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Telephone System Leasing

Office Phone System Leasing

A quality telephone system is an integral part of every office environment; whether you are ringing clients, making sales, or hosting conference calls, having the right equipment is essential to your operations.

However, with a large upfront cost for phone system purchases, some companies can be put off getting the telephone systems that they need. For these companies, leasing is a viable and convenient alternative.

A telephone system lease spreads the cost of the equipment out over several months, with 36 to 60 month leases being common. By using this payment method, small businesses - or any companies without the capital for an up-front purchase - are able to get the most suitable equipment to allow their operations to run as well as possible.

Of course, as with telephone system purchasing, there are a range of options available, both in regards to equipment and features, and so it is important for business owners, managers or administrators to weigh up their options as much as possible before confirming any rental or lease contract.

If you are interested in finding out more about your telephone system leasing options, then keep reading; otherwise, if you are ready to get quotes from top UK providers, simply complete the form above.

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Lease Prices - Equipment - Extras & Features - Cloud or On-Premises? - System Benefits - Lease Types

Telephone System Lease Prices

Because there are a range of options available, deciding or estimating what your exact monthly cost might be is difficult. It is possible, however, to provide some basic information about what kind of prices you might expect to find in a lease so that you can arrive at a rough approximate based on the equipment that you need.

Telephone Equipment Monthly Costs

For a general-use desk phone you could expect to pay between £8 and £10 per month; for a reception desk with an extension module you might pay between £20 and £25. If you then add an executive phone at between £14 and £18, and a conference phone for as little as £20 or as much as £60 then you could come to some sort of idea as to the cost of your telephone equipment rental cost per month.

For more information about the equipment on offer, take a look at our equipment leasing section.

The table below uses the average prices from above to estimate the equipment cost per month for a small office lease.

EquipmentNumber of UnitsCost Per Unit, Per MonthTotal Cost Per Month
General Use Desk Phone4£9£36
Reception Desk Phone1£22.50£22.50
Executive Desk Phone1£16£16Total Cost for Equipment Lease
Conference Phone1£40£40£114.50/per month

These costs are approximate, but do offer some guide as to monthly cost for a small office.

The table above only includes the cost of your telephone equipment lease; there could be other options required - for an international number, for example, you may need to pay between £1 and £5 extra per month, per number, depending on the required location; likewise, if you need to rent additional lines for any reason then you could might add on an amount between £5 and £20 per month, per line.

The table below shows the costs that may be paid by a larger office, with some of these extra features added on. As mentioned above, these costs are not absolute and only show averages that may help you to understand what kind of costs you might expect to encounter in your lease.

Equipment/FeaturesNumber of UnitsCost Per Unit, Per MonthTotal Cost Per Month
General Use Desk Phone8£9£72
Reception Desk Phone1£22.50£22.50
Executive Desk Phone2£16£32
Conference Phone1£40£40
Location Number4£2.50£10Total Cost for Equipment Lease
Reception Desk Phone1£22.50£22.50£165/per month

These costs are approximate, but do offer some guide as to monthly cost for an office.

The costs in these tables may not be completely accurate to the supplier you work with, but they can offer some guidance as to averages across the sector. There may also be some other costs involved in your lease that are not listed here. Speaking to a supplier is the best way to discover a full, in-depth quote.

To speak to a supplier today, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

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Telephone System Equipment Leasing

Although you may have some ideas as to the equipment you might need in your office, it’s important to try and understand what exactly you will need to ensure that your business runs as well as it can. Knowing how many desks need to be covered, whether you will need equipment for group calls, or whether you will need more high-tech options is essential to budgeting.

The items below are all common parts of a telephone system; deciding how much of a priority they are for your business will help when it comes to choosing the best phone system lease for your organisation's needs.

General Use Desk Phone

General Use Desk Phone

Almost every business - if not every - will require at least one desk phone. If this is the only product you need, then it’s a good chance that leasing is not right for you. It may seem simple, but just as with mobile phones, there are a number of desk phone brands and models available.

Although most telephone brands offer comparable products, there may be some that are more suited to your business. It could even be as simple as wanting to have the same brand of phone used throughout your office.

The two most important things to look out for when choosing equipment for your phone system lease are the specifications and prices; what do you need your phones to do, and how much do you want to pay for it? These choices will impact directly on your monthly cost, so it’s important to be as clear as you can.

You should also bear in mind some other considerations when looking into specific phones; will you be using an on-premises system or a Cloud-based one? Some phones may be more or less suitable depending on which you choose.

Reception Desk Phones

Reception Desk Phone

If your office has a receptionist then you will need to think about the system and functionality they may need. An extension module, for example, is a necessity if they are going to be passing on a large volume of calls to other staff, and if this is the case then you will want to ensure that all of the phones you choose will be able to work together in this way.

The reception desk is normally the centre of your operations, and so it is important that you provide the right equipment to ensure that they can function as successfully as possible.

Executive Desk Phones

Executive Desk Phone

Sometimes the difference between an executive and general use phone can just be in appearance, but more often these executive options provide greater functionality.

Usually you can also expect improved audio quality as well as other managerial options. For example, a manager is more likely to need conferencing options, as well as the options to listen into other calls and even join them or take over if necessary.

Choosing between general use phones and executive options will be a matter of preference, but if you are likely to need any of this added functionality then leasing these options may be essential.

Wireless PhonesWireless Desk Phone

The difference between a wireless phone and general use desk phone is self-explanatory. This option is most useful for staff members that will often be away from their desk but in the office. For a receptionist that has other tasks, for example, a wireless phone might be required.

There is always the possibility that offices would just prefer to have this option in terms of office-mobility. If, for example, a manager is frequently in meetings and away from their desk, then they may wish for a phone that they can take with them.

Conference Phones

Conference Phone

These phones offer different features to general use, executive or reception desk phones. Given the nature of conference calls, this equipment needs to provide excellent sound quality, with noise-cancellation features, as well as the option to connect to multiple telephone systems.

If you will need to arrange or take part in frequent conference calls, and especially if multiple staff will need to be involved, then including a conference phone in your system lease is essential. Although other phones can offer conference calls, having a dedicated piece of equipment is the best way to ensure quality.

Telephone Lease Extras and Features

Although leasing the equipment is important, it is also crucial that you understand what other services you may need included. The inclusion of phone calls is a given, but you should also consider some other features that you may need to add onto your lease.

Local, International or Non-Geographic Calls

For a small fee, most telephone leases can include additional direct dial numbers, depending on what you need. For example, if you are an Essex based company and want people to think you are in London, then you can lease a London phone number to give clients or customers that appearance.

Likewise, if you need to operate in an international market then you may require a US phone number, for example. If this is the case then these options can be included as part of your system lease.

As you may expect, the availability of certain numbers may differ by region or country; likewise, you can expect to pay more per month for a number from certain areas - London phone numbers, for example, will probably lease at a higher rate than a Bristol phone number.

Telephone Line Lease

For a company that already has phone equipment - whether because they completed a lease already or just bought their equipment outright, leasing a phone line - as well as some of the services that come with it - may be a requirement. As with the traditional telephone leasing that we have already mentioned, this form of rental is available for a monthly fee.

It will also be a part of your full-system lease, so whether you have bought or are leasing-to-buy at the end of your rental period, it’s important to bear lines in mind when accessing your budgetary requirements.


Knowing what is included in your lease can help you to plan and budget; certain features may be needed, and some of them may be included as standard. Speak to your supplier about options if you might require any of the following extras:

  • Geographical numbers
  • International numbers
  • Special numbers
  • Voicemail
  • Do not disturb options
  • Call forwarding
  • Email connectivity
  • Passwords
  • Call analysis and playback options
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Group or conference calling
  • On-hold music or automated voice prompts
  • System and line installation

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Lease Options

The options available for your telephone system are more diverse than just choosing specific devices; there are also other features available that can allow businesses to match their lease to their specific standards.

Cloud-based and on-premises telephone systems are examples of different options that each offer their own advantages - to discover which is more suitable for you office, take a look at the following sections.

Cloud-Based Telephone Systems

A Cloud-based telephone system is a service that is purchased and operated entirely over the internet. With a Cloud-based system, instead of maintaining software on an internal PBX server, you can lease the system from a provider and then pay for their Cloud-based hosting on a subscription basis.

The benefits of a Cloud, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), system lie primarily in the ease of use and in the removal of internal maintenance. As well as this increased ease of use, there are several other benefits to bear in mind:

  • No upfront costs - except for equipment
  • Simple installation
  • No hardware in the office
  • No hardware maintenance costs
  • Easy internal management and customisation
  • Internet calls are cheaper
  • Non-location tied number - allows use of any geographic location

The drawback of a VoIP system lies in internet dependance; if your company suffers from poor internet connectivity then you may sacrifice quality.

Similarly, if you are likely to have a large number of users operating the system then you may risk quality drops - just like with an overstretched broadband connection, having too many people using a VoIP system can lead to all-round failure.

On-Premises Telephone Systems

Although the option for a VoIP system may appeal to many people because of the reduced maintenance, an on-premises system lease does offer its own advantages too.

Primarily, this system will appeal most to offices that, for one reason or another, are not ready to use a Cloud-based system; this could be for any number of reasons although, as mentioned, the main one will probably be linked to internet connectivity.

Tied into this is capacity - a Cloud-based system can be limiting in regards to the number of users able to use the system at the same time. With an internally maintained system, offices will not have to worry about capacity. Most on-premise systems will be able to handle any number of users - whether that be tens, hundreds or thousands.

Although the reasons above are the most prominent and common, there other reasons that may draw a company to an on-premises telephone system lease:

  • More control over your system
  • More customisation options involving your equipment usage
  • Want to own the system and equipment
  • Able to spread the payments over the course of months or years
  • Need for both traditional and IP networks for calls
  • Easier to manage larger numbers of users
  • Easy to install

It could be that, as internet connectivity is made universally better, VoIP systems will replace on-premises options altogether; however that time is not yet. For the reasons above, and more besides, an on-premises system is an excellent choice for a huge range of businesses.

If you are interested in either a Cloud-based or on-premises telephone system lease, then the best way to proceed is by speaking to suppliers. Complete the form at the top of this page to get quotes from Approved Index that could save you up to 40% on your system.

The Benefits of Renting your Telephone System

Telephone System Lease Benefits

As mentioned at the top of this page, one of the main benefits of a telephone system lease is the cost. Although the price will be roughly the same, leasing your system allows for the cost to be spread out over several months, depending on how much a company wants to pay.

Other benefits vary considerably, from performance to appearance, but the importance of all of them together reflects the level of trust that many businesses place on a telephone system lease.


A surprising number of offices - notably start-ups or smaller operations - do not use an internalised phone system.

Although this may work well for them in practical terms, it can potentially be damaging from an appearance perspective. Using a collection of personal phones can send the wrong message to clients or partners; using a collective system with one or just a few dedicated phone numbers gives the impression of professionalism.

If you are a small company that has been put off a phone system by the upfront cost, then leasing may be the perfect choice for you.

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Leasing your telephone system is probably the most affordable option for any business. Cost-effective and easily managed, this form of purchase allows for greater financial flexibility. Especially useful for companies with smaller standing-capital, a lease can be the difference between having and not having one of the office’s most essential tools.

Leasing your phone system also means that you will likely be getting a better interest rate than you would be if you charged the telephone system at one time and paid high credit card interest rates.

Reduced Liability

Once you buy a telephone system you take on a greater burden of liability. By leasing, you are able to maintain the provider’s participation and maintenance. If something goes wrong with the system then a provider will remain liable for the duration of the lease period.

Of course, there will be some damages that are not uncovered, but usually this will only include intentional damage or mistreatment of your equipment.

Lease The Best Telephone Equipment

As with any technology, phone systems are constantly improving and evolving. For companies that purchase their system, this can lead to ownership of obsolete or out-dated equipment; by renting their telephone system, businesses are able to avoid this issue.

Most lease contracts allow for businesses to upgrade to new technologies when required - usually this will also mean renewing the rental contract, but this is unlikely to be a concern if you are satisfied with the rental system.

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Phone System Leasing Options

Telephone system leasing is a process that can come in a number of forms, with each option likely to appeal to different companies for various reasons. Some lease options are essentially rental contracts, whereas some others are more similar to mobile phone contracts, in that you are leasing-to-buy.

Deciding which is best for you is important; if you make the wrong choice then it could be that you have to wait for a long period of time to remedy the situation, or you may be forced to pay out a large amount of money to switch to the leasing system you would prefer. Reading the information below will help you to decide on the best rental or lease option for your business.

The table below reveals some of the main differences between the three primary leasing options. The table is laid out as if each leasing option is being used to rent exactly the same physical equipment, features and services.

Lease TypeMonthly CostEquipment Included in Lease?Equipment Purchase Option?Equipment Purchase Prices
FMV LeaseCosts less than a Closed-End lease per monthYesYesCosts more than a Closed-End lease
Closed-End LeaseCosts more than a FMV lease per monthYesYesCosts less than a FMV lease
Shield LeaseCosts less than both FMV and Closed-End leasesYesNoNo purchase option

FMV Telephone System Lease

The first and most common leasing option, a FMV - or Fair Market Value Lease - gives you the option of purchasing your equipment for whatever the market value is at the time that your lease ends.

You do not have to purchase the equipment and you could choose to surrender, re-lease, or lease different equipment at the end of your rental agreement. A FMV Telephone System lease is one of the most affordable options, with lower monthly payments.

Depending on the phone system you choose, the equipment’s fair market value could be quite high when you reach the end of your lease, which is something you will want to consider carefully before selecting any option.

If you decide that the equipment will be of a suitable price by the time you reach the end of your contract, then this could be considered a cost-effective lease-to-purchase option.

Closed-End Lease

Like the FMV telephone systems lease, the Closed-End option allows you to purchase your equipment upon completion of your rental period. Unlike with the FMV lease, though, the Closed-End lease allows you to buy the equipment for a set price, often for something as nominal as one pound.

The monthly cost of this option is proportionally more than a FMV - assuming the equipment and features are exactly the same - but it does mean that the final payout for your equipment will be less. Choosing between these two options will be a matter of preference, but it will also depend on the equipment you are leasing.

If you feel that your phone system will have decreased in FMV enough for your company to afford it at the end of the lease then there is no issue; however, if you feel that the FMV may still be too high at the end, then the Closed-End lease may be a better way for you to spread out and manage your costs.

Shield Lease

The third telephone leasing option is the best one for a company that intends to lease for a long time; it is also the best for a company that will need to update and upgrade their phone system regularly. With this option, which is more like common telephone system rental than the other two, the users do not get an option to purchase the equipment when their lease runs out.

In most cases, these companies will simply pick up another lease. Assuming that the products are the same, then a shield lease should be cheaper by the month than the other two leasing options, but there will likely be some differences in payment style and cost, given that the suppliers will not be turning a profit on the equipment itself.

If you feel sure that you will need to upgrade regularly, and if you are not interested in buying-to-lease your telephone system equipment, then this option may be the most sensible for you.

As with any business decision, the best way to proceed is with data. To discover your best telephone system rental plan, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

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Although the prices and sections above may help you to understand your phone rental options a little better, the best way to truly understand is to speak to a supplier. Approved Index can help here.

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