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How Much Does Vehicle Tracking Cost?

Vehicle tracking costs

Vehicle tracking is an essential investment for businesses that utilise vehicles in their operations, especially for the effective managements of fleets. One of the best ways to ensure that your investment will be cost effective is to find a reliable cheap vehicle tracking system. As the name implies vehicle tracking systems use automatic vehicle location technologies and software to collect comprehensive data that pinpoints a vehicle’s location and delivers vehicle and driver information.

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    How Much Does Tracking Cost?

    Typically, the most basic vehicle trackers can be leased at £9.99 per vehicle, per month.

    Buying an active tracking system outright, you are likely to spend at least £200 per unit, plus an installation fee of £50 - £100, whereas a passive system can cost as little as £100 per unit up front.

    Vehicle Tracking Prices

    As with almost any technology product, the cost you can expect to pay for a vehicle tracking system varies depending on a variety of factors, including:

    • The type of tracking your business require. Complex systems with more features have a higher cost.
    • The amount and variety of vehicles you need to track; car tracking costs can differ from lorry tracking costs and van tracking costs for example.
    • The brand of product you choose.
    • Whether you opt for buying outright or leasing equipment.

    For more advanced active systems, the purchase cost are considerably higher (from £300 per unit excl. installation fee), due to the additionally offered functionalities, such as vehicle immobilisation and real time traffic information. Essentially, the more features a tracking system provides, the more the system will cost. Keep in mind, that advanced features can significantly reduce theft and improve driver efficiency, bringing far more savings than a simple passive system could provide.

    Vehicle tracking systems come in active and passive forms. Knowing the difference between these types is essential to finding a workable cheap GPS tracker.

    Passive Trackers

    Passive trackers store heading and speed data as well as events such as a door opening or closing.They do not provide real time tracking and the data collected by this type of tracker is downloaded after a journey has been completed. As a result, passive trackers are not as effective as active trackers and are most commonly used individuals wanting to track a singular vehicle as opposed to a business tracking commercial vehicles.

    Active Trackers

    Active trackers collect the same data a passive trackers as well as driver behaviour, fuel, maintenance and route information among many other data sets. They transmit this data in real-time using cellular or satellite networks as opposed to downloading the data from the passive system following a completed journey. Active trackers are the preferred option for businesses who rely on fleets of vehicles and have a mobile workforce.

    To help you to distinguish between which tracking system would meet your requirements simply fill out our form and let Approved Index match your requirements to the best vehicle tracker for your needs.

    Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes


    Buy Outright or Lease a Vehicle Tracking System

    Understanding what the best option for you is essential before making the crucial decision of leasing or purchasing the vehicle tracking system outright. If your business involves managing a fleet, buying or leasing an active vehicle tracking system will be the best option. However, to make your decision of whether to buy or lease please read our guide below:

    Buying Outright

    If you decide to purchase your vehicle tracking system, there are certain factors you’ll need to consider:
    • You can choose to pay off the system in one lump sum or in monthly payments, which makes the device less expensive in the long term
    • Most flexible solution, instead of being binded into a contract
    • You need to buy airtime minutes from selected providers if you want to avail of real-time traffic information


    Here are the most important facts when leasing a vehicle tracking system:

    • You can benefit from having a great vehicle tracking system by spending as little as £10 a month per vehicle
    • Upfront costs are reduced, due to monthly contract
    • Long term contracts can last from 12 months up to 5 years, dependant on the supplier and the features offered on the vehicle tracking system.
    • You will need to pay an expensive termination fee if you are thinking of cancelling the lease earlier than expected.

    We recommend that after you have multiple quotes, you should question the vehicle tracking suppliers thoroughly to ensure they’ve included all the functionalities and requirements you need. Different suppliers use different pricing structures, so use a calculator to put all the prices in the same format (e.g. price per vehicle per month) for easier comparison.

    There are clearly many opportunities with a vehicle tracking system to make large savings through asset protection, increased fuel efficiency and reduced driver errors. In order to maximise these savings make sure you understand how to use the tracker and its software.

    Compare Vehicle Tracking Costs

    To help you find the perfect tracking system Approved Index can provide up to four free tailor-made vehicle tracking quotes from leading vehicle tracking suppliers allowing you to compare prices, features and benefits to ensure you make the best investment.

    Save by completing our quick form to receive free, no-obligation quotes from up to 4 leading vehicle tracking suppliers. These quotes will give you an accurate assessment of how much vehicle tracking will cost for your business based on the functionality that you require.

    Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes


    Cheap Vehicle Tracking

    SupplierValue For MoneyRatingCompare
    AMS vehicle tracker costsExcellent????½Request Price
    Fleetmatics vehicle tracking pricesExcellent?????Request Price
    RAM tracking reviewExcellent????½Request Price
    Teletrac Navman ReviewExcellent????½Request Price

    If you want to cut costs and improve your fleet’s efficiency you should consider all of the options available when purchasing an effective and cheap vehicle tracking system. There are many useful features in each tracking system, but it is important that you choose a system with functions that are tailored to your needs.

    AMS Review - Asset Monitoring Solutions Group

    AMS vehicle tracker costs
    AMS Vehicle Tracking ReviewRating
    Ease of Use????½
    Help & Support????
    Reviewed by

    AMS is known for offering high-end as well as more basic vehicle tracking systems including cheap fleet tracking systems. One of their more basic models is the AMS AT, a waterproof device and GPS tracker that runs on a lithium battery. This model lies dormant by default and shifts to active status when needed. It can detect movement and asset behaviour while on the road and will alert the driver when its power becomes low.

    Another option available from AMS that help cut costs and save capital in the running of fleets is the FMLite. Although this system is priced slightly higher than the AMS AT, it is a robust active tracking system which is filled with many beneficial features including:

    • Tracking driver behaviour
    • Immobilisation
    • Fuel level monitor
    • Monitor for tracking miles conducted for business and those made privately

    Both systems provide value towards improving the efficiency of your vehicle operations and combined with the cost-saving benefits both can be considered as cheap real time GPS trackers.

    Fleetmatics Review

    Fleetmatics vehicle tracking prices
    Fleetmatics ReviewRating
    Ease of Use?????
    Help & Support????½
    Reviewed by

    At first glance, the active GPS tracking system that Fleetmatics offers may not seem like a cheap vehicle tracking device. However, its additional features increase efficiency and improve the cost effectiveness of managing fleets by having the ability to enter driver IDs, check fuel, view detailed reports and track your vehicles in real time.

    On the other hand, there is the Geofences option which allows you to manage routes in the area the vehicle operates within for even greater efficiency. The dashboard on the system is designed to be easy to read and comes with an app that provides cost-effective features that make this a good option for anyone looking for a cheap GPS vehicle tracking device.

    The app, which is available for Apple iOS and Android devices, allows you access to the dashboard, a live map, reports, alerts, and an animated view of the vehicle’s journey to increase efficiency. Additionally, Fleetmatics offers a free demo to give you an idea of how their tracking system can help your business. All of the features and benefits gained makes these systems some of the cheapest GPS vehicle tracking options in the market.

    RAM Tracking Review

    RAM tracking review
    RAM Tracking ReviewRating
    Ease of Use????½
    Help & Support????½
    Reviewed by

    RAM is another option for anyone looking for a cheap vehicle tracking device for their fleet. What makes the system affordable is its support. RAMtracking has several accredited engineers who will install the tracking device quickly. This means your system will be up and running saving you time.

    Additionally, they can be contacted 24/7 giving you access to the data collected on the device using a tablet, your PC, a laptop, or even a smartphone.

    The accuracy of RAMtracking, in terms of financial reporting, is another money saver that will increase your profitability. The system that RAM installs allows you to easily track your fleet by installing each tracker inconspicuously onsite. And with the GPS tracking option you can follow the vehicle’s journey in real time.

    TeleTrac Navman Review

    Teletrac Navman Review
    Teletrac Navman ReviewRating
    Ease of Use????½
    Help & Support????½
    Reviewed by

    Teletrac Navman's cheapest vehicle tracking system, DIRECTOR Essential, is their most basic system and was designed to work in fleet operated businesses ranging from local to national services. DIRECTOR Essential offers accurate real time GPS tracking which can be accessed remotely and as a result, is very beneficial to those businesses whose work depends on effective dispatch and delivery management.

    In addition to tracking the location of the vehicles the system also records driver behavior such as speed, idle time, vehicle usage and so on. These features are vital to improving productivity and reducing fleet costs by becoming more efficient. Additionally, the system incorporates a communication platform whereby drivers and fleet managers can communicate easily to reduce the risk of drivers becoming distracted by mobile phones etc.

    One other advantage of the DIRECTOR Essential vehicle tracking system is the easy to understand reporting feature. The system breaks down the recorded information into quantifiable data sets from which fleet managers can act upon to reduce costs and increase profits