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Pay Per Lead Telemarketing - Price Guide 2018

Pay per Lead Telemarketing

Telemarketing companies can offer businesses a whole host of services which can contribute directly to success in a number of areas. Pay per lead telemarketing - or lead generation - is just one of these functions.

Market research has shown that a huge number of salespeople spend most of their time trying to find good leads instead of actually speaking to sales-ready clients. This means that businesses across the UK spend a great deal of money on processes that could be better handled externally; this is exactly why more and more people are beginning to outsource to lead generation companies.

If you want to free up your sales teams so that they can focus on hitting targets, then hiring a telemarketing agency is an excellent and cost-effective option. Many companies will charge by the hour, but for the best value you should opt for a pay per lead contract.

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Pay Per Lead Telemarketing Costs

Pay per lead telemarketing comes in more than one form, and so providing exact prices is difficult. The cost will depend on a number of things, including the deal you have with the lead generation company, the cost of the product or service you are selling, and the volume of leads you are getting.

Ideally, you will be able to use a well established and reputable lead generation company; when this is the case, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving good quality leads for a good price.

The table below includes a very quick side-by-side comparison of pay per lead costs, visit the full section for more detail.

High-RangeBetter leads - more sales-ready, also more expensive.£90-£200
Low-RangeMore leads - not qualified, less expensive.£20-£80

The prices in this table are approximate and cover a range of leads - this means that you may find your lead price to be significantly more or less, depending on the product or service you sell. Take a look below for more detail on each range of lead.

High Range Pay Per Lead Telemarketing - £90-£200 Per Lead

High range leads can include a huge range of products although, as the label suggests, the products will be worth more than those in the lower range.

The value of these leads will be determined by a number of factors:

  • High-range leads will normally be high-quality and more likely to translate into sales.
  • High-range leads will include review, endorsements or qualifying notes, so that salespeople know what exactly a lead is looking for.
  • High-range leads might also be exclusive, or exclusive for a time, meaning that your salesperson has time to make the sale, without competing with rivals.
  • High-range leads may come through in less volume, but will generally be of better quality.

High range lead generation is the best option for businesses looking for high-quality sales opportunities. Although the low range options below can be helpful, they are likely to have a lower sales or conversion rate.

As with almost all business expenses, it is worth investing more money to guarantee better returns. High-range pay per lead telemarketing is an excellent case for this practice.

Low Range Pay Per Lead Telemarketing - £20-£80 Per Lead

Low range leads can be bought for a huge range of products; as above, and as the label suggests, low range leads will be less valuable than high range.

The value of low range leads will be determined by a range of features

  • Low-range leads will be higher volume, but less likely to translate into sales.
  • Low-range leads will not include reviews, endorsements or notes, and salespeople will make calls without any supporting information.
  • Low-range leads may be sent to several suppliers at once, meaning that your salespeople will be competing with rivals.
  • Low-range leads can offer excellent sales opportunities, although often there will need to be more internal filtering than there is with high-range leads.

Low range leads may be the right choice for your business, but it will generally depend on what it is that you are selling. As mentioned, low range pay per lead telemarketing will offer more leads, but without sales potential being guaranteed.

If you are willing to filter through less quality sales leads to find the good ones, then low range lead generation may work for you. Indeed, it can lead to huge profits when done properly, and at a lower price than you will find with the high range alternative.

Compare High and Low Range Pay Per Lead Telemarketing Options


Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead refers to a form of affiliate marketing where a company receives sales leads - or prospects - via a third party. Pay per lead telemarketing is exactly this process, with leads qualified over the phone. Generally, this process will involve a telemarketing agency ringing potential clients, or cold-calling, on behalf of a company - they will then pass these leads onto the their client.

Pay per lead is an excellent way for businesses to generate sales opportunities, without dedicating huge amounts of time or resource to the process. Working with a high-quality pay per lead telemarketing agency is an excellent way to grow your revenue potential.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing can be a time-consuming and costly process; often, the amount of effort and money put into supporting an internal team will seem disproportional to the benefits received. Businesses are increasingly looking to external service providers to address this imbalance.

Business or sales leads can be generated in a number of ways, but the aim is always the same - to find relevant clients or customers. Different lead generation methods produce different results, with quality, volume and price varying from medium to medium.

Telemarketing is one of the most effective forms of lead generation; it is certainly more likely to provide concrete results than other options and, in terms of value, it is one of the best ways to track down valuable sales opportunities.

Pay Per Lead Telemarketing Benefits

Pay per lead telemarketing offers a number of tangible benefits - both for sales-teams and for the clients they want to contact.

The information below outlines just some of the most important advantages.

Measurable KPIs

Pay per lead telemarketing is easy to track and quantify - modern telephone systems can be integrated with your in-house IT network so that tracking key performance indicators - the number of leads, number of qualified leads, revenue generated, etc. - becomes easy.

Most lead generation companies will also provide you with a dashboard that you can use to track a lead from start to finish.

Interactive Sales

Lead generation companies will not only gather you leads, they will gather you key information too. It is not enough to know that someone was looking at purchasing your product, your sales team need to know whether there is a budget or required volume.

The extra information that can be gathered by pay per lead telemarketers is essential for any business or sales team looking to make the most out of their sales opportunities.

Global Presence

Your company might be based in the UK, but that does not mean that the US is inaccessible. If you have a product with global appeal, then you can use telemarketing services to maximise your reach.

Although you might not have the resource to target international clients, a lead generation company might. Using these services is an excellent way for ambitious businesses to spread their products and services even further afield.

More Sales

Simply put: more leads equals more sales, especially when the leads are good. Working with a quality pay per lead telemarketing agency is the best way to get the maximum number of sales opportunities. It frees up your sales teams to be making sales rather than looking for them.

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Effective Pay Per Lead Telemarketing

There are many factors that can make or break a telemarketing lead generation campaign, whether it’s breaking off contact after making initial contact, or simply not keeping track of what you’ve done.

You should always try and stay aware of the following best practice rules:

Only Purchase Quality Leads

Despite being an efficient way of gathering relevant customer data quickly, we would recommend that you try to avoid buying pre-existing call lists.

Not only are lists generally of dubious quality, but the fact it is available to buy should set off alarm bills because if you can purchase it, why can’t your competitors? You should try and build your own lists through targeted ads, data collection forms and organic web traffic.

Make sure that the lead generation company you work with has a way of sourcing quality leads - you don’t want to pay for contacts that you could have bought yourself.

Know The Sales Journey

When outsourcing your telemarketing lead generation campaign, you should make sure your preferred agency amends and personalises their scripts for prospects at different stages of the buying cycle.

Do not use the same sales spiel for hot leads when speaking to someone who doesn’t even know what your product is. Understanding the different stages in a client's journey is key to the whole process. It can save your business both time and money.

Foster Relationships

The best pay per lead telemarketers don’t just find you leads, they prepare them for your salespeople. As mentioned above, potential clients have a journey to take; if you contact them to try and push a sale at the wrong point, you could sacrifice revenue.

Good lead generation companies will provide accompanying notes or details with every lead; your sales teams can use this information to inform their approach.

Follow Up

Following up on sales leads ties in very closely to the section above. Once you’ve sold to a person once, that does not mean that they have become a cold leave. Sometimes companies offer a multiple of related services.

If you have sold to a client before, there is a chance to do so again, especially in cases where the initial sale was successful and well received.

Compare Pay Per Lead Telemarketing Companies

The information on this page has been written to provide your business with some idea as to the potential and benefits of lead generation. Although it might not suit every company, it can be a hugely important tool for many sales teams in a variety of industries.

If you want to compare lead generation companies today, simply complete the form at the top of this page. Approved Index’s quote comparison service is free, quick and easy, and it could save you a great deal.

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