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Telemarketing Appointment Makers

Telemarketing Appointment Makers

Some products and services cannot be bought and sold over the phone - sometimes an evaluation or quote has to be made on-site or in person. Sometimes it is necessary for a salesperson to demonstrate a product, or for a customer to trial a service. Whenever this is the case, telemarketing appointment makers are available to put your sales team in touch with qualified, purchase-ready clients.

Many telemarketing agencies specialise in making appointments for their clients; unlike telesales and more like pay per lead telemarketing , the aim of an appointment maker is to provide a company or business’s sales people with the opportunity to meet with and sell to a customer. This service allows your business to generate more sales, without sacrificing the personal touches that you rely on.

Whether you offer a product or service to business or consumers, an appointment maker will work on your behalf to generate quality leads. Externalising this process can save your internal sales teams hours on the phone, and can make sure that they are only communicating with interested, suitable prospects who are close to or ready to convert.

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Telemarketing Appointment Maker Prices

Whether your appointments are made internally or externally, you will have to pay for the process - when they are made internally, it will probably be your sales teams, and when they are made externally, it will be either a specialist agency or freelancers. Understanding which method will be more beneficial to you is the best way to decide whether you need to hire an external appointment maker.

One of the most important factors to bear in mind with telemarketing and appointment making is quality; your sales team might be the best at selling your product or service, but are they best at finding clients? Often, external agencies specialise in this area and so can guarantee a much larger volume of opportunities, leading to more sales in the long run for your business.

This section has been created to give you some idea as to the costs that you might encounter.

High Range Appointment Maker Costs

High range appointments are the most expensive option for businesses considering externalising the process. The price in these examples is well justified though.

High range appointments will undergo a strict vetting process to make sure that they are of the right quality; this vetting will ensure that the sales leads you receive will be interested in your product and near to conversion.

High range appointment makers will provide leads that are:

  • High quality and ready to convert
  • Reviewed & endorsed with qualifying notes to help your salespeople
  • Exclusive to your business, to make sure you are not fighting other companies

High range appointments are likely to come in lower volumes than the low range equivalent, but they will also be far more likely to turn into revenue for your business; this form of appointment is the best choice for any business that wants their salespeople focussing on top-quality, high-value sales opportunities at all times.

The table below provides some information about the sort of costs you might expect with high range appointment makers.

Appointment MakerPaymentCost
AgencyHourly Rate£50
AgencyPer Lead£150
FreelancerHourly Rate£30
FreelancerPer Lead£100

These prices can give you some idea as to the costs you may encounter with external high range appointment makers. Whether you choose to hire an agency or a freelancer will depend entirely on your requirements although, as the table shows, a freelancer is the cheapest high range option.

Low Range Appointment Maker Costs

As the name suggests, a low range appointment is one that has undergone a less strict vetting process. Most often, these appointments will have been sent across based on even slight interest. This means that, although the lead might be interested in your product or service, they might not yet be at the purchasing stage.

Low range appointments will generally come in a higher volume than the high range option, but they are less likely to convert. This means that your sales team will have to sift through bad leads in order to find the good ones.

Low range appointment makers will provide leads that are:

  • Lower quality but higher volume
  • Without reviews or endorsements, and no notes to help sales staff
  • Sent to several businesses, meaning that you have to battle for sales even with viable leads

A lot of the time, low range appointments can be just as valuable as the high range equivalent; but there is potentially more work needed to make the most of them.

Experienced low range appointment makers will be able to send your salespeople a huge number of potential customers; if you want your staff to be busy, with a range of sales opportunities coming in, this could be the best option.

The table below offers data about the costs you might pay with low range appointment makers.

Appointment MakerPaymentCost
AgencyHourly Rate£20
AgencyPer Lead£30
FreelancerHourly Rate£8
FreelancerPer Lead£25

The prices in this table can give you some idea about the cost you might encounter with external low range appointment makers. Whether you hire an agency or a freelancer will depend entirely on your requirements; as the table shows though, a low range freelancer is the cheapest option possible.

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Why Use Telemarketing Appointment Makers?

Using Telemarketing Appointment Makers

Companies that take advantage of telemarketing agencies to generate prospect lists, can also take advantage of appointment setting services to generate even larger profits.

This is partly down to the fact that, despite the increased use of mobile phones, people still tend to be more likely to answer an unknown call to their mobile than they ever did when receiving a cold call to a landline. The fact that most mobile numbers are not unlisted also makes it easier to generate large call lists.

Telemarketing lead generation and appointment setting continues to work so well because the majority of people feel more comfortable saying ‘yes’ to an appointment than they do when being sold to over the phone. Committing to a meeting further down the line is far less oppressive to a potential consumer than committing to the purchase of a product then and there.

However – and this is why appointment setting can be so useful – what potential customers do not realise is that they are putting themselves in a position where they will be face-to-face with a trained sales-person, whose skills and techniques will make it that much harder for them to say ‘no’ to a sales pitch.

Telemarketing Resources

Not every salesperson is a strong all-rounder; some people may be better on the phone, others face-to-face, some may be closers, others rapport builders. In any given sales team there will be a wide range of individual skills. It is good to know the individual strengths of everyone in your team so that you can maximise their impact throughout the sales funnel process and generate more profits.

When using a telemarketing company to generate leads or as a B2B appointment maker service, knowing your sales team’s skills will ensure that the right people handle the prospect lists at the right time.

Those in your team who connect well with people and can figure out their needs quickly will be the ideal choice for following up the initial contact made by the telemarketers. These people can make your prospective clients feel good on the phone and open the door to a meeting with your sales team – if they haven’t agreed to one through the appointment maker service.

The sales person you should send to meet with prospects who have agreed to an appointment should be your strong closers who can seal the deal all the way through to the end.

Generating Telemarketing Appointments

Generating telemarketing appointments is not simply a case of ringing up numbers and booking meetings - the process requires thought and planning to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

This section has been put together to include some of the important factors and features of a successful appointment setting campaign.

  • Set Goals - Before anything else can start, you and your telemarketing agency need to understand your targets. Whether those targets be based on volume or on potential sales figures is up to you, but it is vital that you ensure that you know what you are aiming for. This will help when it comes to planning, and also when it comes to analysing your success at the end of the campaign.
  • Plan - This stage should go out without saying, but it is often overlooked. You need to sit down with your chosen agency to discuss your strategy; this strategy needs to be based on your targets, but also on best practice. Which techniques will work best? What form of survey of approach should be used?
  • Monitor & Report - It is important that you monitor your appointment campaign as it is in moniton, not just when it is finished. This means that you can ensure that things proceed as well as possible, and it also allows you to make adjustments if required.
  • Follow Up - Once you have your appointments set, you need to capitalise on them. Again, this might seem straightforward, but it is important to understand the best way to proceed. The process used to book the appointment will dictate how you should approach with your sales.

The process above is by no means exhaustive; the agency you work with will probably add several stages before, between and after the ones listed here. To understand what you need to do, simply complete the form at the top of this page to speak to agencies today.

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Generating Sales Opportunities with Appointment Makers

Telemarketing companies that offer appointment making services are usually capable of working on both B2B and B2C campaigns. They will call prospects from a list provided by your company or purchased from a third party. The quality of this data is always of paramount importance to any appointment setting campaign so it’s vital to ensure that it’s up to date and accurate. You can often employ a telemarketing company to clean this data for you.

Appointment makers will call prospects on your behalf, identify the buyer, introduce your product with a quick pitch, answer any questions from the buyer and, if there’s interest, arrange a date and time for your salesperson to visit.

An appointment making company can also assist you with diary management so that your sales team’s appointments are optimised to make the most of their available time.

B2B Appointment Makers

Reaching the person capable of making a purchase is half the battle in B2B telemarketing. Appointment makers are specialists in getting around gatekeepers to pitch directly to the buyer and arrange appointments for your salespeople.

Business to business appointment making will often require more work than the business to customer or consumer equivalent. Often, a business will be looking to spend far more money than a single client can, and so there will need to be more assurances made.

Although the point above does mean that more time and resource may not to be expended on a business lead, it also means that the revenue that can potentially be brought in will be significantly more. In order to make the most out of your appointment making services, it is better to opt for a specialised telemarketing agency, with experience in your specific industry, or in your sector at the very least.

Arranging appointments with business clients takes a very different set of abilities to arranging appointments with individual customers. It is vitally important that businesses hire appropriately.

B2C Appointment Makers

Generating appointments requires a large volume of telephone calls. Taking this burden off the shoulders of your sales team frees them up to concentrate on converting the positive sales opportunities that get fed through from your telemarketing agency.

Business to customer appointment making, just like business to customer sales, will often be a much more impulsive and emotion driven process. As above, B2C appointment setters will need to understand their clients, and they will need to know how to communicate effectively.

To get the best B2C appointments, it is important that your business opts for an agency or freelance professional who understands the industry and market. Knowing what they have worked on previously, as well as where their successes have been is the best way to ensure that they are an appropriate choice.

Freelance Appointment Makers or Telemarketing Agencies

Whichever company or individual you choose to do the appointment setting for you, make sure that you set up a means of monitoring their performance on a periodic basis and compare this against how much you spend on appointment setting.

A good appointment setter will not just generate successful appointments for your sales team, they will also actively help you to improve your ROI - return on investment - by tracking the responses they get from potential customers and using these responses to help you implement a more successful marketing strategy.

Generally speaking, it is safer and more effective to opt for a telemarketing agency. A company will often have more resource available to them than a freelancer, although this will not always be the case. Research your potential appointment setter and do not settle for the cheap option if you think that a more costly agency might provide more sales opportunities.

It is certainly worth remembering that there is a huge advantage in investing in quality. The better the agency or freelancer, the better the leads opportunities - more money invested can often mean more money earned.

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