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Promotional Videos

Promotional Video Production

Promotional videos are an engaging and dynamic way of presenting key information about your company, brand or products. In an age where people are increasingly pressed for time they expect communications from businesses to be succinct and pithy. The large repertoire of effects and techniques available in video production allows key points to be better emphasised so your audience is left with a clear ‘take-away’. Video is also versatile enough to span several media and can lend your online content extra freshness and richness.

Promotional Video Uses

The applications to which you can put promotional videos are multi-fold:

  • Place on your website to demonstrate products, provide a company profile, history or tour or give customers important information
  • Use in sales pitches to increase the depth of your presentation and impress potential customers with your professionalism
  • Play in building receptions or point of sale displays to capture the attention of potential customers
  • Distribute on DVD or Flash drive as part of a direct mail campaign with a twist
  • Create a video that uses humour or powerful information to use as part of a viral marketing campaign

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Commissioning a Promotional Video

When hiring a company to produce a video for you it’s important to draw up a specification as early as possible. Involve your marketing department to ensure that the video is in tune with your overall marketing strategy. If the video is for use on your website, talk to your web developers make sure you are clear on any technical requirements.

The more planning you do, the less you’ll have to rely on the video production company for guidance and the more likely the finished product is to match your vision.

When looking for suitable companies from which to request quotes look at the portfolio of previous work on each of their websites (if they don’t have one then they’re likely to be a start-up with little experience in corporate film making). Look for companies who specialise in the kind of video you’re looking to make or who have worked for similar types of company before.

As well as looking for the company which offers the best value for money, you should be looking for a company who you get on well with. Translating your idea into an actual video requires excellent communication between yourselves and the videographers.

Promotional Video Quotes

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