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Bespoke and Template Web Design

Bespoke and Template Web Design

Bespoke and template websites offer businesses the chance to spend an amount that is appropriate to their website design requirements. It is not always necessary for a business to have a large and complex website and so sometimes it can make sense for a team to opt for a cheaper template design. Alternatively, sometimes a small template site will not be enough to match the needs of a company that requires responsive, intuitive design in their web pages.

Choosing whether you want a simple template site or a bespoke one will depend on a variety of things, with price and industry-type likely to play a large part. In any case, it is important to understand your options as well as you can do to ensure that you make an informed decision.

If you are interested in finding out more about the difference between bespoke and template web design then keep reading; otherwise, just fill in the form above if you would like to start comparing prices and quotes today.

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Bespoke Website Design

Imagine a website that has been planned, designed and developed based on your unique business needs. This is what you get with a bespoke website.

From design to functionality, bespoke design will allow you to easily control and update your website. Provide a brief to your professional designers and they can give you a website that’s one of a kind. These professionals will ensure that your site functions as it should across a range of browsers and on different devices. Should you encounter any issues, they will be there to help fix them promptly.

Since a bespoke website grows with your business and is updated regularly, you do not need to worry about it becoming obsolete or out-of-date. With only a small amount of effort you will be able to modify the site or its content to ensure that it always matches your business requirements.

The one disadvantage of a bespoke website is the cost. The price of a website rises in line with the amount of work and individuality needed to create it. If you want an ecommerce website designed, for example, then you can expect a higher cost because your website is likely to require a lot of functionality.

Despite the price, bespoke website design is the best choice for those businesses that need an impressive and unique site. If you are likely to deal with high volumes of traffic, and especially if your website is likely to act as a source of solid income, it is best that you consider having a bespoke website designed specially.

Simple Website Design

Simple Website Design

Simple websites are built on web templates, for which you provide the text, images and relevant logos and branding. You do not personally need any coding knowledge and there is no lengthy or extensive web development period.

Most simple website designers will also provide you with your domain name and hosting for the site. They will also often offer full web design services that could include SEO, email marketing, CMS and anti-virus options.

The look and feel of this new website will in part be decided by you, as it was you that provided the content, images and graphics, but it will also be restricted somewhat by the template that you are using.

A professional web designer will have a good idea of how people use and interact with certain types and so will be able to offer and suggest template options that suit your online aims in regards to both aesthetic and functional qualities.

Benefits of Simple Website Design

The benefits of simple website design are, in part, dependant on what it is that you are building the website for. For a small business looking to create an online profile where customers can find out some basic details, a simple website offers some advantages.

  • Cheaper than a fully bespoke website
  • Does not require much management
  • Allows you to display information: contact info, opening times, products, prices
  • Helps to spread brand awareness

However, there are some sites that will require more functionality than is normally offered by templates. An ecommerce website, for example, will normally require the use of certain elements that you will only get with a bespoke site, and likewise, a website that requires frequent updates might suffer from the lack of editing and content options available on template sites.

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Template Website Design

A template website is one that is made from a pre-built design. Many companies offer templates that range across a number of website types, including blogs and ecommerce site. Once you have chosen a template you can tweak or edit some of its features, such as the layout or colour palette, and you can normally add custom images and logos to differentiate it from other sites and to include your personal branding.

You can make changes to your website either by submitting the content to the provider’s developer or by putting the changes into a built-in content management system (CMS).

The best thing about template websites is that they cost significantly less than bespoke ones. It also takes a lot less time to get them up and running. If you have a good idea of how your site should look, you might be able to have your own website within a week.

The biggest drawback lies in the lack of customisation options available to site owners. Because of this it can be difficult to apply your branding as well as you would like, and it can also cause issues at times where you need to edit or add new content. Additionally, template website designs are more likely to go out-of-date, so although you are saving money upfront, it could be that you end up paying more over time, depending on how often you are forced to pay for a new site design.

Bespoke and Template Website Design

Bespoke and Template Website Design Comparison

Your website is an important part of your business and so it needs to reflect your brand and philosophy, and it needs to appeal to your customers. Having a bespoke website will almost always be the best option to ensure that you stand out from the crowd, but a template website can be a sufficient alternative if you want to save money.

Understanding what kind of site you will need is the best way to choose between bespoke and template design and this understanding will depend on a number of factors. As mentioned already, an online store is likely to require the functionality that comes with bespoke design and so this would be the better option; alternatively, a brick-and-mortar high street shop may just require a site to provide a little information to customers about their location and contact details - in this case a template website would probably be more than good enough.

See our breakdown of two different website types below to try and decide on which kind would be more suitable for your needs.

Static Web Design

Static websites require less functionality and, as the name suggests, are best suited to simple websites that just offer information and some basic details to those who visit.

The static style website is best suited to either a limited budget, or else a company that does not require too many functional site features. Most often these sites will act as brochures - providing location and contact details, as well as pictures and company information.

This type of static website can be very effective and, thanks to the design simplicity, can often be designed and published in a short space of time. A static site could also be a good choice for a company that is considering making a move into the online world but is not quite prepared - whether financially or not - to go the full way and pay for a bespoke website.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites provide their users with a rich and engaging web experience, and they allow organisations that want a well-kept online presence to update their content quickly and easily via a CMS or administrative system.

Dynamic websites are ideal for companies who have the budget and want to create an impressive and unique online space.

Dynamic websites can easily handle changing content which can be useful in the following situations:

  • News Content – Either company-centric, or business related news
  • Content Variation – This can be content that is presented uniquely for each user when they log on to your website
  • Games – These can be presented on your web pages, and they give you the opportunity to develop some interactivity with the user when they are on your website
  • Sounds, Images & Video – On a dynamic website it is much simpler to integrate more complex images and sounds. These can give you another form of communication with your potential users, and varying the content also allows you to appeal to a number of tastes. A video could be a great way to explain your product and saves certain users the hassle of reading through large amounts of material

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