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Freight Containers Price Guide

Freight Container Prices

Freight containers are used to transport large goods or cargoes over land, water or by air. The modes of transportation include railroad cars, highway freight trucks, aircraft and ships, which are basically reserved for imports. Using freight containers for transport helps reduce cost as the importer is charged based on the number of containers instead of the number of items transported. In addition, shipping goods is faster and more time-efficient this way.

Freight containers are manufactured in standard dimensions using welded steel and are durable, safe, and weather-proof. Find out more about freight containers in this article.

Types of Freight Containers

When looking for a freight container, you must know the exact kind and size you need and whether you’ll get a new or a refurbished one. More importantly, you have to consider the mode of freight transport since there are various types of freight containers ideal for different modes of transportation. Take a look at the basic types that businesses commonly use.

Land Freight Container

This type of freight container is commonly used as a standard shipping container. Standard dimensions include 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot shipping containers of various types such as high-cube, open-top, flat-rack, insulated and refrigerated. Land freight containers are usually carried by highway trucks for domestic transport.

Ocean Freight Container

Ocean freight containers are also used as standard shipping containers and come in 20-foot and 40-foot dimensions. Some shipping companies, however, offer 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot containers that come in high-cube, open-top and flat-rack types. These are normally transported by cargo ships.

Air Freight Container

Using air freight containers is the fastest but most expensive means of transporting cargo. A special type of container called ‘unit load device’ or ULD is used and carried by cargo aircraft. The International Air Transport Association or IATA air cargo carriers and container manufacturers are the primary suppliers of raw materials needed to manufacture ULDs.

Freight Container Prices

Freight container prices vary based on dimension and type. ULDs are the most expensive because of the airline fees that you have to pay. However, if you have the budget and require really quick delivery, using air freight containers is the best option. The following are sample container prices:



  • Standard container costs £2,000.00
  • High-cube container costs £2,100.00
  • Flat-rack container costs £1,350.00
  • Tank container costs £9,100.00


  • Standard container costs £4,000.00
  • Tank container costs £10,500.00



  • Standard container costs £1,000.00
  • High-cube container costs £1,500.00
  • Open-top container costs £1,870.00
  • Insulated container costs £1,100.00
  • Refrigerated container costs £3,750.00
  • Tank container costs £6,200.00


  • Standard container costs £2,000.00
  • High-cube container costs £2,200.00
  • Open-top container costs £2,200.00
  • Refrigerated container costs £4,750.00
  • Tank container costs £7,000.00

If you’re running a small or start-up business, you can always rent containers for as low as £10 a week. Freight containers are reusable and used ones can still be of good quality. This is definitely cost- and time-efficient. Since most small firms only transport goods domestically, land freight containers are the best option. Besides getting secure and durable standard containers for land freight transport, it is cheaper than sea and air freight transport.

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