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Fleet Management Buyer's Guide 2018

Effective fleet management can help maximise profits and margins for any small or large business. Any business that depends on a large fleet of vehicles with a large geographical area to cover can reap the benefits from fleet management and its implementations, especially in the long term.

Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is the management and administration of a company’s fleet of vehicles. Fleet tracking is the most effective method of collecting data and real time tracking of your fleet. A fleet tracking system uses GPS technology and trackers, which are placed on vehicles or goods. The GPS tracker collects live data and sends it to the fleet manager, who overviews and manages the entire fleet via a fleet management software.

Fleet tracking utilises satellite technology to send and receive real time tracking data, which can benefit businesses relying on real time decisions, such as delivery companies. Therefore, fleet tracking systems can provide you with efficient data regarding route planning; driver behaviour, deployment of assets, service cycles of vehicles, and the safety and wellbeing of your staff. This ensures that your fleet operates in the most profitable and efficient way, such as monitoring if any unauthorised routes or break times are taken by your drivers.

What are the Benefits of a Fleet Management System?

Fleet management systems can benefit businesses in many ways, but largely depend on your fleet size, scope, model and types. Even small business with a very small fleet will experience huge benefits using just a basic fleet management system, which is easily affordable.

The collected data on your vehicles on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis provides you with new opportunities, in order to manage your fleet as cost effectively as possible:

Driver Behaviour

The ability to access information on your employee’s driving behaviour and habits help fleet managers to offer efficient driving solutions, such as avoiding speeding or providing fuel efficient routes. Moreover, driver monitoring allows you to track inefficient drivers if they are taking longer breaks than authorised or using a longer route than required. Just be alert regarding the tracking laws in the UK.

Route Planning

Planning the quickest and most efficient route is vital for fleet owners and can ensure to cut down on fuel costs and time. Your fleet can easily be diverted on their route with real time traffic information allowing drivers to avoid traffic jams. Moreover, large vehicle drivers can avoid narrow roads and be warned by height or width restrictions on their journey. In general, a fleet tracking system will offer you many benefits and cost saving factors regarding route planning.

Vehicle Maintenance Management

Fleet management systems can ensure that all vehicles are on the correct maintenance and service cycle to maximise time on the road and minimise time lost due to breakdowns. The most efficient way is monitoring your vehicles and taking appropriate and preventative measures against breakdowns.

Health and Safety

Real time tracking information promotes the health and safety of your drivers; by planning their journey and ensuring they keep out of any danger. Furthermore, in the event of a breakdown or accident, resources can quickly be sent to get the driver and vehicle out of harm’s way.

Cheaper Insurance

Insurance companies often offer discounts to businesses with good fleet management systems that use tracking devices on their vehicles to ensure quick recovery of stolen assets. Insurance is another beneficial addition to your running costs. Thus, helping businesses to increase their bottom line.



Using your Fleet Management Data

After you receive your live fleet tracking data, it is essential to use this data effectively, in order to improve your business to the fullest. Most fleet management software can focus on the data that is most relevant to your business and therefore suits every business requirement

Delivery services or couriers need real time tracking for the whole fleet, in order to choose the most efficient route and sending the nearest vehicle to a client. Moreover, customers can stay informed, when their delivery is with an active tracking system.

Successful cab companies utilise many features of a GPS fleet tracking system, in order to manage their fleet effectively. The nearest vehicle can be sent to a customer and the quickest and most efficient route can be chosen, in order to minimise the wait and boost customer satisfaction.

Fleet management vehicle tracking

Long haul and HGVs use tachographs as a form of passive vehicle tracking system, whilst having GPS trackers providing live data on the whereabouts of a vehicle. This feature ensures that your drivers are on the route required and maintain the speeds set for the route.

What do you Need for a Good Fleet Management System

A good fleet management system requires three components:

  • A tracker on each vehicle. These will tell you where the vehicle is at any one time.
  • Tracking server - This is the back-end of the system you will have in your office. Fleet management system companies will usually run these themselves at data centres and they will securely locate and record the telemetry from your vehicle at any time.
  • User interface - The data from the tracking server will be fed to your company securely so you have an idea of where your vehicles are at any time.
  • With these elements you can collect and assess the tracking data to work out how to deploy and manage your fleet according to the unique demands of your business.

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    A company that operates a large fleet of vehicles is definitely in need of a tracking system in order to manage their entire fleet efficiently, whilst smaller sized businesses would want to ensure both their smaller fleet of vehicles and drivers are compliant with modern legislation too.

    It is important to carefully consider an effective fleet management system - Approved Index will find you a fleet management system, which meets your specific requirements and let you compare the quotes. Simply tell us your requirements on our quick quote form and receive free, no obligation tailor made quotes from up to 4 leading UK tracking companies.