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Video Post Production


Video post-production refers to all the processes applied to a video after the actual shooting has taken place. It takes the video from raw footage which might include multiple takes of each shot and the accompanying sound and transforms them into a finished continuous video with a soundtrack and, where necessary, visual effects like computer graphics.

Video production companies will usually have invested in expensive specialist editing and mixing desks and/or very powerful computers.

The different processes involved in video post production comprise:


This used to involve the physical cutting and reassembling of video tape in order to transition from one shot to the next. Nowadays it’s done with video editing software on powerful computers. The way the shots are arranged and the transitions between them massively affect the overall impact of the video. In movie making the editing phase is known as the second phase of direction.

Visual Effects

Adding computer graphics to a video to provide additional information for the viewer or create special effects. This stage can also include colour correction to match up differently lit shots or change the atmosphere of the film.


Every video needs a soundtrack (Andy Warhol notwithstanding) which can be sourced from existing material to match the video or involve writing and recording a bespoke soundtrack. Voiceovers also need to be recorded and added to the video. Sound effects can be created manually from stock libraries or digitally. Dialogue form the original shoot needs to be cleaned up and sound levels normalised. Any dialogue that was lost in the original shoot must be re-recorded.


The video must be transferred to the appropriate format for mastering on DVD (including authoring menu screens, subtitles etc) or uploading to a website.


Some post production companies can also re-master old film stock for transfer into different formats including cleaning up picture and sound from old recordings to enhance the quality of playback.

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Video Post Production Companies

Many companies provide these services in the UK. The same companies also often offer bespoke video production for producing corporate videos or videos for use in marketing or as website content.

Costs of 'post' vary greatly depending on the requirements of the actual job. Complicated or time consuming tasks will greatly increase the budget required. Post production activities usually take considerably longer than the actual shooting phase.

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