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Refrigerated Storage Containers

Refrigerated Storage Containers

Refrigerated storage containers or reefer containers are used for storing and transporting perishable goods that need to be kept at very low or even freezing temperatures. A reefer can have either a single zone with a single internal temperature or a dual one, where two different temperatures are maintained. Dual-zone reefers normally have a separate freezer compartment and a cold temperature compartment.

Refrigerated storage containers come in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking into buying or hiring a refrigerated storage container, this guide will help you find one that meets your budget and requirements.

Standard Features

You can expect the following features from a high-quality refrigerated storage container:

  • The interior is made of stainless steel which promotes easy cleaning.
  • It has interior lighting for convenience.
  • The goods are secured with a fully lockable butcher’s door.
  • It has a person-trapped alarm internal emergency feature.
  • The floor is normally made of smooth-coated but non-slip aluminium material.
  • It has a double-locking system.
  • It has a wide range of internal temperatures and a humidity control.
  • It uses a low noise and cost-efficient refrigeration unit for low power consumption.


Whether you choose to purchase or hire a refrigerated storage container, you will have plenty to choose from. There are varieties of reefer containers available for all types of budget. Prices tend to vary according to the size of the container.

As with most other shipping and storage containers, refrigerated containers normally come in lengths of 8 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet and 40 feet. A 10ft reefer will carry about four pallets. A 20ft one will accommodate around nine, while a 40ft one will carry up to twenty.

You can also choose a refrigerated container based on its temperature range. Brand new reefers have internal temperatures that can go down to -20°C, -30°C, -35°C, -40°C and even -60°C. Temperatures normally go up to 30°C.

Refrigerated Container Price Guide

As mentioned above, the price of a refrigerated storage container depends on its size. If you choose to purchase a container, you can opt to buy a brand new one or a used one. There are many good-quality refurbished reefer containers available, but the newer models do tend to be more cost-efficient as they use up less power and have lower maintenance costs. They also come with a manufacturer’s warranty so you are covered in case there are any problems with the refrigeration system.

However, a brand new refrigerated container is a huge investment. The price ranges from £10,000 to £30,000. Bearing in mind that each container will probably last around nine to ten years, you will have to figure out if the profits your container will bring are worth the huge cash outlay.

A used reefer container, on the other hand, can cost between £3,500 and £7,000. It will be worth your time looking at used containers but do take into consideration factors such as power consumption, reliability and maintenance costs before you make your choice.

If you need to use a refrigerated container on an occasional basis, it will be more pragmatic to hire one instead. Lease rates and contract terms vary, so make sure to look at a few container hiring companies before you make your decision. You can expect to spend around £6 a week for a 10ft container, £9 for a 20ft container and £15 for a 40ft one.

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