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Second Hand Containers

Second Hand Storage Containers

The steel shipping container is ubiquitous: found in every part of the world, in countless different types of business and being put to infinite uses.

Second hand containers are a cost-effective way for a business to store documents, files and equipment, or to ship products or equipment. They come in a variety of sizes and can be refrigerated, insulated or ventilated depending on the goods being stored or shipped.

In addition, second hand containers can easily be modified for use as free-standing, semi-permanent structures such as site offices, dugouts and shelters or even pony stables. They can also be connected together to form larger structures like clubhouses or scout huts.

Second Hand Container Types

  • Standard steel shipping container or ‘sea can’. These are commonly 8ft wide, 8ft 6ins high (though 9ft 6ins ‘High Cube’ versions are also available) and come in lengths of 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft. They weigh between 950 and 5,000 kilos. Double doors with multi-bar locking systems are located at one or both ends and extra doors can be added anywhere along the length.
  • Vandal proof containers have heavy duty locks and protective covers or ‘lockboxes’ to keep out even the most well prepared thieves.
  • Refrigerated Containers can maintain temperatures of -20C to +20C to preserve fresh or frozen produce, pharmaceuticals or chemicals.
  • Chemical stores provide proper ventilation, spill protection and anti-slip, anti-spark coatings for storing hazardous chemicals.
  • Custom containers. The versatility of what are essentially reinforced steel boxes allow them to be modified and customised in countless ways including, as mentioned, the addition of doors, windows, lighting and insulation for use as workspaces. They are even becoming common as part of modern residential building projects in both urban centres and rural bolt-holes.

Second Hand Container Prices

Because the condition of second hand containers varies wildly, so do prices. Add to this the natural volatility of steel and oil prices (high oil prices mean less international shipping which means less demand for containers) and you’ll understand why we can’t give you an accurate guide price. Contact several suppliers who deliver to your part of the country to get a broad view of prices close to the time of purchase.

Renting containers usually involves a minimum rental period. Check that delivery and collection are included in the quote.

Second Hand Container Quotes

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