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Steel Portal Frame Building Costs

Steel Portal Frame Buildings

Steel buildings are an excellent choice for businesses in a range of sectors thanks to the durability, adaptability, cost-effectiveness and low maintenance they offer.

Steel portal frame buildings are among the most popular of these buildings, especially where low-rise structures are needed. In fact, around 50% of UK steel construction work incorporates portal frames.

A portal frame building offers a number of advantages, in terms of both construction and use. Understanding these benefits - compared to your own requirements and specifications - is the best way to decide on what sort of steel construction you may need.

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Steel Portal Frame Building Costs

As with other steel building prices, the cost of your portal frame building will depend heavily on a number of factors. The total amount will encompass all required building materials, as well as construction and assembly.

It is worth noting that the portal frame methodology requires less steel for wider, larger buildings than other designs. This cuts down on material costs per square foot, installation costs, and construction times, making portal frames highly cost-effective.

It is difficult to estimate price with absolute certainty, as every build will be slightly different. We have used previous sales information alongside average costs to estimate what kind of price you might encounter, below.

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Basic Portal Frame Building

A 3m by 4.8m steel building costs about £3,400 and a 4.8m by 6m unit around £4,300. Bigger structures can cost from £6,000 (6m by 9m) to more than £10,000 (9m by 12m).

3m x 4.8m£3,300 - £3,500
4.8m x 6m£4,300 - £4,800
6m x 9m£6,100 - £6,700
9m x 12m£8,800 - £9,800

These prices are approximate, based on average costs including VAT. For an accurate estimate based on your requirements, get in touch today.

Steel Storage Units

For steel portal frame storage units, quotes usually start just below £2,500 for a 5m by 2.5m building with a single roller-shutter door. A 6m by 6m unit with two doors will likely be around £4,500, while a three-door unit measuring 6m by 10m could be up to £11,300. If you need a warehouse, you will have to pay close to £19,500 for a 15m by 9m unit that is 5m high.

Building TypeDimensionsRoller Door?Price
Storage Unit5m x 2.5mYes - 1£2,700 - £2,900
Storage Unit6m x 6mYes - 2£4,100 - £4,500
Storage Unit6m x 10mYes - 3£11,000 - £11,800
Warehouse15m x 9mYes - As needed£18,500 - £20,500

These prices are approximate, based on average costs including VAT. For an accurate estimate based on your requirements, get in touch today.

Steel Barn or Store

For information on farm building options, visit our agricultural building prices page.

Rates for a barn or store with one open side also take into account the height of the eaves and number of bays. A 3.6m by 7.2m unit with two bays and 2.4m high eaves has an approximate cost of £3,800. Larger buildings with three bays are sold for between £4,750 (4.8m by 9m), £6,800 (6m by 10.8m) and £12,500 (9m by 18m). An eaves height of 3m pushes up the quote of a 9m by 18m unit by around £1,500.

Building TypeDimensionsEavesPrice
Barn3.6m x 7.2m2.4m£3,600 - £4,000
Barn4.8m x 9.0m2.4m£4,600 - £5,000
Barn6.0m x 10.8m2.4m£6,600 - £7,000
Barn9.0m x 18.0m2.4m£11,800 - £12,800
Barn9.0m x 18.0m3.0m£12,500 - £14,500

Again, these prices are approximate, based on average costs including VAT. For an accurate price quote based on your requirements, just fill out the form at the top of this page.

By using your exact specifications, Approved Index can match you up with the most suitable suppliers that can offer you the best quotes.

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What is a Portal Frame Building?

A portal frame building is characterised by its uniform cross-section design, consisting of two walls separated by a pitched (pointed) or barrel (curved) roof, which is generally symmetrical. The side walls bear the full load of the roof, meaning the building can be of any length whatsoever without jeopardising its structural integrity.

Although the uniform design is the most popular, a portal frame unit might have a roof that has its highest point on one side. This is best suited when the building is situated close to other buildings or for a short-span roof.

Clear-Span vs. Propped Designs

Portal frame structures are available in clear-span and propped varieties.

  • In clear-span constructions, which suit buildings of any length, the side columns, joining beams and rafters support the roof.
  • Propped constructions incorporate trusses to hold up heavier roofs or to accommodate for wider buildings.

Portal Frame Materials

Portal frame buildings commonly use steel, steel-reinforced precast concrete, or a laminated timber like glulam (glued laminated timber). Structurally, portal frames are extremely strong, being characterised by “moment-resistant” connections between the columns and rafters. These are strong and rigid joints that help to reduce bending in the beams, so that the frame functions as a single structural unit.

Optional Extras

Portal frame buildings can have added features which include:

  • Roller shutter or personnel doors, windows, slatted louvres and skylights, all of which can be added almost anywhere.
  • Mezzanines and suspended ceilings of a variety of materials can be supported by the structure.
  • Cladding can be applied, consisting of steel or other metal, brickwork, block-work, timber or even glass to create interesting-looking buildings.
  • Extra architectural features like porticos (column supports) or Dutch gables (a roof with raised peaks) can also be added to the basic design.
  • Skylights - window panels that let in natural light from above - can be installed in the roof to maximise natural light and save on energy costs.

Portal frame constructions can also be prefabricated. This means the building will be produced in modules, according to design specifications, in a factory rather than on site. These parts are then delivered to the assembly site, where they can be quickly and easily erected.

Portal Frame Building Benefits

Some of the key benefits of steel portal frame buildings include:

Durable. With a steel portal frame building you can feel safe knowing that it will stand up to the elements, and remain secure against the test of time.

Adaptable. Thanks to their basic design, portal frame buildings suit a variety of functions.

Cost-effective. Because most buildings with a portal frame design are pre-fabricated, the majority of the work - including design, testing and finishing - can be done off-site. This means construction time will be shorter. A quicker construction period means reduced costs in working-hours, and a reduction in any costs that may occur due to disruption.

Managed Service. As well as fabrication and erection, portal frame building suppliers can also manage the design, planning, testing and finishing processes. With this range of services available, your business can cut back on material, design and labour costs - although you are able to manage some of these processes internally, if you prefer.

Steel Portal Frame Weight Variations

When it comes to choosing the right type of steel portal frame, the weight of the finished unit could be a consideration for you. Portal frame constructions differ greatly in how heavy they are and this can impact the cost, construction time and complexity.

For example, a construction such as an office, that has relatively few columns, but many long spanning beams that are supported by steel, could end up having a high overall weight and cost. Whereas a portal frame building with low-eaves and more props, such as an industrial shed building, will have a lower frame weight in comparison.

It is worth talking through how heavy your building might be, with a supplier.

Does Your Business Need a Portal Frame Building?

Whether or not your business will need a portal frame building will depend primarily on your requirements. However, there are various building types that are particularly-well suited to this construction style:

Industrial Portal Frame BuildingA manufacturing or process depot, with an internal office.Portal Frame WarehouseA warehouse-style store with a large amount of floor space.
Portal Frame Office BuildingAn office building with brick cladding or a glass façade.Portal Frame BarnA new barn, stables, cowshed, grain store or garden centre.

As mentioned above, with any of these buildings types you are able to customise the design and build processes to better suit your business’ requirements.

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How to Obtain Portal Frame Buildings

Hiring your own architect is rarely necessary when obtaining a portal frame building. Suppliers will be able to provide a range of suitable designs capable of taking on modifications to suit your needs.

Assistance is usually available for obtaining planning permission, though a supplier familiar with your local planning regulations will be in a better position to help with this.

Once the ground has been prepared, your supplier can transport the building materials to the site. These will be in specially prepared modules if you have chosen the prefabricated method. A professional construction team can then assemble and erect it. Alternatively, if you have elected to manage construction yourself, you can arrange delivery to suit your schedule.

Get several quotes from different suppliers to make sure you’ve explored all your options and settle on the best price possible. Different suppliers will also have different turnaround times – some may be able to fabricate and install your building quicker than others.

Compare Steel Portal Frame Building Prices

Steel portal frame buildings are amongst the easiest, most efficient solutions for a range of building projects. Sturdy, cost-effective and versatile, they are perfect for any store, office, warehouse or barn that you need to set up.

Every business needs to ensure that they are getting the best price though. The easiest way to find the best price for your business is by comparing quotes with Approved Index. We only work with top-quality, vetted steel building providers which means we can guarantee both the service and product.

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