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Metal Storage Containers

Metal Storage Containers

Metal storage containers, also known as shipping containers aka intermodal containers aka ISO containers aka sea cans, number in the tens of millions and are primarily used for shipping goods between ports on container ships. Their origin is in the coal mining industry of 18th Century England where metal containers were used to transport coal to port. It was the US Army, however, that standardised sizes of metal storage containers in the 1950s, leading to the internationally recognised shipping container of today.

Because they are essentially a reinforced steel box, metal storage containers are incredibly adaptable and can be repurposed for a huge variety of applications. The fact they’re used the whole world over means they’re never hard to get hold of.

Metal Storage Container Uses

As stated, containers are mostly used for shipping but they are also commonly used to store goods, materials and equipment on a temporary or semi-permanent basis when storage space is otherwise unavailable. The capability to add refrigeration, ventilation and a variety of coatings means that they can be used to store almost any kind of material. In addition, metal storage containers can be converted into various small buildings such as site offices, toilet blocks, dugouts or guard houses or even combined to create larger structures.

Metal Storage Container Sizes

Containers come in standard sizes dictated by international shipping regulations. They are usually 8 feet wide with a height of 8 feet 6 inches (Standard) or 9 feet six inches (High Cube). Containers come in 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft long varieties. They weigh between 940 and 4800kg.

Metal Storage Container Types

As well as bog standard containers that can be used for safe, secure storage, a number of specialist containers are available including:

  • Refrigerated containers for storing chilled or frozen goods
  • Chemical stores which prevent slips, sparks and spillages
  • Anti-condensation containers for preventing drips onto dry goods
  • Open top or curtain-sided containers for hauling bulky goods
  • Vandal-proof containers with protective lock covers

Renting and Buying Metal Storage Containers

Prices for buying and purchasing metal storage containers vary depending on the condition. Used containers are invariably ex-shipping containers and so can be quite battered and therefore cheap. Renting containers usually involves a minimum term of at least a few months.

Prices fluctuate with the price of steel and oil and due to their volatility we can’t give guide prices here. Get quotes as close to the time of purchase as possible.

Metal Storage Container Quotes

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