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Telemarketing Price Guide 2018

Telemarketing Prices

When you hire a telemarketing company you’re hiring a voice for your business. A telemarketing company will speak to potential customers on your behalf so choosing the right company is of high importance.

Price is obviously a critical factor in making any decision, but with the huge range of telemarketing firms in the marketplace, you’ll find that prices vary by sector, industry and need.

This Approved Overview of Telemarketing Prices explains the different types of pricing structures and highlights the things you should be aware of when comparing different telemarketing companies.

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Telemarketing Prices Breakdown

When you get a quote from a telemarketing company their charges will most likely be broken down into the following categories:

ChargeWhat is it?Expected Cost
Hourly call ratePrimarily the cost of wages of the staff employed
to make the calls.
£10-£30 per hour,
per operative
Set up feeThese are the expenses involved in setting
up your campaign, such as training staff to make calls for
your particular product or service (during which time they
are unavailable for other campaigns),
writing a script and refining the sales pitch.
Cost of callsWill usually be rolled into the hourly call rate but
there may be a surcharge
for international calls.
Depends on location and targeting
Cost of dataIf the telemarketing company needs to source the lists of
names and numbers used in the campaign then
you’ll pay an extra fee for this.
Varies by project
Admin and managerial fees for setting up
and overseeing your campaign
£50 per month

When comparing quotes from different telemarketing companies try to get as much detail as possible in their price breakdowns. This will make it easier to compare what’s on offer from different providers and where savings can be made.

Telemarketing Price Structures

Prices between telemarketing companies can vary greatly but broadly speaking they fall into two main categories:

Flat Rate

By paying at a fixed rate per day or per hour, you’ll find planning your budget is easier because costs won’t vary. However on the flip-side, this option offers no performance incentive. Therefore, we recommend this method of pricing for projects that involve working through large lists of repetitive data, especially prospect lists that assess interest in a product or service.

Pay Per Lead

With this method, you pay a fixed amount for every lead or appointment the telemarketing company generates for you. By incentivising prospect qualification, your telemarketing company will earn more for every lead they generate (though you can cap the amount). This method is preferable in situations where a greater degree of selling is required e.g. generating appointments from a list of warm prospects.

Be aware that prices will vary depending on the difficulty of generating leads/appointments for your particular product and could be anything from £20 to £150 per lead. A fixed set-up and monthly admin charge will also usually apply.

Other Rates

Depending on your situation and needs, there may be other ways of pricing your telemarketing campaign. A lower rate may be offered for a trial campaign of fixed length – a kind of loss leader to entice you into using a particular company. If you only need telemarketing services over a fixed period then you may be quoted a fixed price for the campaign, which will make planning costs a lot easier.

Note: Paying commission only is almost never an option, as this would essentially involve a company investing time and money into your campaign with the potential for no reward. You should look at telemarketing as purchasing a service – if you’re concerned that a company won’t deliver then trial the service before committing.

Save by Comparing Telemarketing Quotes.


Potential Cost Saving Areas

There are a few ways in which you can minimise your potential outgoings when running a telemarketing project. Be aware though that these suggestions could potentially compromise the quality of leads or appointments gained, but they’re still worth thinking about if you’re strapped for cash.

Source your own data

If you’re in a position to generate your own lists of prospects, or can afford to buy a list, this will cut out one set of charges. You may however need the expertise of the telemarketing company in sourcing, or cleaning, your data.

Go regional

Salaries and hourly wages are higher in London and the South East. A telemarketing company elsewhere in the UK, especially outside of a major city, will potentially have lower overheads and be in a position to charge you less. Bear in where your potential prospects live though as going regional might not be appropriate if you’re solely targeting London and the Home Counties with your campaign.

Make appointments yourselves

Telemarketing companies will charge a higher rate for setting appointments as they require more selling than simply generating a lead. If you’re confident that your team can convert leads into appointments and then into sales, then why not let the telemarketing company identify prospects and clean your data for you before handing it back? This will also help you retain more control over the sales process and your contact with potential customers.

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