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Attendance Systems: Benefits of Biometric

Nowadays, there are all kinds of technology aimed at making work a lot easier for everyone. One type of technology that’s increasingly being used for security purposes is biometrics. Biometrics is a way of identifying a person—through scanning—based upon their physical characteristics such as their fingerprints, hands, eyes, voice and facial features. Many companies are starting to utilise biometric devices combined with time and attendance software. Let’s check out the benefits of biometric attendance systems.

Biometrics: Who Is It for?

Biometric attendance systems are used to manage employee attendance, schedules and payroll tasks. A biometric attendance system is ideal for manufacturers, hospitality businesses, health care providers, retail companies and any other business that has a large workforce who clock in for different shifts. Needless to say, it’s also very useful to any company where security needs to be tight.

How Does a Biometric Attendance System Work?

A biometric attendance system is made up of special software and a biometric scanning device. The device is used to perform different types of identification such as retinal scan, fingerprints and facial features scanning.

Each employee has to enrol in the time and attendance system by having their fingerprints, eyes or some facial features scanned. Most biometric attendance systems use fingerprints. This process creates a template of the employee’s fingerprint and associates it with an identification number unique to that employee.

Every time an employee clocks in or out of the premises, the system software checks if the scan matches any of the recorded templates. If it does, it records the identification number that’s associated with the matching template.

Why Choose Biometrics?

Biometric attendance systems are now more affordable, which means that even smaller enterprises can benefit from using one.

A biometric attendance system makes use of reliable and secure technology. Here are a few reasons why you should use one:

  • It makes light work of the complicated task of recording each employee’s attendance.
  • It reduces recording and monitoring errors because it is a highly reliable system.
  • It saves on costs as it does away with identification cards for employees.
  • Errant employees cannot cheat the system by having other employees clock in for them (the infamous ‘buddy punching’ technique)—they’ll need to be physically present for their attendance to be recorded by the system.
  • Accountable attendance is the key to increasing productivity. Because of the accuracy of a biometric attendance system, your employees will get paid according to the exact hours that they were in the workplace.
  • Biometrics accurately gather comprehensive reports on employees’ perfomance and your business operation based on a variety of criteria.
  • A biometric system is a highly secure one. Not only does it prevent entry into your business's premises by unauthorised persons, the system itself also keeps your employees’ details completely secure. Since it only records physical characteristics (fingerprints, retinal scans and/or facial features), your employees’ personal information will not be accessed by anyone who tries to break into the biometric system.

A biometric time and attendance system brings a lot of benefits to any company. It’s highly accurate, reliable and secure and ideal not just for your operational costs but also for your employees’ safety.

Competition and recent advances in biometrics have made these systems more affordable—you can get one for as low as £495.

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