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Training Staff Through Video

One of the biggest problems that a company could face as time goes by is the increasing cost of staff training programmes. Hiring experienced trainers or paying for training courses can put a huge dent in a company’s budget. One way around this problem is the use of training videos.

Training videos can significantly reduce costs. They also make training courses instantly available to all the members of your staff.

What Kinds of Training Videos Can You Make?

You can make a wide variety of videos to help train your employees. Your videos can be one or a combination of the following:

  • A series of specifically filmed programmes to train staff members
  • Standard procedural training videos
  • Videos of important presentations or training seminars held in the past
  • Edited videos of conferences and events that highlight their benefits

After these training videos are filmed and edited, they can be delivered on CDs or DVDs for computer-based presentations or television presentations, depending on your needs. You can also incorporate these videos into a larger training programme in the future.

When Should You Use a Training Video?

You can use a training video to introduce the company to new employees and give them a good idea of the business structure and the roles they’re expected to play in the organization.

You can also use a training video to introduce new technology to your staff, train them on health and safety procedures, new company policies or customer service standards. It’s also a good way help them familiarise themselves with any new products or services the company has developed. You can also film demonstrations of how to do certain jobs effectively.

The great thing about training videos is that they’re time- and cost-efficient and, more importantly for your employees, they are easily accessible.

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What Will You Need to Film a Training Video?

If your goal is to produce a training video that will pique and keep your employees’ interest, getting it made by professionals is the ideal option. The cost of your training video will depend on the types of services that you will need to film it. A good training video will normally require some or all of the following:

  • A producer
  • A script writer
  • 2D or 3D animations
  • A studio
  • Actors
  • Crew and camera for filming
  • Camera operators
  • A director
  • Graphics
  • Experts who can prepare materials or whom you can interview for the topics you’ll be covering in your video
  • Stock library photos and footage
  • Trainer’s manuals
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Photography
  • Employee handbooks
  • A crane for more interesting shots

Just to give you an idea of how much a training video production can cost, renting a camera can cost you around £150 a day. Renting out a studio typically costs around £250 a day.

If you’re hiring actors, expect to pay around £550 a day for one. If you’re thinking of adding animations to your video, you can expect to pay £850 per minute of basic animation and up to £2000 per minute of 3D animation.

When getting customised training videos made for your company, it would be vital not to focus on price alone. After all, the cheapest production company may get things done in a more affordable manner, but they might end up sacrificing on quality in the process. Make sure to hire professionals who have a good reputation and a history of making effective and well-received training videos.

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