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Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated (or pre-engineered) steel buildings are ideally suited for a range of industries and purposes.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or long-term structure, building with steel is quicker and more cost-effective than using a traditional material such as brick. Steel structures are also more resilient against weather, fire and pests.

By choosing a prefabricated steel building, you’ll also benefit from the structure being far easier and quicker to erect. This reduced construction period means less hassle for you and your staff.

Quality “prefab” steel buildings are often chosen by businesses in need of a modular design; one that can be extended or made smaller if necessary. Many schools, hospitals and laboratories are modular buildings. Pre-fabricated building modules are usually able to be re-sited, which makes them versatile and great value for money too.

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Prefabricated Steel Building Prices

Cost is an essential consideration for any business owner looking to construct a building - the table below is designed to give very basic insight into the prices likely to be included in the process.

Product/ProcessFeaturesCost per Square Metre
MaterialCost of prefab steel, including preparation~£45-£65
GroundworkCost of work completed to clear, check and prepare the area for building~£60-£80
Total Base CostsThe initial investment for your prefabricated steel building Get Quotes

The small table above includes just two of the main considerations for businesses looking to build a prefabricated building, but the total initial investment is variable. Factors such as building size, cladding, personalisation, construction and delivery will all affect your total cost, and these depend on your business requirements, location and goals.

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What is a Prefabricated Steel Building?

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

A prefabricated building is a construction that has been put together in a factory and prepared in parts, units or modules. These are delivered directly to the construction site, where they can be quickly and easily assembled.

Prefabricated buildings are not always made of steel. Timber and concrete can also be used for the building frame. However steel is the most popular choice, due to its many other benefits as a building material- particularly low cost. Some prefabs mix materials, for example with a steel frame foundation, but brick or timber for roofs and wall cladding. This might be done to achieve a certain aesthetic look, for example.

Prefabricated steel buildings are available in a range of sizes and can be easily extended to create larger, multi-storey facilities.

Although prefab building parts are pre-made in a factory and not designed piece by piece on-site, you can still plan custom features for the structure, before the parts are shipped, such as partition walls and skylights. [Read more about building additions and extras]

Prefabricated Building Uses

Prefabricated buildings can be used in a wide range of industries to fit a number of purposes. Indeed, because this type of construction offers a lot of versatility, it has become increasingly popular in recent years in housing and commercial construction. They are also frequently used in areas such as industrial - where they have traditionally been common.

Popular applications for prefabricated steel buildings include:

  • - Accommodation
  • - Agricultural Steel Buildings
  • - Catering
  • - Classrooms
  • - Commercial Units
  • - Equestrian Centres and Stabling
  • - Industrial Units
  • - Laboratories
  • - Office Space
  • - Retail Outlets
  • - Office Space
  • - Sports Buildings
  • - Steel Garages
  • - Storage
  • - Toilets, changing rooms or showers
  • - Vehicle Hangars
  • - Warehouses
  • - Workshops

Prefabricated Steel Building Options and Extras

Good prefab steel construction service firms offer expert assembly and a professional service, finishing off your building with the features of your choice.

Due to the versatility already mentioned, prefab steel buildings can provide a solution to almost any commercial, industrial or workplace requirement.

Here are some of the options and extras you can add:

  • Mezzanines and partitions to break a building up into separate offices
  • Roller-shutters
  • Barn or personnel doors
  • Bespoke windows and skylights
  • Specialised heating
  • Various coats, claddings and insulations are available to make the building durable and weather-proof enough to survive even extreme conditions

Leading prefabricated building suppliers offer ISO accredited, high-quality constructions that adhere to quality and legal standards and ensure peace of mind.

However, the best way to decide on whether or not a prefab steel building will be suitable for your business is to compare quotes and options.

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Prefabricated Steel Building Benefits

Choosing to construct a building is not a decision that can be taken lightly. It is essential to weigh up your options carefully so your business can justify whatever you choose to do.

Below we have listed the benefits of choosing a prefabricated steel building with regards to some of the most important factors that will affect your decision.

cost icon


Cost is often the most important consideration for any business looking to construct a new building. It is vital for business owners to know they can afford to complete the construction in the first place, and that the building will work out to be good value.

Prefabricated steel buildings are amongst the most cost-effective options for any business. Because this form of building is pre-engineered, the amount of time spent doing on-site construction is far less than with other materials. This means there are fewer opportunities for disruption caused by building work that can stop tasks being completed or slow business operations down.

A faster build also means you can start using the facility - and making money - more quickly.

quality icon


Prefabricated steel buildings are known for their quality and are constructed in-factory under controlled conditions. Traditional buildings, on the other hand, are often exposed to adverse weather conditions throughout the building process and can suffer accordingly. Choosing to build with pre-engineered steel eliminates this risk.

Frequent quality control checks are an integral part of the construction process with prefab steel buildings. These checks happen both in-factory and on-site to ensure that the construction is as safe and stable as possible at every point in the process.

With prefabricated steel buildings, it is also possible to guarantee quality in regards to resistance and durability. There are a host of coats and claddings available which can protect your building from the weather and daily wear-and-tear.

This resilience is important in all steel buildings, but is especially so for businesses that are looking for a permanent construction.

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Constructing a building using prefabricated steel can significantly reduce construction time frames from months down to weeks, giving you massive savings for time and labour costs.

This is mainly down to the bulk of the construction work being completed off-site, and in-factory. This dramatically reduces manufacturing time compared with traditional builds. And being pre-designed and cut, prefab steel components can be assembled quickly and efficiently once they’ve been delivered to the site.

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Environmental Impact

Environmental impact is more of a consideration for modern businesses than it ever has been.

Prefabricated steel buildings offer businesses an environmentally-friendly solution involving minimal waste. According to a study by UK WRAP, off-site prefabrication can lead to a 90% reduction in material waste , equating to a 38% overall decrease in a project’s carbon footprint. In addition, most of the off-cuts and waste is recycled. The environmental cost of vehicle deliveries is also reduced by 90% compared to traditional, on-site building methods.

As well as this, businesses can significantly decrease the environmental impact of their building by investing in specialised insulation, coating and cladding. With new technology and methods being developed all the time, it is easier for modern businesses to protect the environment than ever before.

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Working with Prefabricated Steel Building Suppliers

Prefabricated Steel Building Suppliers

Prefabricated steel building suppliers will provide businesses with a comprehensive service that spans the entire construction process. This begins with pre-planning surveys and includes computer-aided design and the actual construction process. You can feel safe in the knowledge that experts are available at all times to ensure the quality of your building.

Prefab steel building suppliers will use your specifications to plan and build the most suitable structure possible for you. It’s possible for every business to create a fit-for-purpose facility to house whatever process they want. Whether you’re after a new office building or an industrial storage warehouse, there are UK suppliers who can help.

If you are not sure on what sort of design you require, it is important to remember that suppliers can help here too. As experts in the field, they understand what is required in various industries, and can also offer ready-made, pre-designed solutions that may well suit your needs.

Once plans are agreed on and you’ve gained your planning permission, the building will be fabricated piece by piece in-factory. During this time, the groundwork can take place to ensure your site is ready. Then, once both processes are complete, the prefabricated steel can be delivered and construction can begin.

Prefabricated steel buildings can often be erected in a matter of days, due to the simplicity of the process. This is less likely to be the case with large-scale construction, but still accounts for effective savings in labour costs for any business.

Comparing Pre-Engineered Steel Suppliers

There are a large number of suppliers in the UK that can provide businesses with prefabricated steel constructions. Although this can make selecting a supplier difficult, it also allows businesses to compare quotes and services to find the company most suited to them.

Local companies will have the advantage of knowing the planning requirements in your region, but won’t necessarily be the cheapest. You should talk through your plan with more than one supplier, and make sure you are clear on what they will do for you, from groundwork and inspections to finishing touches.

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The information on this page should give some insight into what businesses can expect when they are looking into a construction process using prefabricated steel. However, every business has different requirements, so the best way for you to find the most suitable solution is to use your specifications to compare suppliers. Approved Index can help here.

To find the supplier most suited for working with your business, get in touch using the form at the top of this page. We will match you with the best-suited companies for your project and give you the chance to compare and save on services and cost.

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