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Best Vehicle Tracker Reviews 2018

GPS vehicle tracking

With so many GPS vehicle tracking devices for vehicles to choose from, how do you choose the right one? Comparing and testing various units can be quite an overwhelming task. Not only do you need to find a tracking device that you’re comfortable using, but one at a great price too.

Before you purchase the first unit which appeals to you, it’s highly advisable that you do your research. Of course you can buy one at a good price, but you must consider if you will lease (12-36 months) or buy a vehicle tracker and how you plan to use the device. Ultimately, this will save you from paying a high price for features you don’t need or buying one that lacks features you desire.

Narrowing down vehicle tracker reviews to identify the best vehicle tracker can be a tall order, especially in this highly competitive market. Whilst choice is great for you, being able to compare GPS trackers becomes harder. We’ve done the hard work for you. Our experts have narrowed down the best vehicle trackers for business vehicle tracking.

Useful Information:

The Best Vehicle Tracking Companies

The UK is saturated with competing vehicle tracking companies and whilst competition means your business is sure to find the best-suited GPS tracking system to meet your specific requirements, it can be overwhelming to narrow the choice down.

The best vehicle tracking company will likely change for different businesses. However, our vehicle tracker reviews focus on only the best vehicle tracking companies in the UK market which will suit the majority of businesses, whether they are large or small, and whatever the nature of their fleet.

Our experts have narrowed down the best vehicle tracking companies to Teletrac Navman, RAM Tracking, AMS, Fleetmatics and Scorpion Track. These are, in our opinion, the most innovative vehicle tracking companies in the UK providing second-to-none vehicle tracking services to a vast number of UK business fleets.

Business Vehicle Tracking & Why You Need to Compare

commercial fleet vehicle tracking

Although our experts have narrowed down the best tracking devices and vehicle tracking companies, businesses looking to employ a vehicle tracking system should still compare each company and their services against one another to determine which best fits their requirements. No two businesses are exactly the same. Similarly no two vehicle tracking companies provide exactly the same technology and functionality in their products. Therefore, you need to compare them to ascertain the best GPS trackers for your business.

Before comparing the reviews you need to consider your requirements. Weigh up and prioritise the reasons you are installing or replacing the GPS tracking system in your fleet. Are you after increased peace of mind with asset and vehicle security? Are you keen to monitor driver behaviour in order to increase driver safety and performance? Are you in need of better on-board diagnostics to make your fleet more productive and reliable? Is routing and dispatch a key function of your business with a need for geo-fencing and customer interfaces? These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself before making the decision to buy or lease a vehicle tracking system.

Which Vehicle Tracker is Best For You?

By taking the time to compare GPS trackers it is possible to highlight the functions and features that are most critical to your business. The five systems reviewed by our experts (Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, RAM Tracking, AMS Fleet Manager, Fleetmatics Reveal, and Scorpion Track Fleet) all offer a high level of service and functionality but also all slightly different in their capabilities.

See the table below for a summary of the best vehicle trackers.

Teletrac Navman DirectorRAM Fleet & Asset TrackingAMS Fleet ManagerFleetmatics RevealScorpionTrack Fleet
Real Time Tracking
Accident TrackingXXXXX
Dispatch ManagementXXXX
Driver Management
Fuel management
Maintenance ManagementXX
Mileage Tracking
Route OptimisationXX
Security SystemXX
Driver CommunicationX
Dashboard Reporting
Mobile app
CostRequest PriceRequest PriceRequest PriceRequest PriceRequest Price

Teletrac Navman Review

Teletrac Navman review

Teletrac Navman are GPS vehicle tracking experts, catering to a global client-base with a focus on medium to larger fleets. They are a vehicle tracking company which provides some of the best GPS trackers through their Teletrac Navman technology. They aim to reduce costs whilst increasing productivity and efficiency across their clients’ fleets. They cover an enormous range of fleet-based industries from road transport to passenger transport, and service Industries and construction.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

Teletrac Navman DIRECTORRating
Ease of Use????½
Help & Support????½
Reviewed by

Teletrac Navman Director is a hugely popular business vehicle tracking system largely because of its bespoke and customisable nature. The result is a flexible system which can be adapted to suit the individual business needs.

Teletrac Navman gives equal weighting to both driver management and vehicle management whilst enabling the individual client to determine which functionalities are of the most importance without detracting from anything else.

The easy-to-use interface operating from a single platform makes Teletrac Navman popular as one of the best GPS trackers because it can be used in numerous different ways at the same time.

The Dispatch Management function is intuitive and streamlines the entire dispatch process from route optimisation through to recording delivery. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR interlinks its dispatch functionality to its live mapping capabilities and combines this data with driver locations, availability and live traffic updating. This is then actioned through the two-way communication that is an integral part of the system. Also part of the two-way communication of Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is the Form Messaging function allowing drivers to gain and record signatures and proof of delivery which then feeds through to invoicing.

Driver behaviour is well-monitored through Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR with various behaviours being recorded in real-time and analysed against performance expectations. This combines with the system’s safety analytics whereby managers can view past routes and behaviour to ensure driving is always safe and legal. Individual drivers are assigned a PIN which records their behaviour whichever fleet vehicle they are driving and includes data on variables such as speeding, braking and cornering. In addition, as part of the two-way communication, the driver receives automatic performance alerts in real-time and scorecards of their driving.

Vehicle analytics are central to DIRECTOR with accurate recording and alerts so that your fleet managers can stay on top of maintenance such as MOTs and servicing. You can schedule preventative maintenance in good time and ensure downtime is scheduled appropriately for the business.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR has been designed with something Teletrac call ‘Adaptive Intelligence’. This allows the system to be operated alongside, and integrated with, other applications. For example, the vehicle security function is a Europe wide system for tracking and recovering stolen vehicles, called ‘Trackstar Monitoring’.

Pros and Cons

- Highly Customisable
- Real-Time Recording & Automatic Alerting
- Live and interactive mapping function
- Driver Behaviour Monitoring
- Easy to Use Dashboard and Interface
- Customisable Reporting
- Route Replay
- Fleet Maintenance Management
- Dispatch and Routing functionality
- Vehicle Security is an add-on, not an integral part of the Director system

Teletrac Navman Case Study

Cosmo Ceramics are a Glasgow-based tile distribution firm who stand out from their competitors due to their high levels of customer service. Their primary reason for introducing the Teletrac Navman system to their fleet was to continue to deliver on these outstanding levels of service in the increasingly squeezed marketplace.

Not only have Cosmo Ceramics improved their customer service since introducing Teletrac Navman, but they have also increased productivity and their overall fleet efficiency to the tune of savings over more than £10,000 per year.

The incorporation of the M-Nav 760 as part of their bespoke system means that they are making use of the two-way communication as part of their navigation and routing plans. They are also able to respond in real-time to customer demands.

Cosmo Ceramics have reported that a useful by-product of Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is that they have seen a sharp reduction in unauthorised vehicle use. This is largely due to the increased visibility of every vehicle in the fleet.

Cosmo Ceramics report that Teletrac Navman has improved their overall customer service by “being able to give precise delivery times” which has made them a “much more attractive proposition”.

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Fleetmatics Review

Fleetmatics reveal review

Fleetmatics are a worldwide vehicle tracking company serving small- to medium-sized businesses. They have a very strong UK base with offices throughout the country. They focus on increasing the productivity of fleets through the management of their drivers and vehicles. Fleetmatics vehicle tracking is responsive and accurate.

Fleetmatic Reveal

Fleetmatics RevealRating
Ease of Use?????
Help & Support?????
Reviewed by

Fleetmatics Reveal has over 700,000 vehicles signed up and utilising its functionality. Primarily, Fleetmatics Reveal focuses largely on the driver, although business vehicle tracking is not neglected.

Fleetmatics Reveal is able to track the driver from one vehicle to another through the use of a key fob identifying the particular driver, whatever fleet vehicle they are driving. The Key Reader on the dashboard links to a Driver Scorecard which reports, in real-time, information relating to driver behaviour, for example idling times, aggressive braking or speeding, or harsh driving. This data also links to the Fleetmatics fuel management system.

The Fleetmatics Reveal Dashboard enables you to access reporting functions as well as compare drivers against set benchmarks and the most important fleet metrics to you. This can be accessed via the Cloud and on a mobile app via Android, iPhone, or iPad. Fleetmatics Reveal can produce customised reporting which can be easily shared with relevant personnel.

Fleetmatics vehicle tracking utilises a Live Map allowing you to improve customer service, with information being relayed directly to the driver. As well as the Live Map function of Fleetmatics Reveal, you can action Route Replay to study events in detail. You can set Geofences, or virtual parameters, within the map function allowing you to accurately monitor and record behaviour in certain areas.

Fleetmatics tracker allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity by tracking fleet maintenance. Fleetmatics Reveal enables you to schedule reminders regarding the fleet maintenance, and will send you automated alerts for pre-defined requirements allowing you to more effectively plan the fleet management. For routers and those with a responsibility for organising dispatching, Fleetmatics Reveal has a “Routist” functionality that is programmed with an algorithm to ensure the most fuel-economical routes for the day. Updates to the routes are sent to the driver via their mobile phone.

Pros and Cons

- Real-Time Recording
- Live Map Function
- Driver Behaviour Focused with Key Fob and Driver Score Card
- Easy to Use Dashboard
- Customisable Reporting
- Cloud Data Storage
- Mobile App – Android, iPhone, iPad
- Route Replay
- Geofencing
- Fleet Maintenance Reminders
- Garmin Integration
- Need Fleetmatics Work to accurately run as a dispatching technology

Fleetmatics Case Study

Flowline Ltd offer specialised training services to various clients, most notably public services. Like many others operating a fleet-based system in the current climate, it became important for them to install a real-time business vehicle tracking system across their fleet of vehicles. Their old system was not web-based and the delay in data being relayed to where it was needed was slow, frustrating, and not up to the job of a business with a need for reliable customer service. As more vehicles were added to the system it wasn’t operating as Flowline needed, and as a result they installed Fleetmatics Reveal.

Fleetmatics is the vehicle tracking company selected by Flowline, and they introduced Fleetmatics Reveal to the business. This gives Flowline managers real-time positions of every vehicle in their fleet, one of the key benefits of a GPS tracker for their business. They are also particularly pleased with the speed warning system that they receive as part of the driver behaviour management of Fleetmatics Reveal as well as the servicing function which lets them know which vehicles need maintenance performing.

Overall, Flowline have seen a reduction in the labour costs of their business as their daily fleet plans work more effectively and they have reduced inefficient behaviour across the fleet. They are also able to reassure their insurance provider that they are increasing security due to the traceability of the fleet. They find the system easy to use with a user-friendly interface that helps with scheduling and dispatch.

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RAM Tracking Review

RAM tracking review

RAM Tracking has over a decade of experience with business vehicle trackers and has earned its place on our list of one of the best GPS trackers in the UK. With over 3500 customers reporting that they have seen an increase in their productivity since installing the RAM Tracking system, they are definitely one to consider.

RAM Fleet and Asset Tracking

RAM Fleet & Asset TrackingRating
Ease of Use????½
Help & Support????½
Reviewed by

RAM Tracking combines asset-tracking software with real-time GPS vehicle tracking technology, to create a holistic remote asset management system. The aim of the system is to reduce wastage whilst increasing efficiency. Through this the RAM Tracking system helps users to improve upon their customer service provision.

RAM GPS Tracking is a good system for monitoring driver behaviour and efficiency. Through the two parts of the system (the software and the GPS) it is possible for fleet managers to get a good picture of driver behaviour – whether they are taking optimal routes, wasting time and fuel idling and speeding. In addition, the RAM trackers provide accurate arrival and departure times, as well as the ability to verify driver timesheets.

Administrative costs are reduced with RAM web tracking, as are fuel costs. The flexible reporting function is adaptable and programmable, meaning you can access automated reports as needed. The software is operated and data recorded on a cloud-based system that can either be accessed via PC or laptop, or through the RAM vehicle tracking mobile app.

Fleet and asset security is an integral part of the system and in the event of a stolen vehicle then the vehicle is tracked and can be returned. This helps to reduce insurance premiums and is an important part of the RAM Tracker remote asset management system.

As part of the software on the cloud-based interface, there is a training hub and customer support function, allowing RAM Tracking customers to stay ahead of the game and utilise the system to their best advantage.

Pros and Cons

- Real-Time Recording
- Live Map Function
- Driver Efficiency Monitoring
- Easy to Use Dashboard
- Customisable Reporting
- Cloud Data Storage
- Mobile App – Android, iPhone, iPad
- Route Replay
- Theft Recovery Tracking
- No Dispatching Capabilities
- No Fleet Maintenance Reminders or Recording

RAM Tracking Case Study

Gough and Kelly are a fleet-based business offering various security products and services. They have a fleet of over 150 vehicles from cars to vans. Their business is absolutely dependent on a high level of customer service.

Gough and Kelly introduced RAM Trackers to their fleet approximately 5 years ago and hail the system for saving them both time and money. Significantly, Ian Crawford, Group Operations Manager at Gough and Kelly has stated that the RAM vehicle tracking tool has led to unexpected benefits.

RAM GPS tracking has reduced fuel costs for the firm significantly, most notably through enabling Gough and Kelly to reduce idling time across the fleet. By reducing idling time, the firm believe that RAM vehicle tracking has saved them thousands of pounds over the 5 year period they have been using it.

In terms of their initial requirement, to meet their customer service needs, Gough and Kelly are more than pleased. The RAM trackers and the RAM web tracking have enabled them to develop on their business USP’s. They can prove the times of arrival and departure from site, provide accurate ETA’s to customers and enact rapid response times. The live mapping feature enables the fleet managers to see who is closest to respond to a call and the status of outstanding jobs.

The reporting function of RAM Tracking allows for detailed reporting to be analysed by the business managers giving vital information on fuel, time and efficiency. The easy to use system, with unlimited training, has enabled the entire workforce to become proficient in operating the remote asset management system.

Finally, Gough and Kelly are pleased that the incorporation of the web RAM Tracking means they are better positioned to meet their duty of care responsibilities to their employees. Staff security is heightened by an automated alarm system.

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AMS Review

AMS fleet manager review

A UK business with over 15 years of experience in business vehicle tracking makes AMS vehicle tracker one of the best GPS trackers on the UK market. They are a vehicle tracking company who offer a range of various GPS hardware which works with their own inhouse software. AMS tracking can be used in pretty much any vehicle, from cars to motorbikes, lorries, boats, plant machinery and even non-powered assets if necessary.

AMS Asset Tracking

AMS Fleet ManagerRating
Ease of Use????½
Help & Support????½
Reviewed by

AMS trackers operate through a range of different hardware options dependent upon the type of vehicle in which they are being installed, and the requirements of the system. All are GPS-based, and most have some degree of onboard diagnostics functionality. These hardware elements of AMS vehicle trackers then integrate with the AMS fleet management web-based system. This cloud accessible system was designed inhouse and as such is eminently flexible allowing for a bespoke business vehicle tracking system for your business.

The software interface, the Dashboard, has been developed with ease of navigation and a user-friendly approach. The utilisation of the system is intuitive, but should you need it there is on hand customer support ready to help.

The AMS tracking system allows for driver behaviour monitoring with highly detailed statistics reported daily, even detailed with Streetview images of where speeding took place. These reporting functions allow fleet managers to see poor driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking or accelerating.

Unlike most of the other business vehicle tracking systems in this GPS vehicle tracker review, AMS has an immobilisation function allowing you to remotely immobilise an asset should it become necessary, helping you to increase security and driver safety.

Most of the AMS fleet management hardware incorporates some degree of onboard diagnostics reporting, most notably temperature gauging of each vehicle in use. Also unique to the AMS system, as we compare GPS trackers, is a driver-operated function to switch between business and private use reducing non-legitimate miles and associated fuel costs. This is part of the overall fuel management of the entire AMS asset tracking system.

The live mapping function of the AMS vehicle tracker provides the fleet manager with real time information on their fleet which can be customised through the use of filters so that you only see the information relevant to your business. Within the system you can organise multiple depot controls which allow the relevant staff to view the relevant assets in action.

Pros and Cons

- Real-Time Recording
- Live Map Function
- Driver Behaviour Monitoring
- Easy to Use Dashboard
- Customisable Reporting
- Cloud Based System
- Mobile App – Android, iPhone, iPad
- Immobilisation and Theft Recovery Tracking
- Temperature Reporting
- No Dispatching Capabilities
- No Fleet Maintenance Reminders or Recording except temperature
- No Route Replay Function

AMS Review Case Study

Mick George are specialists in bulk excavation and earth moving, as well as providing other services and supplies to the construction industry. Operating mainly in East Anglia and the East Midlands, they operate a fleet in excess of 90 lorries and as such they needed one of the top GPS trackers on the market.

Mick George have used the AMS Fleet Manager Platform for their business for over two years, an essential introduction to the business in the current economic climate. The AMS asset tracking system is allowing Mick George to keep tabs on all of their vehicles and assets wherever they are and whatever job they are performing. The operational staff are able to utilise the AMS fleet management system to know what is going on at every point of a job.

Customer service has improved since the introduction of AMS vehicle tracking as accurate information can now be relayed to customers in real time. Additionally, by maximising their operational efficiency Mick George believe that AMS fleet management has provided them with “outstanding service”.

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Scorpion Track Review

Scorpion track fleet review

With a long history and a well-known name in vehicle security since 1973, ScorpionTrack is bound to have a good reputation for business vehicle tracking. Scorpion alarm systems are able to be integrated with the Scorpion Fleet Tracker to provide a complete solution. The Scorpion Tracker is suitable for large and small businesses with fleets comprised of cars, motorbikes, HGVs, marine equipment and plant assets. British-designed and manufactured, Scorpion Vehicle Management is a much-favoured and popular brand and worthy of its spot amongst the top GPS trackers.

Scorpion Track Fleet

ScorpionTrack FleetRating
Ease of Use????
Help & Support????
Reviewed by

Scorpion vehicle management is not simply made up of the Scorpion Car Alarm, but also incorporates other elements of a business vehicle tracking system through their ‘plug and track’ technology.

The nature of the ‘plug and track’ Scorpion tracker allows the hardware to be easily installed in vehicles with minimal hassle. The units and web-based interfacing are user-friendly as well as being fast and simple.

Unlike the other vehicle tracking companies in this Top GPS Trackers review, the Scorpion fleet tracker doesn’t quite operate in Real-Time. However, in practice it’s very close with updates happening at least once per minute. What it loses in this slight delay is made up for in its excellent live mapping functionality. Paired with Google Maps it is an easily understandable and highly useful live mapping functionality.

The dashboard is accessed via the web and is entirely customisable with businesses being able to choose which statistics and graphs they wish to use. The Scorpion fleet tracker has a huge range of reporting functions as well as report scheduling options and the ability to share the reports as necessary.

Scorpion vehicle management comprises the Scorpion Alarm System with its automated alert system notifying the ScorpionTrack monitoring team should there be unauthorised movement of the a vehicle, or breaches of geofence restrictions. If necessary, police are notified. The Scorpion car alarm system is a useful addition to the entire Scorpion vehicle management system.

Usefully, the drivers of vehicles with a Scorpion tracker are able to personally log in and view their own recorded statistics. This is a unique element of driver behaviour management allowing individual drivers to take responsibility for their own driving behaviour. For managers, they can monitor driver behaviour such as unusual operation hours, unnecessary idling, and speeding offences. Additionally, Scorpion track fleet can show a detailed history of chosen journeys.

An element of vehicle management is incorporated in the Scorpion Tracker and users can access Engine Service reports allowing for maintenance planning and scheduling.

Pros and Cons

- Near Real-Time Recording
- Live Map Function with Google Maps
- Driver Behaviour Monitoring and Driver Personal Access
- Easy to Use Dashboard
- Customisable Reporting
- Cloud Based System
- Mobile App – Android, iPhone, iPad
- Car Alarm and Alerting System
- User Activity Log
- Engine Service Reporting and Vehicle Maintenance
- Geofencing
- No Dispatching Capabilities
- Not a wired-in system

Scorpion Fleet Tracker Case Study

Two separate individual users, Tom Chambers, and Mr. Walker, both give glowing reports of their service experience with Scorpion tracker. Whilst the system can be scaled to suit any size fleet, these two individual users demonstrate its success on a small scale.

Tom Chambers fitted a Scorpion Tracker to his bike, an expensive piece of equipment vital to his commute six days a week. On the occasion that a thief took his bike he was immediately notified via text that the bike was moving without authorisation. He proceeded to telephone the police who were able to use the Scorpion Tracker data to trace the bike within 5 minutes, and to have it safely returned to its rightful owner within an hour.

Similarly, Mr. Walker had two of his ATV’s stolen near his base in Scotland. Similarly to Tom Chambers, Mr. Walker called the police and passed the crime reference number to the Scorpion Track team. Within a short space of time both vehicles were recovered and returned undamaged.

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Other Vehicle Tracker Reviews

TomTom Pro 7250

TomTom provides a wide range of high-quality fleet-tracking solutions for businesses. The reliable TomTom Pro 7250 offers your drivers best-in-class navigation with 3D interactive maps, highly accurate ETAs, and advanced lane guidance. Tomtom’s Webfleet Online Management tools allow you to give real-time alerts to your drivers, accurately track all your vehicles in the field and much more. This system also comes with a lifetime traffic and map updates, which you receive every three months.

R:Com Control

Produced by Blue Tree Systems, R:Com Control provides access to both live and historical records on vehicle movements. Standard features include full trip reports, visit time reports and the ability to replay routes. If you have a concern, you can communicate with the driver through the in-cab communications suite.

Escort Entourage

Available in both portable and hard-wired options, the Escort Entourage allows users to track a vehicle’s movements and easily set up geofences and alerts. This system excels at tracking but does not offer other features such as journey planning and messaging.

Garmin 2529 & Tracker Vision

Tracker UK and Garmin produce superb fleet tracking tools and offer an award winning customer support service. The Garmin 2529 allows businesses to set up geofences and provides their drivers with accurate directions. In conjunction with Tracker, the system can playback journeys, find the most efficient routes, customise alerts and access full fuel card integration. Business owners can also allocate jobs to drivers and access detailed statistics about ongoing and completed jobs.

Best Vehicle Tracker - Buyer Guide

Who uses Vehicle Tracking Devices?

Vehicle tracking devices are not only made for personal use, but for commercial purposes too. Too name a few:

  • Courier companies
  • Removals companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Construction firms
  • Taxi companies
best car tracker

There are many businesses across various industries who incorporate commercial tracking devices into their daily operations, but why?

  • Real time tracking
  • Dispatch management
  • Scheduling vehicle usage
  • Monitoring fuel usage and engine status
  • Route Planning
  • Making sure company vehicles are only being used for work purposes
  • Ensuring that drivers are not making unauthorised stops or traveling irregular routes
  • Enabling drivers to find their destination stops
  • Recording the distance travelled
  • Monitoring speeding and parking
  • Preventing unauthorised siphoning of fuel
  • Locating broken down vehicles and dispatching emergency help

How To Choose The Best Vehicle Tracker?

As well as asking yourself question about what you need a vehicle tracking system for, as mentioned above, there are three main factors you need to consider:

  • Features – If you business requires a vehicle tracker with multiple features you will need to consider a system that fulfills all of your needs, e.g. If you need a tracking device that offers advanced features like route planning, you’ll want to invest in tracking systems that have exceptional route planning software as well as high-quality displays for your drivers. Similarly, commercial fleet tracking requires a long battery life, so you need to ensure you choose a tracker that can be hardwired into your vehicle’s electrics.
  • Ease of use – A device that is intuitive and easy to use will help manage your fleet. The tracking software should be easily configurable and ideally work with computers, tablets, and smartphones. A device that is hard to use will be distracting and frustrating for your drivers and fleet managers.
  • Help and support – When choosing a commercial vehicle tracker, you should make sure that the tracking system is backed by extensive support. The tracking company should provide customer service support, from whom you can contact at any time in times where you need assistance or any emergencies.

If you need more help choosing and would like to compare tailored vehicle tracking quotes from up to 4 leading vehicle tracking suppliers then click below.

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