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Office Telephone Systems

Office Phone Systems

Office telephones need to be versatile and reliable to make sure that your staff can work well. Indeed, quality communication is at the heart of every modern office - a quality office phone system is the first tool in achieving this.

This page focuses on office phones, the models available, and the features that these models offer to your office. These features have already convinced more than a third of UK businesses to switch to cloud PBX or on-premise IP PBX VoIP phone systems, and three-quarters of those businesses in the market for a new phone system are looking to install a cloud-based system.

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Office Phones

Office Phone Systems

An office phone system is essential for any business that requires quality communication with people outside of their work environment; whatever size your business is, and whatever service or products you provide, ensuring that you have the right means of contacting and connecting with staff, clients and customers is essential.

An office phone is unlike a regular home telephone in that it provides a range of functions and features that are required by professionals - many of these features are covered on this page:

  • Automatic call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Call management
  • Expansion options

The range of office phone system features available allows businesses to perform a range of functions with ease - from sales staff to customer services, quality office phones mean that you can operate at maximum efficiency.

As well as providing a range of features, there are are also office phones available to match a range of budgets - from the lower cost, basic feature office phone to the high-cost but advanced option, there is certain to be a telephone to suit your staff requirements. Furthermore, if you need to install a telephone system for your entire office, or for multiple office locations, there are UK suppliers that can offer excellent deals.

Top 5 Office Phones

Understanding what options are available is the best way for your business to find the perfect office phones. Comparing options is essential to this process, and we have tried to help by comparing some of the top office phones in the table below, and also throughout the rest of this page.

The table below specifically compares 5 of the best office phones - the prices and features vary, but between the options, there should be enough range to suit every style of business - for even more information, you should continue on down the page to compare other important features.

Office PhoneImageFeaturesCost
Definity Callmaster 5Definity Callmaster 5Avaya's Definity Callmaster includes a range of features, including: speaker phone, mute options, call transfer, conference calling and call management.£60-£100
BT Converse 1200BT Converse 1200BT's budget Converse 1200 office phone includes basic features, making it perfect for staff that do not need advanced functionality.£20-£50
Samsung SMT-i5210Samsung SMT-i5210Samsung's high-end office telephone is ergonomically designed to offer staff a range of advanced features, without compromising on aesthetics.£100-£140
Panasonic KX TG 522Panasonic KX TG 522The Panasonic KX TG 522 office phone is an excellent choice for staff that are always on the move whilst also needing to be available to contact..£50-£70
Panasonic KX-T7730EB Corded PhonePanasonic KX-T7730EB Corded PhonePanasonic's KX-T7730EB office telephone provides a range of advanced features that can help business staff to operate at the highest level with ease.£100-£150

The top 5 office phones included in the table above are available to all UK businesses; to compare these options as well as a range of others, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

For even more of the top office phones, take a look at the sections below.

Best Small Office Telephone

Small offices often do not have the space or the capital for an extensive system, which is why small office phones need to provide a range of features.

Of course, knowing which features or functions you need will vary by company, but we have tried to select the model that we think is best suited to small offices, based on a range of factors.

BT Versatility 8662 VoIP Featurephone

BT’s Versatility VoIP phone is an small business option that provides a range of sophisticated functions to help your staff work, without breaking the bank.

BT Versatility Small Office Phone
  • LCD screen
  • ISDN
  • Programmable keys
  • Voice messaging
  • Headset port

Best Medium Office Telephone

Medium offices have more space than smaller businesses, and so do not need to rely so heavily on their equipment; often they will have dedicated conference phones, for example, and so will not need to rely on desk phones for this process.

The selection below has been included because it includes a range of functions and features that are beneficial to staff in medium offices.

Cisco 7940G Unified IP Telephone with SCCP Firmware

Cisco’s Unified IP phone is an excellent choice for medium offices in need of durable telephone systems.

Cisco Medium Office Phone
  • Adjustable ring-tones
  • Hearing-aid compatible handset
  • Voice activity detection
  • Display contrast
  • Call status

Best Large Office Telephone

Large offices will almost always have facilities set aside for specific processes; conference calling, for example, will take place in a specific office. This means that desk phones will not necessarily need to provide this sort of function.

The selection below is a great choice for any large business, with a range of functions and features included.

Panasonic KX-T7730 Telephone in Black

Panasonic offer a range of quality phones, this one is one of the best options for large offices.

Panasonic Large Office Phone
  • FF keys
  • Duel colour LEDs
  • Message LEDs
  • Headset jack
  • Mountable

Office Telephone System Features

Office telephones require a range of features to ensure that businesses can operate effectively. This page contains information on many of them, and the table below includes brief introductions to each.

Click on the feature that you want to find out more about.

Office Phone FeatureBenefit
Auto Call ForwardingStreamline the forwarding process, without taking up staff time with connection calls.
Auto AttendantAutomate processes to help clients, customers and staff to get what they need, quicker.
Conference CallingSpeak to multiple colleagues, clients or customers easily, and without sacrificing quality.
Voicemail to EmailTransfer your voicemails into email, for easier access and to allow for better response options.
HeadsetsImprove sound and recording quality with specialist devices. Let your whole office go hands-free.
Office Phone DashboardManage your office phone system from one dashboard. Track and record calls, manage payments and ensure that things run smoothly.
Contract, Cover and BillingFind the prices, services and features to suit you - plus, stay covered by your supplier in case of damages.

Automatic Call Forwarding

Automatic Call Forwarding

Office telephone systems are often used by a large number of staff, and this often means that calls will be passed around, from team to team and from employee to employee; handling this process manually can be difficult, which is why an office can get huge benefit from auto-forwarding.

The automatic call-forwarding feature redirects incoming calls through a chain of alternative devices or extensions until they are either answered or are invited to leave a voicemail message.

When a call comes in, this will typically be routed to your office extension; if the call is not picked up, the call will be rerouted to your smartphone; if you are still unavailable, the call will be rerouted again, this time to a colleagues extension.

The precise chain of forwarding can be completely tailored to your particular phone setup, so you reduce the chances of missing important calls and improve customer satisfaction by increasing the number of calls that can be dealt with immediately instead of them having to leave voicemail messages and wait for call-backs. This will allow calls to be picked up regardless of the working location; whether your employees are on the road, on holiday or working from another location.

This function is not restricted to working hours, as it can also be used to redirect calls to an extension or dedicated voicemail outside of business hours.

  • Streamline office telephone processes
  • Divert calls easily and conveniently to provide 24/7 access
  • Forward calls to multiple numbers
  • Ring selected numbers either all at once, or at specified times
  • Complete choice over call-forwarding
  • Define call-forwarding point
  • Set rules for out-of-hours calling

Office Telephones with Automatic Call Forwarding

The table below includes two office telephone models that support this feature; for most businesses, this kind of functionality is essential - to find the provider that can offer you the products you need, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

ProductImageCall Forwarding?Cost
Panasonic KX-T7730EB Corded PhonePanasonic KX-T7730EB Corded PhoneYes£79
Cisco Small Business SPA 501G VoIP PhoneCisco Small Business SPA 501G VoIP PhoneYes£47


An auto-attendant is the core of any office phone system. It’s the part that greets incoming callers, provides them with a list of options and routes them to the correct extension or department depending on the option they select with their keypad.

Auto-Attendants are increasingly popular with even the smallest offices, particularly those that don’t have employees dedicated to a reception role, lending the air of a much larger enterprise and making a highly professional first impression to prospective clients and customers.

Aside from the obvious benefits already listed, an auto-attendant system also provides a sense of professionalism. Although most business it still done between people, having this kind of system immediately introduces a sense of scale to a customer's interaction. The benefits and features below are excellent examples of why this sort of feature can help your business.

  • Automated extension transfers
  • Automated voicemail transfers
  • Automated messages and call options
  • Automated choices and options with menus

Auto attendant functionality can significantly improve the management of any office telephone system. Help your customers, clients and staff by streamlining process.

Conference Calling

Conference Calling

The ability to conduct voice or video meetings with multiple colleagues or customers spread across different locations is a defining characteristic of fast-paced modern business management, and is facilitated by a reliable and robust office phone system with conferencing capabilities.

Conference calls can be conducted via softphone apps on desktop PCs, or with table-top units enabling round-table discussions .

Modern table-top conference phones have exceptional call clarity with microphone and speaker technology optimized to work with the acoustics of a typical office or boardroom.

  • Connect with team members and clients, whether they are in or out of the office
  • Arrange international team meetings
  • Connect as a team with other parties
  • Mute/Unmute options for in-call privacy

Conference Calling Office Telephone Equipment

The table below includes details about some of the more popular office conference call equipment. To see if you could have these phones in your plan, you simply need to complete the form at the top of this page and compare quotes today. It only takes a minute and could save you 40%.

ProductImageConference Calling?Cost
BT Conferencing Unit X300 Expandable Conference PhoneBT Conferencing Unit X300 Expandable Conference PhoneYes£99
Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 Conference VoIP PhonePolycom SoundStation IP 5000 Conference VoIP PhoneYes£47

Voicemail To Email Transcription

Voicemail is a basic feature expected of every office phone system, but modern systems build on this basic functionality of recording messages by enabling a number of extra ways to work with such messages.

If staff are short on time with several messages to get through, it can be time consuming listening to each one in turn. A faster alternative is to have voicemail transcription set up: here, you can opt to have your voicemail messages emailed to you as regular text, allowing you to very quickly skim each message for the most pertinent information.

Voicemail to email functionality is an excellent way to improve office accessibility. This system allows staff to receive your messages wherever you are, and it allows for convenient and efficient responses, even if you do not have access to your phone system.

  • Read your voicemails for easy access
  • Stay connected with your business, wherever you are
  • Forward voicemails to colleagues in the form of transcripts

What Kind Of Telephone System Do You Need?

Call Centre Phone System

Switchboard Phone System

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Telephone Headsets

Phone System Headsets

Headsets plug straight into office desktop phones and PCs hosting softphones (such as Skype), enabling virtually hands-free use of the phone for long periods or consistent use.

A headset is a great accessory for increasing the flow and efficiency of your office communications, and also helps to avoid the minor physical issues that can arise from extended use of regular phone handsets.

There is also a range of access-to-work accessories which can provide extra ease of use for staff with special requirements.

Headsets are especially useful in any office environment where staff need to be able to speak on the phone hands-free; this can often be most prevalent in sales environments, or customer services, for example, where your staff might be accessing databases on their computers whilst speaking.

Office Telephone System Dashboard

RingCentral Phone System Dashboard

There’s no more complicated and time-consuming administration of your office phone system with VoIP: everything can be managed from a single portal or dashboard, from updating contact lists and modifying the Auto-Attendant options and routing configurations, to adding new extensions and features for new employees and getting an overview of call usage and billing with a single click.

Since every aspect of the phone system is logged, you can easily generate detailed reports at any time to keep track of, for example, the call volume through a particular extension or the length of time a department spends on international calls. With this data at your fingertips, it’s easy to see where further savings and cost reductions can be made. And as there are no lengthy contracts, changes can be implemented and billed for on a month-by-month basis.

  • Streamline processes within the system quickly and easily
  • Maximise office efficiency with easy customisation options

Flexible Call Management

With voice calls moving into the computer domain, many new ways of manipulating a call are made available as standard that would have been prohibitively expensive or impossible with traditionally wired office phone systems. Here are a handful of the best features for making your office phone system work for you exactly the way you want:

  • Monitor let’s office managers and colleagues listen in on a call – good for employee training and conducting customer service quality checks.
  • Whisper is similar to Monitor, allowing you to listen in but also speak to the internal party without the external caller hearing you. Again, useful for coaching employees in customer relations, allowing you to provide discrete input to the conversation.
  • Barge is similar to conference calling functionality, in that it allows you to join an in-progress call at any time. This feature can be used to allow office managers to intervene in calls with more junior staff members, for example.
  • Record allows you to start recording any portion of a phone conversation by simply clicking a button. The feature creates an audio file that can be retrieved afterwards from the phone system server and reviewed, shared or archived. Useful for backing up the details of important conversations or for later sharing with absent colleagues.

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Expand Your Office Phone System

Phone System Expansion

With VoIP office phone systems, extensions are “virtual” – all call data is being sent across the same computer network, so you don’t need individual lines for each office phone.

Because of this, it’s much simpler to add and reconfigure extensions as you grow your business and bring in new employees.

You can also add new features to the system by simply selecting them in the dashboard manager, allowing to tailor the details and functionality of your phone system precisely to the size and nature of your current operation. This also means you don’t have to pay for features you’re not using.

If you are interested in Telephone Phone System features, you may also like VoIP Phone Systems.

Monthly Billing

Office telephone systems are now much more like a subscription service than a hardware solution that you have to pay for upfront, house and maintain yourself. With this paradigm shift, the billing process is also simplified – and most importantly, bills are lower! Businesses typically save up to 40% on their local calls and up to 90% on their international calls; not to mention that internal calls and other VoIP-to-VoIP calls can be completely free.

Spread the cost of your phone service and equipment, and easily manage the whole process. A telephone system not only helps you to lower costs, but it also allows greater freedom to make your budget work for you in other areas.

Provider Responsibility For Telephone System Infrastructure

Phone System Features

One of the major reasons for traditional PBX phone systems being mostly the preserve of large corporations was that the cost involved in installing and maintaining the necessary hardware.

With the advent of cloud phone systems, this is all a thing of the past as the service provider takes care of the installation and setup, as well as all the maintenance and future upgrades.

This all means lower running costs for you, with fewer staff and less employee time needed to manage the office communications.

Get A Combination Of Phone System Features For Your Office

It’s never been more straightforward to get help from some of the most established and experienced phone system providers in the UK to help you cherry-pick the most appropriate features for your office phone system. They will also get you installed and completely set up, and provide you with the necessary guidance and training to get the most out of the technology.

The best way to get the best services and prices for your telephone system is to compare suppliers - Approved Index can help here. We use your specifications and requirements to match you up with the most suitable providers possible. The quote comparison service is free and without obligation, and you could save a great deal on your purchase or lease. It only takes a minute, and comparing quotes could save your business money every week.

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Office telephone systems are essential to a huge number of businesses, with staff using phones for both internal and external communications and processes. Not only is a quality telephone system perfect for office staff requirements, but it can also hugely improve the experience for clients and customers.

The information on this page should provide enough information to help you understand what kind of telephone system your office needs; for more even more detail though, it is important to speak to suppliers today - Approved Index can help here.

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