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Hotel Telephone Systems

Hotel Phone Systems

Choosing the right hotel phone system can prove to be a key factor in improving efficiency, profitability and quality of customer service. Like other businesses, such as call centres, hotels need robust, high-quality phone systems that are reliable, scalable and cost effective, but they also require features and functionality unique to the hospitality industry.

Choosing A Hotel Phone System

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, has proved to be a popular choice for hotels of all sizes that want a phone system to meet their business, operational and customer service needs. VoIP calls travel over the Internet, eliminating the need for traditional fixed line systems and reducing calling costs. VoIP software supports many advanced communication features and services that can improve productivity, flexibility and facilities available to guests.

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Compare Hotel Phone Systems Suppliers & Products

Hotel phone systems are available from a number of leading manufacturers. The information below provides you a small insight into how they work, and what kind of features they can offer you. For a hotel - or for any hospitality business - the need for a quality telephone system is vital. This not only includes the company providing your service, but also the products and equipment they offer.

The table below includes a comparison of four top UK hotel phone system suppliers. Find out more about each supplier in the sections below.

Mitel Logo
?????Compare Prices
Cisco Logo
????½Compare Prices
NEC Logo
????Compare Prices
Ericsson Logo
???½Compare Prices

Although not definitive, the information above and below is designed to help you understand what you might need from your hotel phone system provider - to compare prices and quotes, you simply need to complete the form at the top of this page.

Mitel Logo


Mitel has supplied communications systems to the hotel industry for over 30 years. The company has continued to develop integrated platforms that provide the tools to deliver an excellent standard of customer service and communicate seamlessly throughout the hotel.

Mitel solutions are based on open systems that protect investment in legacy telephony while benefitting from new IP devices and applications. Hotels can implement legacy or IP communications on a single platform that integrates with property management systems, hospitality applications and guest room telephones.

Hospitality features are integrated with handsets and telephone user interfaces to minimise training and ensure staff are always aware of guest needs. Integrated capabilities such as auto attendant, recorded announcements, voicemail, and automatic call distribution help improve guest services and increase staff productivity.

Mitel Hotel Telephone System Top Features

Mitel takes pride in its ability to provide quality service to clients. This pride covers a whole range of areas, but some of the most important are listed below.

  • Guest Service. Providing the best possible service is essential to any hospitality business; this service does not only include telephone etiquette but it certainly makes a huge amount of difference if you can provide the highest level of functionality in this area. It is important to greet guests by name, manage their privacy and ensure that they have access to all hotel services, at all times. A quality phone system is essential to this process.
  • Efficiency. Hotel staff are busy, and they are not always exactly where customers need them to be. A quality telephone service can go a long way to helping in this area. If your cleaning staff are needed in a room, they can be contacted using any phone in the hotel to ensure top-quality service.
Mitel 9116 Analog PhoneMitel 9116 Analog Phone
  • Call Display with Visual Call Waiting
  • Speakerphone functionality
  • 8 programmable memory keys

Mitel’s 9116 Analog phone can be customised to match your needs. This type of telephone is especially useful for guest rooms. Durable and effective, this phone is an cost-effective choice for any business.

MiVoice 6940 IP PhoneMiVoice 6940 IP Phone
  • 7-inch touchscreen color display
  • Crystal clear HD audio
  • 96 programmable personal keys

The MiVoice 6940 IP Phone is the perfect choice for a hotel reception. Hugely functional and capable of providing a range of services, this equipment can significantly improve your reception staff’s ability to operate.


Cisco Logo


Cisco offers hotel telephone systems that integrate call accounting, voicemail and hotel property management systems. The Cisco Unified Hotel Communications solution includes voice, messaging, video and voicemail for guests and staff. VoIP phones in guest rooms support services such as group messaging, voice services, wakeup calls or intra-room calling. Guests can make low-cost local and long distance calls using their Cisco IP phones.

Cisco’s hotel solution brings together Wi-Fi, mobility, and video in a centrally managed platform that can help guests and staff connect anytime, anywhere, using any type of device. The solution incorporates services such as Presence, paging, chat and 24-hour emergency services access with a wide choice of IP and video phones. The system is scalable, supporting up to 1000 users, 2500 devices, and 50 locations.

Cisco Hotel Telephone System Top Features

Cisco is a long-established telephone system provider that promises to upscale the quality of any hotel or hospitality provider. With a number of features, services and products on offer, there is a lot to consider. The information below gives a little insight as to which services you can look forward to receiving with this supplier though.

  • Customer Service. The first priority with any hospitality business is customer satisfaction. If you cannot provide this, then your guests will not return. Fortunately, a hotel telephone system from Cisco can go a long way toward providing client satisfaction.
  • Revenue Streams. As well as providing the best service, hotels and hospitality managers will want to improve their opportunities for revenue where possible. With a quality hotel room phone, you can vastly improve your chances at increasing customer spending. Provide services as easily as possible, and you can expect to your profits soar.
ProductImageFeaturesTotal Cost
Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 SeriesCisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series
  • Desktop or wall-mounted options
  • Speakerphone functionality
  • Durable and easy-to-use

Cisco’s Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series is an excellent choice for any hotel looking to provide their customers with quality equipment. This model makes an excellent hotel room phone and can provide a number of features.

Cisco IP Phone 8800 SeriesCisco IP Phone 8800 Series
  • 720p HD desktop video
  • Integration with personal mobile devices
  • Optional expansion microphones

The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series is an excellent choice for any hotel reception. Complete with video calling and a whole host of other options, this equipment allows you to complete tasks quickly, efficiently and to your customer’s complete satisfaction..


NEC Logo


NEC hotel phone systems make communications among staff quick and easy no matter where they are. Guests can use high-speed wireless broadband communications and video conferencing to keep them connected with work, as well as unique phone-based applications that inform them of hotel services and events.

The company has extensive experience in integrating mobile voice and messaging solutions with a wide range of building management and safety systems. Integration with property management systems simplifies guest check in and check-out while making detailed information from every guest and every stay available to staff. Integrated messaging services and building management and safety systems enhance property and guest safety and security.

NEC Hotel Telephone System Top Features

NEC’s hotel telephone system options are an excellent choice for any business looking to provide exceptional customer service. Not only perfect for general communication, NEC’s state-of-the-art equipment is essential for providing efficient, streamlined functionality.

  • Efficient Guest Service. Tailor your responses based on caller intelligence to ensure that your hotel guests get the best service from the outset. Help your staff to make a visit to your hotel as memorable as possible.
  • Improve Response. Hotel staff have to move around a lot, and so sometimes you need a system that provides flexibility. Ensure that your guests get the best possible service, no matter what time of day, and no matter where they call for help.
ProductImageFeaturesTotal Cost
NEC BaseLine ProNEC BaseLine Pro
  • Ringer LED
  • Message waiting lamp
  • Durable and easy-to-use

The BaseLine Pro phone is the perfect choice for hotel rooms. Simple, yet efficient and effective, this telephone can be implemented in any system to provide high-quality service.

Cisco IP Phone 8800 SeriesCisco IP Phone 8800 Series
  • 720p HD desktop video
  • Integration with personal mobile devices
  • Optional expansion microphones

The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series is an excellent choice for any hotel reception. Complete with video calling and a whole host of other options, this equipment allows you to complete tasks quickly, efficiently and to your customer’s complete satisfaction..


Ericsson Logo


Ericsson's iPECS hotel phone system provides the features hotel staff need to provide guests with a personal service, while improving their own productivity. According to Ericsson, more than 80% of hotel staff are mobile, so their systems incorporate services suitable for WiFi, DECT or smartphone and PC apps to enable the team to remain in contact.

The company’s system incorporates many features to improve convenience for guests, including voicemail in rooms, room-to-room calling, one-touch access to front desk services, wake-up calls and automated services like check-in/check-out.

Ericsson's solution is based on a distributed architecture, enabling hotels to provide and manage services in different parts of the site from a central location without installing separate cabling and other equipment. The company also claims that the iPECS hotel phone system offers the world's lowest power consumption of any telephone system, helping reduce costs even further.

Ericsson Hotel Telephone System Top Features

Like the other suppliers on this page, Ericsson can provide users with a high-level of functionality. Some of their top features and benefits are listed below.

  • Experience. Ericsson are an extremely well known and experienced company, having spent a number of years providing telecoms systems to a range of industries and businesses, globally.
  • Green. Ericsson offer power saving functionality and equipment that can significantly lower your business's carbon footprint and energy bill.
EricssonDialog 4106 Basic PhoneEricsson Dialog 4106 Basic Phone
  • Handset Volume Control
  • Wall Mountable
  • 3 Speed Dial Buttons

Ericsson's Dialog 4106 Basic Phone is a perfect choice for your hotel rooms. Easy to use, simple and durable, this equipment provides your guests with quality functionality.

Ericsson DBC 3213 Executive TelephoneEricsson DBC 3213 Executive Telephone
  • 7-inch touchscreen color display
  • Crystal clear HD audio
  • 96 programmable personal keys

Ericsson's DBC 3213 Executive phone is an excellent choice for hotels looking to provide quality service to clients, both internally and externally. The phone provides a number of functions and options that can be used to brilliant effect.


The tables above can give you some idea as to what you might expect to find with hotel phone system suppliers. For more detail however, it is important to compare quotes. Approved Index can help here.

To compare prices and services from top UK phone system suppliers, simply complete the form at the top of this page. Our service is free, quick and easy, and will help you save on purchase and installation.

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Hotel Telephone System Costs

Hotel Phone System Costs

This section of the page has been designed to provide you with approximate costs based on the equipment you will require. The supplier section above includes some handset costs, but hotel owners and managers also need to have some idea as to the overall cost of equipment.

The sections and tables below have been created to provide this information. Use the section that best matches your requirements to estimate the closest cost. It is also possible to edit or scale the information, costs and quantities that we have provided to better understand how much your business may need to pay for telephone equipment. This includes hotel room handsets, as well as other options that you may require, for reception and for other service rooms too.

Although the tables below have been created to provide cost estimates, you should compare quotes today to get the most accurate prices possible. Simply complete the form at the top of this page to save by comparing telephone systems quotes.

Small Hotel Phone System Costs

A small hotel will obviously require far less equipment than a medium or large one - this section will probably be most useful for independent hospitality businesses, with B&Bs being a good example of the type of hotel most suitable for this range of equipment.

Often, small hotels will not require a huge range of equipment, with room phones and the reception desk likely to be the only major investment. Knowing how many phones you require in your small hotel will depend on which services you offer; if you have a functioning kitchen, for example, then you may need an extra phone so that your chef can stay in contact with other staff, or even with guests.

The table below contains prices based on the needs of an average small hotel.

ProductQuantityCost Per UnitCost of Units
Guest Room Phone5£35£175
Reception Desk Phone1£250£250
Kitchen Phone1£50£50
Total Cost:£475Rooms Covered:5, with a reception and kitchen phone added

The table above includes price estimates for a small hotel with 5 guest rooms - the total cost also includes the cost of a mid-range reception desk phone, and an executive phone for use in a kitchen or other service room.

The prices are based on average costs taken from the supplier section above. The cost estimates for the separate pieces of equipment can be increased or decreased, depending on the quality of equipment required. It is also possible to scale down the total cost if you require fewer phones - if your small hotel does not offer kitchen services, for example.

Medium Hotel Phone System Costs

A medium hotel will need more equipment than a small one, but will also be more likely to require extra phones to support the various functions offered within the hotel - this can include a phone being needed in the kitchen, in the laundry room, or in the gym, for example.

As above, knowing how much equipment you need, will depend on the size of your hotel, as well as on the functions that you offer, or intend to offer.

The table below includes price estimate for a medium sized hotel that offers extra services.

ProductQuantityCost Per UnitCost of Units
Guest Room Phone20£35£700
Reception Desk Phone2£250£500
Kitchen Phone1£50£50
Laundry Room Phone1£40£40
Gym Room Phone1£40£40
Total Cost:£1330Rooms Covered:20, with extra phones for services

The table above includes price estimates for a medium hotel with 20 guest rooms and several service rooms. You can adjust the table, and therefore the price, if you will offer less functions to your guests.

The prices are based on costs taken from the supplier comparison section. The price estimates for separate handsets can be increased or decreased depending on what is needed . It is also possible to alter the total cost if you require fewer phones.

Large Hotel Phone System Costs

A large hotel will be the most expensive to equip for a number of reasons - firstly, a large hotel will require more room phones as well as more reception phones; secondly, a large hotel is much more likely to additional services which will require staff, and therefore, additional contact points.

The table below estimates some of the cost of equipping a large hotel.

ProductQuantityCost Per UnitCost of Units
Guest Room Phone50£35£1750
Reception Desk Phone4£250£1000
Kitchen Phone1£50£50
Laundry Room Phone1£50£50
Gym Room Phone1£50£50
Additional Staff Call-Point Phone5£40£200
Total Cost:£3100Rooms Covered:50, with extra phones for services

The information in the table above estimates the total cost for a 50 room hotel - it also includes staff phones to allow contact between the various services, as well as extra call-point phones which will allow staff to contact reception or service rooms, wherever they are in the hotel.

As with the sections above, it is possible for business owners to scale the costs suggested to better match their hotel requirements.

The size of hotels can vary dramatically from business to business, it may even be that you require a cost estimate for a hotel with 100 rooms, or 200. Scaling the table above to allow for this number can provider a good estimate as to total equipment costs. It is worth bearing in mind though, that the best way to get an accurate cost is to compare real quotes - Approved Index can help here.

To compare quotes from top UK hotel phone system suppliers today, simply complete the form at the top of this page. Approved Index’s quote comparison service is free, quick and easy, and it could save you as much as 40% on purchase and installation costs.

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Hotel Phone System Benefits

Hotel Phone System Benefits

A quality hotel phone system offers benefits to both staff and visitors; whether it be in the functionality required, or in the features offered, investing in a system that matches your needs and requirement is the best way to move forward. Certain processes, for example, are expected of hotel phone systems, and without them you could very easily diminish your ability to function at the highest level.

Understanding your business needs, as well as the needs of your staff and customers is essential to making the most of your hotel phone system; read the sections below to find out more about the kind of functionality that will make your telephone system work.

Free Space

One immediate benefit of VoIP is that it can be deployed as a cloud system. Here, a service provider hosts the essential infrastructure in the cloud so that hotels do not have to provide, support and manage their own infrastructure. As well as reducing costs, as we’ll explain later, a cloud solution frees valuable space that hotels can put to more productive and profitable use.

Increase Flexibility

Hosted VoIP also offers great flexibility compared to a traditional fixed line system. Increasing hotel phone capacity with a legacy system meant delay and downtime to install new fixed circuits. With a VoIP hosted service, when additional circuits are needed, service providers can deploy them immediately from the cloud.

That’s good news for hotels that are growing and need a phone system that grows in line with the business. Smaller hotels who have quiet seasons and peak times will find the flexibility of VoIP valuable. They can take on the additional capacity only when they need it, without investing in contingency capacity that would remain idle for the rest of the year.

VoIP flexibility can also be important when hotels are facing traffic related to a special event or exceptionally high traffic levels at peak booking times. The availability of immediate short-term capacity eliminates delays in handling calls and helps maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Deliver Services For Guests

VoIP hotel phone systems provide the functionality to develop a range of services for guests that improve convenience and increase customer satisfaction. Hotels can provide voicemail in rooms so that guests can retrieve messages from hotel staff, other guests or external callers. Room to room calls, free with a VoIP service, can be useful for hotels that regularly provide accommodation for conferences or other large group bookings.

Providing recorded hotel or local information services, which guests can retrieve via a function button on the keypad, offers further convenience for guests and reduces the burden on hotel staff. Hotels can also program softkeys on room phones with regularly dialled numbers, such as the front desk, restaurant or night porter, giving guests one touch access to these services.

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Key Hotel Phone System Features To Meet Guest Expectations

Hotel Phone Functions
  • Presence and mobile solutions to ensure staff are available to provide customer service.
  • Automated services, such as check-in/check-out and wake-up calls to improve convenience.
  • Integration with CRM systems to provide a personalised service to guests.
  • Call centre facilities to improve quality of booking services.
  • Guest phone access to recorded hotel information.
  • Low-cost international calls for overseas guests.
  • Cost recording to ensure billing accuracy.
  • Guest voice mail box to allow for internal and external messages from. A lamp on the phone will indicate a message waiting, and the guest then can retrieve it from their room.
  • Wake up calls let guests set their own or ask reception to do it for them.
  • The ‘meet-me’ feature provides conferencing calling for business guests.
  • Room to room dialling helps guests stay in touch with others in their party without using mobile phones or having to visit different rooms.
  • Hotel guests can enable the do not disturb feature to block incoming calls, or choose to have them forwarded to voicemail.
  • Rooms can be telephoned directly from an external location if the guest chooses. This option is particularly useful for business guests.
  • If the guest's name is entered on check in, this can be displayed whenever a call is made to or from their room .
  • The status of any guest room can be checked from hotel reception to check it is ready for guests.
  • Front desk functionality is available from multiple locations, allowing you to give superior service.
  • Hotel's facilities can be accessed using a single number from any guest phone.

Integrate Front Desk Services

VoIP phones have good integration facilities, making it easy for hotels to automate many front desk processes. By integrating customer relationship management systems, for example, hotels can provide reception staff with fast access to guests’ arrival and check-out dates, language, preferences, wake-up call times and special requirements, enabling the staff to give guests a personalised service.

Integration with billing systems and hotel management systems helps simplify cost control and ensure the accuracy of billing for guests’ telephone usage. Front desk staff can also use VoIPs integration facilities to automate regular services such as alarm or reminder calls, and provide an automated response to requests for food, dry cleaning or taxis.

Keep Staff In Contact

VoIP hotel phone systems can help improve efficiency and productivity by making it easy to maintain contact with key staff, like duty managers, housekeeping staff or customer service staff. In a hotel with a Wi-Fi network, employees can make and receive calls anywhere within wireless range, enabling them to remain in touch wherever they are working.

VoIP features such as Follow me ensure that calls can be easily forwarded to different phones if a contact is not immediately available. For example, if a duty manager, who is normally based at the front desk, leaves to deal with a problem in another part of the hotel, urgent calls can be forwarded to the manager’s VoIP-enabled mobile phone.

If any team members are in important meetings with guests or clients, they can enable a do not disturb facility on their phone. VoIP’s Presence feature will alert callers that their contact is not available to take a call, so that they can make alternative arrangements.

Simpler Communication Management

Hotel phone systems may cover a number of different sites, including restaurants, gyms, spas, swimming pools or lodges in the grounds. With VoIP, hotels can manage phone systems for all their sites centrally, simplifying administration and eliminating duplication of infrastructure.

Hotel groups with sites in different locations around the country and external contact centres to handle group reservations and customer inquiries can also manage communications centrally using VoIP’s reach and high levels of security.

Phones For All Hotel Applications

Hotels require many different types of phones to meet the needs of guests, mobile staff, front desk personnel, call centre agents and other staff. VoIP phones are available in many different models to meet these requirements.

VoIP deskphones are suitable for office staff, with affordable-entry level models that can be installed in guest rooms. Phones for front desks can incorporate integration facilities as well as programmable function keys to automate routine processes.

Mobile staff can use wireless handsets or VoIP-enabled smartphones to maintain contact. Staff in call centres or offices handling high call volumes can use dedicated call centre phones or softphone applications that enable them to take hands-free calls.

Improved Cost Control

Choosing a VoIP hotel phone system can make an important contribution to cost control and revenue increase.

System costs are a key area for savings. VoIP requires an infrastructure that is simpler than the separate system of fixed cabling needed for legacy telephone systems. VoIP calls travel on an internal local or wide area data network (LAN or WAN) instead of a dedicated telephone network. That means one less network to install or maintain.

Hotels can also choose to host their infrastructure in the cloud, eliminating the costs of operating and maintaining on-premise systems. Service providers charge a monthly fee for hosting the service, eliminating the need for capital expenditure on infrastructure upgrades and simplifying cash flow. With hosted VoIP, the service provider also maintains and upgrades the infrastructure, eliminating any on-premise support costs.

There are significant savings on call costs. Internal calls and calls to other sites using VoIP are free. Service providers offer a range of call packages to local or selected international destinations that can result in big savings, depending on the hotel’s calling patterns.

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Opportunities For Revenue Gains

A VoIP system can help to grow hotel revenue. VoIP’s ability to support convenient guest services and quality customer service helps improve customer satisfaction levels with consequent gains in loyalty and increased levels of repeat business.

Offering guests calling facilities to local or international destinations can generate additional revenue. Hotels can charge guests at low VoIP call rates or charge them at standard call rates and increase profitability.

Look To The Future

Hotel guests are becoming more demanding and hotel technology must keep pace. VoIP already offers features and functionality that go way beyond the capabilities of legacy systems, but other factors will drive change even faster.

Among the more important trends are higher levels of service automation, which VoIP is well-placed to support. Guests can order an increasing number of services from VoIP room phones using apps or programmed function keys. As guests make use of their own mobile devices for making calls, the room phone can become an interactive device for services or controlling room functions.

Hotels can also extend VoIP’s Presence function to guests as well as staff, giving them the ability to deliver essential services to the right places, where and when guests are available.

Business guests will demand more sophisticated meeting facilities for small group sessions. VoIP enables hotels to provide conference phones or services that support web or video conferencing on various devices.

Guests will also require increasing levels of bandwidth to support the technology they use – laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. VoIP’s scalability means you can increase your capacity and your bandwidth on demand to meet requirements.

By choosing VoIP for your hotel phone system, you are putting a platform in place that will continue to meet the changing requirements of your guests.

Hotel Phone System Quotes

Approved Index has teamed up with the leading UK suppliers of business phone systems to make the process of gathering and comparing quotes for hotel phone systems as straightforward and simple as possible.

By filling out one simple form you can receive up to 4 phone system quotes today with no charge and no obligation to purchase.

Purchasing a hotel telephone system is no trivial task so use our free service and make sure you’ve done a thorough analysis of the market.

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