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Cisco Phone Systems

Cisco Phone Systems

Cisco Systems is an international telecoms company that has been operating since 1984, with a huge range of clients across the world. Headquartered in the US, Cisco has a UK presence that rivals even the largest competitors.

Cisco phone systems are among the most popular and advanced available today - the company has gone to great lengths to ensure that its products are top-quality, and their clients and customers can feel more than safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the very best.

From the beginning, Cisco’s aim was to provide their customers with state-of-the-art technology that surpasses any of their competitors’ offers - this goal has been instrumental in their innovation and, as a result, Cisco’s phone systems have dominated the industry for over 30 years.

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Cisco Telephone Systems

Cisco’s telephone systems are among the most advanced in the industry because the company is committed to innovating and adding efficiency to all networking and communication processes. To this end, Cisco has continued to develop inline with new forms of communication, ensuring that they stay aware of the newest products and technologies.

As well as maintaining their position as the foremost telephone systems manufacturer, Cisco have also ensured that their mobile communications are cutting-edge, with collaboration solutions for offices and businesses developed to exceptionally high standards.

Cisco has developed worldwide, their range of products and technologies has spread too, with a range of telephone system options available to suit every business, no matter their size or industry.

Now almost ubiquitous, Cisco phone systems are used in offices across the UK, with a huge level of success and satisfaction. Their tools and features offer efficiency and functionality that is simply unmatched across the industry, with new equipment being developed all of the time to help small, medium and large businesses to succeed every day.

Cisco’s range of equipment is varied, with a huge selection of options, with everything from PBX rack servers to their Business Edition software platforms. As well as these more advanced technologies, they also offer a range of desktop phones, accessories and dashboards, which can be used in every business to significantly improve workloads in every way.

Cisco’s unified communications platforms and telephone systems are almost impossible to beat, no matter what you need. With a company like this, you can be sure that the products you receive will be of the highest possible calibre, with every function and feature that you require built in.

Cisco Phones

In this section, we take a look at and compare some of Cisco’s best phone systems, as well as a range of accessories that can be used by your business to add significant efficiency to your operations.

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Lower Budget Cisco Phones

This table directly compare some of the cheaper Cisco phones available in the UK - these options all cost less than £100 and offer a range of functions that would be perfect for any small business.

Cisco CP-6921 IP Phone£60-£70????
Cisco IP 7811 VoIP Phone£70-£75????
Cisco Small Business SPA 504G VoIP Phone£75-£85????
Cisco IP 7821 VoIP Phone£90-£100?????

Cisco CP-6921 IP Phone

Cisco CP-6921 IP Phone

The Cisco CP-6921 IP Phone is one of the manufacturer’s lowest cost models, coming in at between £60 and £70.

Of course, for this price you will not be receiving the highest level of functions that the company offers, but that does not mean that this is not a quality product. Indeed for small businesses in need of basic desktop phones, this is a perfect solution.

Cost-effective and resilient, and capable of performing a number of functions, the Cisco CP-6921 IP Phone can significantly improve your staff’s performance, allowing for efficient communication both internally and externally.

This option is best for a small business environment, for a staff member that is unlikely to be using the telephone all day, every day - a receptionist or sales-person, for example, might need more advanced functions. Otherwise though, this is an excellent choice for your business.

Cisco IP 7811 VoIP Phone

Cisco IP 7811 VoIP Phone

Cisco’s IP 7811 VoIP Phone is another lower-cost option that can be an excellent addition to your office environment, at between £70 and £75.

Slightly more expensive than the CP-6921, the 7811 VoIP Phone is a perfect option for small businesses looking for an easy-to-use but effective desk phone. This single-line cloud-based opton is perfect for staff that do not use the phone all day.

As well as being effecitve and easy to use, Cisco’s 7811 VoIP phone also offers access to XML and CTI applications, allowing for a streamlined and easy to use system for all of your staff.

Cisco Small Business SPA 504G VoIP Phone

Cisco Small Business SPA 504G VoIP Phone

The Cisco small business SPA 504G VoIP phone is an excellent choice of phone for every office. Costing between £75 and £85, this phone is perfect for any small office or business.

This option is one of Cisco’s most popular, coming with a range of features and functions to suit a range of staff. Though it does not provide all of the options that are available with some pricier models, it more than makes up for that in value.

Cisco’s SPA 504G VoIP phone is easy-to-use and accessible, with a range of services that can make your staff’s work a lot easier to complete. Some of the main features available include: easy station moves and shared line appearance - allowing for local and non-local appearances.

This is a great choice for any business looking for a great value, reliable phone.

Cisco IP 7821 VoIP Phone

Cisco IP 7821 VoIP Phone

The Cisco IP 7821 VoIP Phone is the upgrade of the 7811 that has already been included in this list. Available for between £90 and £100 - this phone is an excellent budget option that is more than capable of matching your staff’s communication needs.

This phone is easy-to-use with a range of functions, it supports wide-band audio and offers better voice communications quality than other options. Additionally, this model provides users with a range of functions that are unavailable on some cheaper models.

If you need desk phones for your staff, but don’t want to spend above £100, then this could well be the best choice. It is important to remember too that suppliers may offer discounts when you buy multiple handsets.

To compare these low-cost Cisco telephones simply complete the form at the top of this page today.

Medium Budget Cisco Phones

The table and sections below contain information about some of the mid-range Cisco telephones that are available. As you would expect, these options generally offer a little extra functionality than the cheaper models above, though still less than the most expensive. These options range from £100 to £249.

Cisco Small Business SPA 525G2 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone£145-£155?????
Cisco IP 8811 VoIP Phone£170-£180????
Cisco 7962G IP System Telephone£180-£190?????
Cisco IP 8841 VoIP Phone£180-£190????
Cisco IP 8851 VoIP Phone£200-£220?????

Cisco Small Business SPA 525G2 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

Cisco Small Business SPA 525G2 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

Cisco’s small business SPA 525G2 wifi-ready VoIP phone is an exceptional mid-range option, not just for small businesses, but larger companies too. Available for around £150, this combines a range of features to offer your staff a quality usage experience.

A VoIP phone, this options features five active lines, along with Ethernet ports, a colour display and a whole host of other functions. With a high-quality speakerphone and bluetooth interface, the 525G2 VoIP phone can be used comfortably by any member of your team, whatever their role.

Making use of a Secure Real Time Protocol and HTTPS compatibility, Cisco’s SPA 525G2 VoIP phone is a great choice, without spending the earth - as an executive phone, this option ticks all the boxes.

Cisco IP 8811 VoIP Phone

Cisco IP 8811 VoIP Phone

The Cisco IP 8811 VoIP Phone is a business-ready telephone with a range of excellent features. For sale for between £170 and £180, this phone is an excellent mid-range option for any sort of business.

Cisco’s IP 8811 handset supports five programmable line keys, which can be configured to connect to either multiple directory numbers or to speed dial numbers of your choosing. Additionally, you can handle multiple calls as well as having several top-of-the-range features.

The versatility on offer with this model of phone more than makes up for the price, and any business can feel safe in the knowledge that their communications will be handled effectively with this equipment.

Cisco 7962G IP System Telephone

Cisco 7962G IP System Telephone

The Cisco 7962G IP system handset speakerphone option is an excellent choice for any modern business owner. Available for between £180 and £200, this telephone is not a budget option, but also will not break the bank.

Cisco’s 7962G IP phone is available with a large, grey-scale display, offering ease-of-use that is unavailable with some other products or models. The phone also uses extensible markup language (XML), allowing for visibly rich application usage.

As well as the hardware features mentioned briefly in the section above, this model of phone also offers a range of other functions which can be useful for your staff members: call waiting function, menu operations, web browser access, voicemail function, call transfer.

These functions listed above come as standard with this model, and can have a huge impact on productivity.

Cisco IP 8841 VoIP Phone

Cisco IP 8841 VoIP Phone

Cisco’s IP 8841 VoIP phone is a great choice for a huge range of businesses; available for between £180 and £200, like the option above, this model offers a huge range of high-level functions, without breaking the bank.

This option of Cisco phone is ideal for a range of staff types, with knowledge works, administration, receptionists and managers all able to use this equipment to great effect. Especially suited to mid-sized businesses, this tool can be everything that a small office space needs, with a range of well-designed and quality features.

As well as being impressive in all of the ways listed above, Cisco’s IP 8841 VoIP phone is also a low power choice, providing you with means for communication that does not damage the environment.

This option is a great choice, so is well worth considering if your small, medium or large business is looking for a good-quality, well-priced telephone.

Cisco IP 8851 VoIP Phone

Cisco IP 8851 VoIP Phone

Cisco’s IP 8851 VoIP phone is an excellent executive telephone for any business. Available for between £210 and £230, this option provides access to a huge range of functions and features.

The 8851 VoIP phone combines high-fidelity, reliable and secure voice communications with Cisco’s excellent Intelligent Proximity functionality, allowing for personal mobile connections which can help businesses to operate effectively in a huge range of functions.

Smartphone connectivity is one of the most important functions of this device, with a USB port for charging also included. The screen is a high-quality inclusion, allowing for a range of high-value features.

This telephone option is perfect for almost any business, with a huge range of functions that mean that won’t disappoint in any environment, whether in a small, medium or large business or office.

Large Budget Cisco Phones

The table and sections below contain information about some of the high-range Cisco telephones available. These options offer top-of-the-line functionality, with every feature you could possibly need. The prices in this section are £250+.

Cisco IP 8861 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone£250-£260?????
Cisco IP 8865 Wi-Fi IP Video Phone310-£320?????
Cisco 7975G IP System Telephone£180-£190?????

Cisco IP 8861 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

Cisco IP 8861 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

Cisco’s IP 8861 Wi-Fi enabled VoIP phone is an incredible high-spec choice that will be perfect for any member of staff, in any business. On sale for between £240 and £270, depending on the supplier, this phone can provide your business with every functionality and feature that they could need.

Similar to the previous model - in the section above - this phone is an excellent option that offers a huge variety of functions and features. Everything from the screen included to the quality of sound enables your staff to complete their work to an incredible standard.

The Cisco 8861 comes with dual USB ports as standard, allowing travelling staff - from sales to on-site workers - to charge personal smartphones for use on the road. This kind of feature is not always essential, can make an incredible difference when it is required in day to day life or work.

This high-spec telephone option is perfect for small, medium and large businesses. Find out more today by filling in the form at the top of the page.

Cisco IP 8865 Wi-Fi IP Video Phone

Cisco IP 8865 Wi-Fi IP Video Phone

When a video phone is necessary, you cannot do better than Cisco’s IP 8865 wi-fi IP telephone. Available for between £310 and £325, this phone offers a huge array of features and functions, making it suitable for even the most advanced needs.

As well as including features listed with the other models of phone on this page, Cisco’s 8865 also provide users with a range of security measures, and function that will allow them to exceed their margins month on month. Using a phone has never been easier than with this option.

Complete with a high-quality video display and camera, this telephone can help your staff to conference face-to-face with clients and colleagues, wherever they are in the world. As with the models above, this phone comes with two built in USB ports to allow staff to charge their smartphones while they are at their desks.

For quality communication that allows for flexibility and advanced functionality, business owners and office managers need to look no further than this phone.

Cisco 7975G IP System Telephone

Cisco 7975G IP System Telephone

Cisco’s 7975G is the most expensive option on this page for good reason. Providing users with a huge range of features and functions, this model of phone is an excellent choice for any staff member, in any business. Available for between £320 and £340, this is a high-end choice that can significantly improve any staff member’s performance.

The Cisco 9795G IP system telephone uses the latest in VoIP technology to provide users with a top-of-the-line experience, from start to finish. With a colour touchscreen display, as well as a range of other features, this model provides exceptional experiences to whichever staff use it.

To help ease of use, the the 7975G also comes with 8 programmable buttons, which can be used for lines, direct lines or features, a navigation menu, along with 5 soft keys which can help your staff to navigate the menu and function options.

This phone offers enough functionality and quality to suit any member of staff, whether they use the staff daily or only once a week. This is the perfect option for any small, medium or large business with the budget for it.

Business Edition Range

Cisco Business Edition

With the Cisco Business Edition range, a company can connect its employees with each other, with customers and partners alike. Your people will be able to communicate from anywhere they want by using any of the included devices, enabling them to be as productive and efficient as possible in their work.

Cisco Business Edition 6000

The Cisco Business Edition 6000 is an all in one solution built with a special purpose for companies that have from twenty five to one thousand employees. This package will allow the company using it to consolidate its communication costs and allow much more mobility, powered by modern IP telephony. With Cisco Unified Communications, you will have end to end capabilities that include messaging, presence, video, voice and chat for any user, no matter what device he or she is using and where from.

Cisco Business Edition 7000

The Cisco Business Edition 7000 is a follow up to the 6000 and has all features that model had, with the addition of several upgrades and enhancements. This platform has interoperability and open architecture, meaning that it can transparently support chosen third party telepresences, applications and video endpoints. The 7000 is a highly popular platform with growing businesses, partly due to it's stackable design, meaning it can be easily scaled to meet future needs as the company expands and the number of users increases. It is very easy to add more servers in order to increase the supporting capacity. The platform is managed from one entry point, meaning that it has reduced complexity and it is easy to re-arrange when needed.

Small Business Cisco Phones

The Cisco phones in this section have been chosen for their suitability to small businesses.

IP Phone 8800

The ease of use and super security of the Cisco IP phone 8800 makes this series a great option for organizations of all sizes. The Cisco Unified IP 8800 series comes with 5 different models, each optimised with features for specific uses or numbers of users:

  • IP Phone 8811 – has a large display and uses low power while offering support for wide-band audio.
  • IP Phone 8831 – supports call control servers for third parties and has a room coverage of 360 degrees, for large conference rooms or meetings.
  • IP Phone 8841 – has superb audio quality and echo cancellation.
  • IP Phone 8851 – Supports USB charging of mobile devices.
  • IP Phones 8861 – The same as 8851, can charge via USB cable and has WiFi support for business with WLAN.

Medium To Large Business Cisco Phones

The Cisco phones in this section have been chosen for their suitability to medium and large businesses.

IP Phone 7800

Cisco Phones 7800 Series

This series of Cisco phones are specially designed for the particular needs of medium and large organizations. They bring high quality to the table, with their ergonomically built keys which are quick and easy to use. The phone has many command lines, each having a designated function including conference calls, messaging, a resume and hold buttons, transfers and the ability to browse company directories.

Cisco Unified 9951 IP Phone

Cisco Unified 9951 IP Phone

This is a highly sophisticated multimedia device that has advanced applications, coloured screen, video and high definition sound. It has a 10 cm TFT screen, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, and state of the art functions.

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The information on this page should provide some idea as to the options available and the cost to your business of a Cisco telephone. As we have said, for quality, this supplier cannot be beaten. It is important to find the right option for you business though.

The best way to find the perfect telephones for your business is to speak to a supplier today. Comparing phones is quick, easy, and it can save you time, resources and money. Approved Index only works with top Uk suppliers to ensure that your business receives the best quality possible.

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