings are especially useful when a large opening is required on one side of the construction.

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Replacing an Existing Barn

Many older steel barns, while unusable as a result of wear-and-tear or neglect, are still structurally sound. A steel building company can professionally survey any existing structures that you might have to access the integrity.

If the existing frame is usable, then the steel building can renovate it, re-clad and refit it to bring it back to working condition. Most suppliers will also offer added features so that you can ensure that your business does not fall victim to the same deterioration in the future.

If the survey finds that the old barn is unusable however, then the company can demolish and dispose of it, to make use of the space for a new building. Whether you have to rebuild or replace, it is likely to be cheaper than starting from scratch either way.

Expanding an Existing Barn

As in the section above, it is possible for steel building to suppliers to send a surveyor to provide quotes on expansions. In most cases, it will be possible to add a lean-to or additional span to your existing barn to meet your new requirements.

All required surveys, planning and design can be carried out to ensure that you receive an extended barn that makes use of space well, and that is cost-effective.

Itemised Farm Building Costing

To ensure that you are getting a fair deal, consider preparing an itemised cost analysis. This list should show the individual components included in your proposed building alongside their estimated costs. When you receive quotations from suppliers, you can then use this list as a reference.

If you were looking to purchase a steel dairy cattle unit, for example, you could use this list with a detailed structure plan to estimate cost. Start by multiplying the approximate cost of the roof - between £50 and £60 per square metre - by the measurement shown in the design. Repeat this same process for the rest of the components.

Some of the features you may want to budget for in this example are listed below:

  • Tank
  • Cubicles
  • Cubicle beds
  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Cladding
  • Troughs

If you know the rough price for these items and multiply them as directed above, you should be able to estimate a rough total cost.

Agricultural steel buildings have become a lot more economical to construct and manage thanks to the evolution of prefabricated structures. Estimating prices, as in the model above, has also become far easier thanks to the increased use of this construction type.

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Agricultural Steel Building Process

Agricultural Steel Buildings Process

As with other forms of steel building, UK suppliers will normally provide a complete service to you, from design to construction.

Steel farm building providers can help you to plan your construction, inspect the designs, organise and undertake groundwork, deliver the materials and project-manage the construction. Additionally, if you are extending or replacing an existing structure, most farm building suppliers will be able to survey your existing frame to ensure that is still in good working order, or to see whether there is any salvageable material.

If the material you already have can be reused then this can help lower your budget, especially if that material can be repurposed for use in the new structure.

Of course, if you mean to undertake any of the activities above using internal resources, then your budget can be adjusted to suit; if you have never completed this form of building however, it would usually be advised that you work with your supplier throughout the process, to ensure both safety and the integrity of your finished agricultural building.

Compare Agricultural Steel Building Prices

Price is, understandably, a huge consideration for anyone looking to rent or purchase a building of any sort, the same is true for a steel farm building. This is where Approved Index can help; we offer a free, no-obligation quote comparison service that will allow you to compare prices and services from top UK steel building suppliers.

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