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Freezer Containers

Freezer Containers

Freezer containers and refrigerated containers or ‘reefers’ are critical to temperature-controlled supply chains (or ‘cold chains’) as used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry where the temperature of produce must be kept within a given range to avoid spoiling. Freezer containers can also provide a handy temporary storage solution for producers, wholesalers and retailers with excess or seasonal stock on inventory.

There are a number of UK suppliers who can sell, rent and deliver freezer containers and they cover the entire length of the country. Getting the right freezer container is therefore simply a matter of choosing the right size, type and purchase option.

Freezer Containers: Sizes and Specifications

Because their primary use is for shipping and haulage, freezer containers come in standard internationally recognised sizes of 8ft (w) by 8ft 6ins (h) by 20ft (l) and 8ft (w) by 9ft 6ins (h) by 40ft (l). The refrigeration technology is integrated and internal leading to respective internal dimensions of roughly 7ft 6ins by 7ft 6ins by 18ft and 7ft 6ins by 8ft 4ins by 38ft.

Freezer containers can maintain internal temperatures of -20C to +20C and display the current temperature on an external electronic control panel. They can also keep a running record of temperature which can be viewed at the end or during the journey.

Most are designed to run off a 3-phase electricity supply of 380/460V or 200/220V which is the marine standard. To use a freezer container in a domestic environment an electrician will be needed to convert it to run from a standard domestic electricity supply.

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Refrigerated Containers: Special Types and Applications

In addition to standard freezer containers for the cold storage of food, the following types of refrigerated containers are available:

  • Refrigerated chemical stores for the storage of temperature sensitive chemicals can be fitted with bunds or sub-floor sumps for the minimisation of spillage, anti-slip and anti-spark coatings and additional ventilation.
  • Refrigerated tank containers for storing or transporting food grade liquid products pressurised or blanketed by a gas if required. Capacities of around 21,000 litres.

Reefer Container Hints and Tips

Hire a qualified electrician to test your refrigerated container before use and ensure the right power supply is being used.

When loading a reefer container, ensure a clear foot of space between your goods and the ceiling, front and doors. This allows air to flow around the products ensuring even temperatures throughout.

Get quotes from as many different suppliers as you can close to the time of purchase. Prices vary wildly and fluctuate constantly so be prepared to shop around. Renting a container usually involves a minimum rental period of several months.

Freezer Container Quotes

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