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Avaya Phones and Phone Systems Review

Avaya Large Logo and Tagline

Avaya produces a range of telecommunications equipment and innovative switchboard-style phone systems which help businesses better serve their customers and improve team engagement.

The focus of the company is to offer unified communication for small businesses, medium sized companies and large enterprises. These Avaya phone systems are very scalable and easy to manage. This ensures that they are easy to expand with the growth of your business.

The aim of Avaya phone systems is to increase engagement between employees, customers and whole teams of people working within a company. Not only do these Avaya phone system improve employee and customer engagement, but it also lowers the costs of business communication.

Avaya is a leading phone systems company with large numbers of customers around the world. This signifies that Avaya phone systems offer immense reliability and security. The aim of the company to increase productivity comes at a perfect time, as the dynamics of many large and small businesses shift, with employees, departments and offices often scattered across different cities, territories and continents.

The company offers appropriate phone systems depending on the size of the business and these are their most popular phone systems used by numerous companies.

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Avaya IP Office

This is a very popular Avaya phone system which can greatly increase your business’s growth. This platform unifies telephony, messaging, conferencing and video communication, which makes it easier for customers and employees to communicate from any location. This platform is good for both small and large businesses. The minimum number of users is 5, but it can support up to 3000 users in a single location or in 150 different locations. It is fairly easy to use and optimize the system via web based administration. Each of the employees have one phone number, where customers can reach them - no matter the location, employees are able to communicate with customers or other employees. This incredibly increases the productivity of the employees. It is a suitable choice for all types of businesses, especially for call centres.

Avaya CS1000 Business Phone System

This is a product which is meant for those large sized businesses, due to the fact that with a single server, this platform supports up to 22,500 users. It boasts insane scalability by networking several servers together, it can support immense numbers of users which some companies do find necessary. The incredible Avaya phone system has over 750 features, some of which were designed by customers. This impeccable system is designed to serve enormous enterprises at minimal costs.

Avaya Aura Conferencing

Avaya Aura Conferencing

This is an incredible piece of software that comes with Avaya phone systems. It integrates conferencing on any type of device. It is very important for the increase of productivity in your business, as employees can communicate among themselves at very low costs. The system boasts extremely low bandwidth problems and it ensures extreme availability as the system was designed to support conferences between high numbers such as 250 per meet me conference and it supports over 15,000 simultaneous conference meetings. These incredible numbers showcase the insane stability that this platform offers.

BT/IP Office Telephone Systems

This platform is useful for medium and large sized business. It is scalable from 5 to 383 users by addition of several IP phones. It is meant for customer contact with the staff, which is made extremely easy even if the employees are not at work. This functions due to the fact that mobile phones can be integrated with this system, so the customers can reach them while employees are on the go. The integrated conferencing facility supports up to 64 members, and it is like the above mentioned solutions, available at all times, which is extremely important for the workflow.

These Avaya phone systems are used by numerous companies around the world. Through the application of these systems, these companies have reached higher productivity levels and higher engagement levels. If you need any more information about the benefits of these systems, you can visit Avaya Company’s official UK website and gather further information about Avaya Phone Systems.

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