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Clocking Systems: Compare Brands and Benefits

Clocking System Benefits

For a business with many employees, investing in a clocking system can bring multiple benefits. As well as recording your employees’ time on-site, a clocking in system can also record hours spent on various tasks, allow you to automatically update your payroll, give up to date occupancy lists for fire safety and provide data which can help you better allocate your human resources to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Clocking systems come in varying sizes and levels of complexity, from the stand alone employee clocking system for tracking hours only to the multi-site system which also functions as an access control system and integrates with HR software. This comparison of the main UK brands and systems should help you clarify your requirements for a clocking system and help you decide between the different types on offer.

Time Precision Clocking In Systems

Time Precision offer a range of self-contained employee time clocks which use clock cards. They print a clear, precise time on each employee’s card when inserted into the machine at the beginning and end of the working day and can even print a daily or weekly total of hours for easy payroll calculation. These machines are cheap (£150 - £250) but require the extra fuss of managing and restocking clock cards and keeping printer ink topped up. Other manufacturers which offer similar clocking system solutions are Seiko, Computime and Targetmax.

Self-Installed Electronic Clocking Systems

DIY time and attendance systems with more complex and thorough reporting tools – usually via web based or stand-alone software packages – are numerous. They are usually based on generic hardware and software and then rebranded by various companies such as Bodet or Focus. They usually use swipe cards or biometric (fingerprint or hand scan) readers for clocking in and out and provide detailed reports. Some companies provide software which acts as a complete HR solution in combination with the clocking in system. These electronic clocking systems are affordable (£500 - £1,500 for biometric scanners) but incapable of growing with a business due to using dedicated software which is incompatible with the most popular payroll and HR solutions for large businesses.

Fully Installed Computerised Clocking Systems

Suitable for use in large sites or across multiple-sites and using several terminals, fully installed computerised employee clocking systems are capable of growing with a business. The kind of systems on offer from Schlage, MitreFinch and Synel are provided with full installation, service and maintenance. Incorporating card based or biometric clocking in machines, they can export data to most payroll software packages or database software as well as providing stand alone software which can produce in depth reports. Fully installed computerised clocking systems prices start from around £2,000 and vary depending on the number of sites and employees covered.

Integrated Clocking System

Tailored clocking systems are available from a number of companies such as MitreFinch, Schlage, A2T and Kelio. These systems can be set up to incorporate access control, so that employees are clocked in/out when entering/leaving the premises via security controlled exits. This way employees use the same card/biometric reader so there’s much less complexity than with two separate systems. An integrated clocking in system can also incorporate data feeds from manufacturing equipment to precisely monitor productivity and workflows. Employee clocking in can be completed via mobile devices, PCs, intranet or terminals, providing flexibility for any kind of working environment. These clocking systems are expensive (at least £5,000) but can lead to huge savings for large organisations.

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