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B2B Telesales - Approved Overview 2018

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When implemented correctly, telesales is still the most effective way of selling your services and marketing your company directly to prospective customers.

As a direct line of communication to customers, it can be effective in prompting an immediate response and the subsequent handling of any objections that might be raised.

Whether you're looking for a company that can handle the full sales process for you, or simply save your existing sales people time by providing them with pre-qualified sales opportunities, Approved Index offers you the chance to compare quotes from top UK based B2B and B2C companies.

All of the agencies we work with possess experience in a wide variety of telemarketing services:

  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Data Collection
  • Customer Relations
  • Prospecting
  • Customer Retention

Outsourcing your sales campaigns can boost conversions & profits


Telesales Companies – Driving Growth

Growth is essential for any company if it's to survive in the long-term. However, for many companies it can be hard to find the resources and time to go chasing down new business opportunities. This might be because you're a small company with limited staff numbers and resources, or it might be because you’re a company that provides specialist services and whose team don't have the time to purely focus on developing sales.

Using a professional Agency saves you the time, expense and trouble of hiring new employees to find new streams of revenue and customer bases. Your chosen agency will dedicate professionally trained salespeople with excellent communications skills to keep new customers rolling in, allowing you and your team to concentrate on the core aspects of providing your products or services.

Telesales companies can work with data that you provide, enhancing the effects of your previous marketing efforts and closing sales with existing prospects, or they can generate lists of entirely new prospective customers and try to convert them for you.

If you’re a business owner, you might be considering whether telesales is the right move to increase your revenue. Before committing to any contract though, you should bear in mind your specific business size and needs, as these campaigns may not be suitable for every business.

Which Businesses Can Make Use Of Telesales?

There are any number of businesses that can use - and benefit from – selling over the phone. A brief overview of the industries in which it proves most popular might include:

  • IT companies offering computing or software technology to other businesses
  • Home improvement companies offering products that can be regularly upgraded or changed like double-glazed windows, roofing, etc.
  • Companies offering financial products that are often changed, such as insurance providers

In theory, however, almost any business providing a product or service to the public or other businesses could employ a phone-based strategy to boost revenues – and the costs don't have to be astronomical.

When comparing agencies, you’ll find a wide range of prices and pricing structures that vary by industry, company size, target audience and any number of other factors. The two favoured methods of charging are by hour or by deal closed. The former is the standard method of payment and can prove costly for large, long-lasting campaigns, but is ideal for short term projects that need a quick turnaround. On the other hand, you can potentially motivate your ad-hoc sales force more by offering commission and incentivising each deal they close.

How Telesales Can Benefit Your Business

Whichever method of payment you eventually choose, there’s no question that telesales can have many benefits, including the following:

Develop Customer Relations

Speaking to potential clients on the phone can help establish an initial personal relationship with them. Professional sales people are trained to engage with people over the phone and once a rapport has been developed, will find it easier to book appointments and sell your products or services to these customers.

Understand Customer’s Needs

By making a phone call to a potential customer, you can learn more about their wants and needs as well as any reasons that might cause them to hesitate when offered your products or services. The more information your sales representative has about the person they’re pitching to, the easier it will be for them to counter their objections and make the sale.

Convert Interest Into A Sale

A telesales professional can convert a prospect interested in your offer into an actual sale. If, for instance, a potential client phones to make an inquiry, the agency staff should be able to convince the caller into making a purchase.

Access those in charge

As everyone knows, it’s the person at the top who makes the decisions. A good salesperson will be able to sidestep gatekeepers and gain access to the manager of a business without too much trouble. This lets them speak directly to the person responsible for making the decision whether to buy your product or service.

Verify & Cleanse Data

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you will have collected masses of customer data—names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. After some time, however, some of this data may become out-dated or incorrect. The quickest and easiest way of verifying which data needs to be updated or ‘cleaned’ is to pick up the phone and clarify details with each customer in question. Although a lengthy task, it does have the added benefit of not only updating customer information, but gives your team the opportunity to warm up colder prospects, or even make new customers from the people you do end up speaking to. It’s a win-win situation!

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Outsourcing your sales campaigns can boost conversions & profits


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