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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Content management systems are integral to both website designand development. As a website owner, being able to work on content and design is of the highest important, especially if you intend for your online domain to be a quality reflection of your enterprise - indeed, if your business is based solely online, then having a CMS is essential.

Having a CMS on your site provides you with the tools required to create, manage, enhance and extend - there are a range of options available, but the basic goal is always the same. The content that you want to manage may be different to the content another website wants to manage but generally speaking, the processes that take place on either domain will be supported by the same sort of system.

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Content Management System Prices

It is possible for website design agencies to either integrate a content management system into your existing site or to build it in tandem with a new one, depending on what stage you are at. The choice you make here will most likely be determined by situation, although it is worth remembering that for some sites it may be better or easier to start again from scratch and create a new site, especially if integrating the CMS proves to be difficult.

CMS prices can vary significantly depending on a few factors. A non-bespoke ‘off-the-shelf’ content management system is likely to cost less than one that has been tailored specifically to your business or requirements.

In most cases, an off-the-shelf CMS will probably be more than enough; for more complex sites though, that might not be the case - an ecommerce website , for example, is more likely to need a bespoke CMS than a simple blog or news-site.

CMS Website Costs

Working out the exact cost for a CMS is difficult, although it is possible to use certain average costs to plan your own budget. To add a CMS to an existing website, for example, it can cost between £100 and £200 - however, for a larger, more complicated site, it might cost much more.

If you are creating a website from scratch that includes a CMS, then you could expect to pay between £700 and £2500 - the cost discrepancy in this will mainly be attributed to design. A more complex website with more sophisticated design will always cost more than a simple website with a basic CMS. A fully bespoke CMS website is likely to cost between £2500 and £5000.

The table below includes some cost estimates for a small site - the costs shown are dependant on a number of factors.

ProductPre-Existing Site?Bespoke?Cost
CMS & DesignYesNo£400-£500
CMS & DesignNoNo£700-£900

The prices above are estimated based on average costs and site-size. To receive definitive cost estimate, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

Large and Medium CMS Website Costs

Using the information above, it is possible to also estimate the cost you might pay for medium and large websites with CMS functionality. The first table includes estimated costs for medium sites.
ProductPre-Existing Site?Bespoke?Cost
CMS & DesignYesNo£700-£1000
CMS & DesignNoNo£1000-£1400

As above, the information in this table is not definitive - it is designed to give businesses an insight into what they might expect to pay though. The table below focusses on the costs that may come with a large or complex website.

ProductPre-Existing Site?Bespoke?Cost
CMS & DesignYesNo£1000-£2000
CMS & DesignNoNo£2000-£7500

The prices above can help businesses to understand what sort of scale they might expect to encounter with website design and CMS costs. For more information though, that is based on your own requirements and statistics, it is important to speak to experts. To do this today, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

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What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is the tool that allows you to make changes to your website. Without a CMS you are forced to rely on the back-end of your site, which is, for a number of reasons, not ideal. Making changes on the back end is risky - firstly, most people are not competent enough in computing or web development to be able to make the right changes without causing issues - secondly, making changes using the back-end is time-consuming.

A content management system allows you to make whatever changes you need to make - whether to text, video or image content - quickly and easily, using a specially designed platform. Wordpress is a good example of an effective CMS.

Unless you intend for your site to be created and then left alone, you will likely need to have a system in place where you can add, edit and remove content. A CMS is perfect solution.

Content Management System Benefits

A simple, information-based brochure site is all well and good, and it may well be enough to cover the needs of certain businesses. But what if you want to change rates that appear on the website, add a new service offering or even add some new images to the website?

with a traditional website you have to go back to the designer who created it for you to make the changes, probably at added expense to you. A CMS effectively cuts out the middle-man and allows you to have full control over your site. You can make the changes you need to make whenever you need to make them.

Content management systems make it easy for novices or experts alike to update the all important company website.

Other benefits include:

  • An automatically updated archive so that you can revert to previous versions of pages
  • In terms of SEO, having a site that is regularly updated with fresh and useful content is one of many key ranking factors that can help you boost your position in the search engine rankings and an increase in the rankings can mean an increase in customers and visits to your website, thus providing a clear business reason to upgrade to a CMS system
  • A bespoke content management system can facilitate your control of nearly every aspect of your website so that simple changes can be undertaken quickly and cost effectively
  • Integration with other software like CRM systems or databases can make updating the website a dynamic and automatic process

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The information on this page should provide you with a good insight into what a CMS will offer your business, as well as an idea of how much it might cost you. Although the prices listed in the tables above are not definitive, they do indicate the scale of cost, and can be used to make some estimates.

If you want to build or integrate a content management system, it is important that you compare quotes from a range of suppliers to find the best deal - Approved Index can help here. To use this comparison service, simply complete the quick and easy form at the top of this page.

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