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ISO Container Price Guide

ISO Container Prices

What’s the best way to transport your goods? Have you heard of ISO containers? ISO containers are inter-modal containers used for transporting goods via rail, truck or ship. These containers conform to ISO or International Standards Organisation standards. The ISO regulates the size, strength and durability of containers during manufacturing. Thus, ISO containers are trustworthy, durable specifically manufactured to endure all kinds of environmental situations during transport. In addition, these containers come in various types, each with its own specific usage but all for ensuring security while shipping. So if you’re looking for a safe container to transport your goods, you should consider buying or hiring an ISO container.

ISO Container Varieties and Prices

ISO containers are categorised into shipping and storage containers. Shipping containers are basically for transport and storage. Likewise, storage containers are sometimes used for transport but often just as deck cargo. There are also different types of ISO container, which come in various lengths, from 6 to 45 feet. Included in the ISO code are the standard key features that ISO containers should possess such as being wind and watertight, steel construction and high security lock systems.

Here are the types of ISO containers:

Flat Racks and Platforms

Flat racks and platforms are used to transport heavy machinery, which is why they have no side walls or are often collapsible.

  • Used 20-foot collapsible flat-rack shipping container price: £1,350.00 (can handle up to 34 tons of cargo)

Open-Top Containers

These containers have been especially made to transport heavy, tall, and difficult-to-load materials such as coal and grain. These materials are often loaded from the top or end.

  • Used Sunhill 20-foot open-top container price: £1,870.00
  • Used Sunhill 40-foot open-top container price: £2,200.00

Dry Freight or Cube Containers

These are completely enclosed and are perfect for general-purpose transportation.

  • New 20-foot high-cube container price: £2,100.00
  • Used 20-foot high-cube container price: £1,500.00
  • Used 40-foot high-cube container price: £2,200.00

Insulated or Thermal Containers

These containers are not refrigerated, instead they have insulated walls suitable for the transport of chilled or frozen goods and other temperature-sensitive products.

Shipping companies offer modifications and conversions of standard containers. Some insulated containers have, in fact, been converted from ordinary containers by modifying their interior walls.

  • Used insulated container price: £1,100.00

Refrigerated or Reefer Containers

Reefers, unlike insulated containers, have internal refrigerated units that can be regulated. These are perfect for the transport of temperature-controlled perishable goods.

  • Used 20-foot reefer container price: £3,750.00
  • Used 40-foot reefer container price: £4,750.00

Tank Containers

These containers have the same dimensions as other ISO containers but are cylindrical in shape, which is suitable for the transport of hazardous liquid and bulk materials.

  • New 20-foot tank container price: £9,100.00
  • Used 20-foot tank container price: £6,200.00
  • New 40-foot tank container price: £10,500.00
  • Used 40-foot tank container price: £7,000.00

All kinds of business, large or small, need to keep company expenses to a minimum. These days, more and more used ISO containers are available on the market. Since newly manufactured standard ISO containers are very expensive, used ones are in increasing demand. Even large enterprises buy these instead of new ones. Using used containers can give you the same benefits without costing you a lot of money.

For small businesses, renting is still the better option. Rental payments are paid weekly and can be as low as £6. The cost depends on the size of the container you need and on how long you’ll need it. Nonetheless, it is more cost-efficient than purchasing your own containers.

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