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Telemarketing Software Systems – Top 5 Free Downloads

Telemarketing Free Software

Why spend a small fortune on telemarketing software when you can download it for free?

Telemarketing is the fastest growing global industry. According to research, the telemarketing industry averages 15 billion pounds a year and employs nearly 500,000 people. This is due to the number of business in the world and their need to generate revenue as well as establishing long term relationships with their clientele.

You should be aware that using downloadable software will most likely not be as effective as using a professional telemarketing agency. Therefore, we recommend the following free downloads as better suited to smaller businesses or for those on a restricted budget.

Otherwise, we suggest working with our professional Approved Agencies to maximise the bang for your buck.

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Telemarketing – To outsource, or not to outsource?

Not every business wants or needs to outsource their telemarketing services. Using free lead generation software for your telemarketing needs is one way in which to ensure that you can allocate funding to appropriate sectors of your business.

Granted, funds will need to be spent on market research and the best methodology for telemarketing to your audience, but at least you will not be spending money on the actual product.

Here are 5 of the best free telemarketing software systems available to download.

Free Telemarketing Software – Top 5 Picks

TeleMarketing Software System

TeleMarketing Software system was developed in 2009 and remains an open collaborative effort for the telemarketing industry. The software is based upon outbound calls and so those that require inbound software would need to find additional options. It is a bit primitive as the software is community collaborative, but it does get the job done. Key aspects of the software include:

  • Outbound telemarketing calls
  • New lead generation
  • Market Research
  • The ability to contribute to the software in order to make it more industry specific

Those who download the software should be wary of glitches and certain limitations. It is recommended for small businesses that do not primarily depend upon telemarketing for sales and support.


Vicidial software is free to download but has to be used alongside the Asterisk open source PBX phone system. The major draw of this program is that it provides the user with both inbound and outbound services. Users should note that the software is web based and so the connection speed of your internet will play a vital role in the successful integration of the software into your telemarketing needs. Key features include:

  • Real Time information/ Analytics
  • Campaign options
  • Full regulatory compliance for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Scheduled callback availability as well as 3-way
  • Available in English and/or Spanish

Free CRM

Free CRM allows you a way in which to have free CRM services as well as Call Automation and Voice/VOIP services. The Call scheduling allows you to assign a team and track everything. Outbound calling is estimated to increase efficiency by 30% with the software. Note: Free CRM comes in three different packages; free, medium paid, and premium paid. Those using the free software may not get all of the bells and whistles of the premium. However, there are a ton of free features including:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Deals
  • Task management
  • Call management
  • Campaigns
  • Reports

Voicent – Agent Dialer

Agent Dialer from Voicent can automatically contact your customer list to deliver pre-recorded messages and make outbound marketing more efficient. The software also allows for call transfers and the option for customers to be placed on a do-not-call list so that you are compliant with market standards. Key benefits of Voiacent are:

  • Calls are made through Skype on your computer
  • Predictive and semi-automatic dialler
  • Do not call scrubber
  • The ability to import and export your calling list
  • Online/Web based platform
  • Skip or ignore answering machine pickups


ICTBroadcast uses calls, text messaging, emails, SMS messaging, and faxing to maximise your communications presence. The software allows you to import your contact, record or upload your message that you want to be delivered to those contacts, and start a campaign. The great thing about the software is that it allows you to choose the avenue in which to focus the campaign (for example outbound calling or emailing). Once the telemarketing campaign has been established real time results are presented to help you better allocate your time and funding. Key features:

  • Multi-campaign platform
  • Outgoing Telemarketing on various platforms
  • App based visuals make for easy use
  • Reports
  • Export and import contacts
  • Save various messages and import them as needed into your campaign


As a business owner, it is paramount to your businesses success to embrace the telecommunications and CRM strategies available to maximise your prospect and conversions list. Because the world has embraced a more social and mobile way of doing business, those companies that integrate their business strategies and market to those devices are more likely to see higher yields on their business investment.

Everyone needs to have telemarketing and CRM as part of their business, but the service you choose depends on your specific needs and proposed campaign. If you are looking for huge returns and large numbers of potential clients to be generated then we thoroughly recommend working with a professional telemarketing agency. However, if you’re a smaller business, you may have more niche requirements that can be managed in house with free software – the choice is down to your needs.

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