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Hospitality, Restaurant & Venue Telephone Systems

Hospitality Telephone System

The hospitality industry is always growing, with constant competition, there’s always a fight to be the best and the most efficient.

Telephone systems no longer represent the ‘front of house’ as the sole point of contact with customers; staff and their guests also need to be connected with a variety of communication systems - because of this, telephone systems are expanding and in demand.

To find out more about what kind options are available for restaurants and other businesses within the hospitality sector, simply continue reading. If, however, you want to start comparing prices and products today, just fill in the form at the top of this page.

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The telephone comparisons in the sections below have been designed to show off the best options for every type of hospitality business, based on a variety of factors.

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Telephone Systems for Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes

Later on this page, you will find a range of features required in restaurants, pubs and cafes; for some context though, the list below includes some of the key functional requirements.

  • Booking tables
  • Managing reservations
  • Communication between wait staff and kitchen
  • Ordering stock and communicating with off-site contacts
  • Taking food orders

As the list above shows, there a range of things that a food business telephone system will be used for. The options below have been selected due to their function in these areas.

TelephoneImageFeaturesGood for
Mitel 9116 Analog PhoneMitel 9116 Analog Phone
  • 7-inch touchscreen color display
  • Crystal clear HD audio
  • 96 programmable personal keys
  • Booking reservations
  • Taking orders
  • External communications
MiVoice 6940 IP PhoneMiVoice 6940 IP Phone
  • Call Display with Visual Call Waiting
  • Speakerphone functionality
  • 8 programmable memory keys
  • Booking reservations
  • Taking orders
  • Internal communications

The information in the table above includes only a few examples of quality telephone products that could help your business to improve. For even more options, just complete the quick and easy form at the top of the page.

Telephone Systems for Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues and businesses will often require telephone systems for a range of functions. Primarily, this form of telephone system will be required to handle customer transactions and queries, but there will also be a range of other roles that a quality telephone system can help with.

  • Ticket sales and enquiries
  • Managing reservations & bookings
  • Communication between various teams - e.g. front-of-house and management
  • Ordering stock and communicating with off-site contacts
  • Providing information or details to staff members across a large space

As the list above shows, there a number of things that a entertainment venue telephone system will be used for. The products below have been selected due to their specific functionality in these areas.

TelephoneImageFeaturesGood for
Polycom VVX-500Polycom VVX-500
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • 'Green' low power
  • Supports Expansion Modules
  • Handling ticket sales
  • Staff communication
  • External call handling
Cisco 303GCisco 303G
  • Three Lines
  • LCD Display
  • Headphone Compatibility
  • Handling ticket sales
  • Staff communication
  • External call handling

The table above contains a few options that might suit your entertainment venue; for more options to compare, simply fill in the form at the top of this page.

Hospitality Telephone System Functions

Running a restaurant, café, bar, or hotel can be tough on its own and communication with staff and customers is key to running a successful business without stress.

Whether your business is big or small, an effective communication system is a necessity. Hospitality and restaurant telephone system functions include:

  • Receiving incoming calls
  • Connecting with a reservation system to book tables and slots
  • Placing outbound calls to customers, suppliers, taxi companies
  • Communicating with waiter staff/kitchen staff

There are many functions that hospitality telephone systems offer, all with effective communication and ease in mind. Starting from the moment a customer calls to book a reservation, staff can take bookings over the phone, regardless of where they are based. Bookings can be made and managed through a central reservation system, including table management for guests that allow you to organise servers and seating sections.

For venues that don’t take bookings, or only take bookings for larger parties, a waiter table management system will allow tables to be turned over quicker. Waiters can locate tables easily, based on food orders, to ensure that delivery of food is efficient and accurate.

Table Management With Hospitality Phone Systems

Having a visual plan of seating means waiters will no longer rely on remembering where tables are placed, and won’t give the wrong order to the wrong customers. Waiters can engage with each other and communicate alterations or orders via pagers, two-way radios or a universally implemented telephone system; creating direct communication ensures orders can go out quicker, without any complications or confusion.

Modern hospitality technology allows customers more flexibility and control. For venues that don’t have any tables available for a certain amount of time, customers can be given a pager or telephone number to alert them when their table is ready, allowing them to sit at the bar, and enjoy the atmosphere, before arriving at their table from wherever they are.

As a customer, isn’t it frustrating when you want to place an order, or request the bill/cheque, but can’t get a member of staff’s attention? Customer push button paging gives the customer more control; a simple push of the button will alert staff via their pagers that a request has been made; whether it be a food order, query, or concern. Instant communication allows a potentially bad experience to become to a good experience.

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Hospitality Telephone System Benefits

Integrating smartphone, tablet, or computer applications means you can access important customer and business data from anywhere. Staff will be able to take orders from their smartphones and tablets, and directly send the information to the kitchen, without the concern of losing paper, or missing an order.

If there are any problems, staff can be contacted immediately if required; if they’re not available, staff should be able to click one button to return the call/message, providing a high level of efficiency.

In the modern day, there isn’t anything more frustrating than taking customer orders and bookings, then having to write the information down in various different places, for other staff to see and act upon. Telephone systems will eliminate this frustration, allowing all of these tasks to be completed over the phone, and recorded in a central system accessible by all that need it.

Venues that have staff located in a variety of establishments that need to communicate, and stay in touch, now have the option of doing so, without any harm or strain upon the business. The option of being mobile, whilst communicating remotely, is ideal for multiple sites, allowing your business to grow with ease, and without complication.

Multi-Site Hospitality Telephone Systems

For venues that have various different departments, inbound call routing can provide a high level of flexibility to be routed to different departments. This, in turn, allows customer queries and bookings to be dealt with, by the right person, efficiently and effectively.

If staff are not available at the time of a call, messages can be left and returned with the click of a button, or handled automatically be an intuitive, pre-determined answer phone system. It’s fairly common for customers to contact venues to book events or orders - by doing this over the phone or leaving a voicemail, staff can translate this information straight to other members of staff, or to the kitchen, ensuring a slick and efficient experience when the customer arrives.

In general, specialised telephone systems provide a high level of efficiency, meaning customers enjoy a smooth process when booking or ordering at a venue. By speeding up the process, businesses can afford to spend more time satisfying their customers, turning over a larger revenue.

Hospitality Telephones By Business

If your business takes a large number of bookings, or requires staff to communicate and interact across different locations, a hospitality telephone system is a no-brainer choice.

Indeed, the list below includes a range of business types that can benefit from a good-quality telephone system

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Event Venues
  • Theatres
  • Cinemas

Though the list above contains a range of industries, there are many more that can benefit from a quality telephone system. Continue reading for more information, or complete the form at the top of the page to start comparing today.

Hotels are a perfect example, managing different types of bookings (rooms, restaurants, amenities) require staff to communicate bookings and any amendments that are required. Guests expect more and more from their hospitality experience, and with social media being accessed every day, online feedback is often used to decide whether a customer will make a booking at a venue, or not.

Guests rely on information and services to be readily available; whether this be when they arrive to check-in, or ordering room service throughout their stay. From the moment they contact you, with front of house integration systems, staff can address guests by their name, and personalise their experience right from the get go.

Handing over control to your guests in an efficient manner, is a sure way to making a happy guest. From voicemail boxes to baby monitoring devices, fast check-in/check-out to one touch services, guests expect their experience to be managed quickly easily - an advanced, quality telephone system is an excellent way to achieve this.

Other hospitality industries, such as, pubs, bars, and restaurants, can make effective use of telephone systems, regardless of how big or small the venue is. Offering fast and reliable services and operative communication, any hospitality business can benefit from a modern telephone system.

Compare Hospitality & Restaurant Telephone Systems

The information on this page has been designed to provide business owners and managers in a range of hospitality businesses with enough information to make an informed purchasing decision.

A hospitality or entertainment venue telephone system is an excellent business venue that can offer businesses huge returns on their investment. To find the system most suitable to you today, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

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